About Us

Behestan Behdasht is one of the leading health products importing companies in Iran which was founded on May 2005 as a branch of Behphar group. Since then it has expanded and developed tremendously. From the beginning, Behestan Behdasht has endeavored to capture a dignity in health products market of Iran and has tried to achieve its goals through a commitment to quality. Now we are pleased to offer quality products that deliver on their promises. We have applied the state-of-the-art technology in order to boost people’s health status.


  • We feel obliged to use the state-of-the-art technology in order to help people have a better, longer, more prosperous and enjoyable life. We carry out our obligation through importing high-quality dietary supplements, herbals, medical devices and pharmaceutical products and innovation in transferring knowledge of using new products.
  • Our growth and survival, however, would be guaranteed through being the best valued company, so we wish to serve as the most valued company for the government, customers, employees and colleagues as well as our competitors.
  • Relying on creativity and efficiency of our employees, we provide services beyond just health products in a bid to introduce ourselves to our stakeholders as a good citizen moving toward bolstering the social health fundamentals with a healthy economy.
  • Moreover, we pay special attention to team work, training, creating impetus, ethics and commitment.
  • In fact, we believe that fulfillment of our mission and realization of our vision and values depend on practical commitment of all shareholders, directors and employees.


Beginning in 2001, the Behestan Group offered a wide range of services to our partners and customers. As our customers' needs expanded and our capabilities grew, it became apparent that a complete supply chain management solution was the next evolution. As a result, we proudly offer both our customers and our partners a complete yet integrated supply chain network.

This network allows us to quickly and easily connect diverse services together and offer solutions matching our customer's requirements. The ultimate goal is to serve the patients, pharmacists, health professionals, health authorities, and decision makers with the highest standards.

  1. Behestan Darou: Registration, importation and marketing of finished pharmaceutical products
  2. Behestan Pakhsh: Distribution of pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, and OTC products
  3. Behestan Behdasht: Registration, importation and marketing of consumer healthcare and OTC products
  4. Behestan Tolid: Manufacturer of under license pharmaceutical products (For our multinational partners)
  5. Behestan Ara: Importation of cosmetic products
  6. Behestan Darman: Importation and technical support of medical devices
  7. Geneian Pharma: GMP certified production and contract manufacturing of various dosage forms for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmetics
  8. Aryan Plasma: Plasma collection and plasmapheresis center
  9. Darou Plasma Iranian: Plasma collection and plasmapheresis center