[1][15][16] The clerical leadership announced that "thousands have been massacred by Zionist troops".[17]. Reza then chooses whom to save from the gunfire: Hossein or Ali. The item seen at the moment of attacking Abbas was the knife. Black Friday (Persian: جمعه سیاه ‎, romanized: Jom'e-ye Siyāh) is the name given to an incident occurring on 8 September 1978 (17 Shahrivar 1357 in the Iranian calendar) in Iran, in which at least 100 people were shot dead and 205 injured by the Pahlavi military in Jaleh Square (Persian: میدان ژاله ‎, romanized: Meydān-e Jāleh) in Tehran. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an adventure interactive drama video game developed and published by iNK Studios, with assistance from by N-Fusion Interactive. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday - Brother Abbas. Chapter 10: A Clearer Picture ... What you have to do is to find, and mark, the photo on which Abbas was attacked by the soldiers. As soon as the meter on the side reaches the top, you can view the photos. [48], When the game started gaining popularity in June 2012, Iranian conservative newspaper Kayhan published pieces naming the game "pro-Western propaganda",[53] and accusing director Navid Khonsari of espionage, and he felt afraid to reenter the country as a result. The development team chose this setting shortly after the founding of development studio iNK Stories in 2010,[11] as they felt the chaotic environment would make players wary of which characters to trust.

The worker mentions that you were at the bazaar with Ali when he was throwing stones. Players control Reza Shirazi, an aspiring photojournalist, who returns to Iran amidst the Iranian Revolution. When representing the concept of a revolution, the development team wished to demonstrate the multiple definitions of the term. Reza meets with Abbas, who is convinced that one of the revolution leaders betrayed and stabbed him, and tasks Reza with discovering the culprit. Place the film in the vessel with the liquid and dip it in. A general strike in October shut down the petroleum industry that was essential to the administration's survival, "sealing the Shah's fate". You can decide here, but if you want him to witness the conversation, Abbas will send him away. [39] Reviewers liked the game's narrative, characters, and historical representations, though some criticism was directed at its quick-time sequences, and visual quality. [5] Other characters will respond to the decisions accordingly, and a notification feature indicates that a character will remember the selected response. [6] The development team felt that allowing player choice for some of the game's dialogue and actions allowed for a more personable experience, and for players to connect with the story and characters. Black Friday (Persian: جمعه سیاه‎, romanized: Jom'e-ye Siyāh) is the name given to an incident occurring on 8 September 1978 (17 Shahrivar 1357 in the Iranian calendar) in Iran,[7] in which at least 100[8][9] people were shot dead and 205 injured by the Pahlavi military in Jaleh Square (Persian: میدان ژاله‎, romanized: Meydān-e Jāleh) in Tehran. [42] IGN's Rad echoed similar remarks, identifying awkward animations of background characters,[3] and Gameplanet's Todd felt that 1979 Revolution "lacks the polish" of works by Telltale Games. CHAPTER TEN. Chapter 10: A Clearer Picture | Walkthrough 1979 Revolution Guide. golpl3. [2], Alexander Kriss of Kill Screen found the game's historical information to be "both genuinely educational but also tantalizing in their brevity", noting their reinforcement of the story's themes. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an interactive drama video game developed by Digerati Distribution. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday Game Guide & Walkthrough by gamepressure.com. [4][10] They interviewed over fifty history scholars,[5] including sociologist and political scientist Jack Goldstone,[30] gathered about 1,500 archival photos, and collected many of Ayatollah Khomeini's speeches during their research for the game. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a choice driven, narrative game that brings players into the brooding world of a nation on the verge of collapse. You will be shown a book with your brother's photo in it. Download Game Guide PDF, ePUB & iBooks. [4] When the initial game concept was conceived, the location of Iran had not been decided; the development team was attracted to the idea of a game set during a revolution, ultimately settling on the Iranian Revolution. On 8 September, thousands gathered in Tehran's Jaleh Square for a religious demonstration, unaware that the government had declared martial law a day earlier. [29], The square's name was later changed to the Square of Martyrs (Maidan-e Shohada) by the Islamic republic. AS soon as you leave the room, the conversation starts. In a flashforward at the prison, Hajj brings out Reza's brother Hossein Shirazi (Farshad Farahat), and threatens to harm him if Reza does not cooperate and provide information about Bibi.
The day after Black Friday, Amir-Abbas Hoveyda resigned as minister of court for unrelated reasons. As soon as this act starts, you have to do the same as you did in the first chapter. Players make timed responses throughout the game, determining the outcome of the plot. Later on, the topic of the conversation will change to suspicions towards you. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a game conceived by people who might not ever be able to go back to their native Iran, because they’re daring to create a document from its history. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday Chapter Ten. [1] Menus appear on screen, comparing the in-game photograph to real images of the event taken by photographer Michel Setboun. The book explains how the author was forced into a massive wave of thousands of angry protesters, who were later massacred by the Shah's military. [16] The team featured a variety of characters from different families, beliefs and social classes.

[13] Director Navid Khonsari said that the game's development was the result of "a culmination of doing games, falling in love with narrative storytelling and ... fascination with documentary". 292–293, The Iranian Revolution of 1978/1979 and How Western Newspapers Reported It, Edgar Klüsener, p. 12, Cultural History After Foucault, John Neubauer, p. 64, The A to Z of Iran, John H. Lorentz, p. 63, Islam and Politics, John L. Esposito, p. 212, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. Khonsari stated that they "wanted to embrace that spirit of revolution, but we also show the trajectory of a revolution", regarding the true negative and complicated results of real revolutions. He appreciated the game's interactivity, and the choices that players are forced to make. [20] Additional fundraising was set up on the game's website. (Discussions) > Topic Details. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. "[34], This article is about the 1978 Black Friday pivotal event protest. yhibiki. [56] Following the release of 1979 Revolution in April 2016, the National Foundation for Computer Games (NFCG) blocked all websites distributing the game in Iran, and began an operation to gather all copies illegally distributed in the country.

If you have taken the knife only, you will have nothing else to produce. [26][page needed][27] French social theorist Michel Foucault first reported that 2,000 to 3,000 people had died in the Jaleh Square, and he later raised that number to 4,000.

[2] Eurogamer's Jeffrey Matulef found the narrative's moral ambiguity refreshing, particularly the depiction of corrupting good people. There are actually clues to kind of point you in the right direction, but unfortunately none of the suspects you are presented with are the actual traitor. [32], The game was initially set to follow the stories of 8–10 playable characters, beginning with an American-Iranian State Department translator trying to free American hostages.

1979 Revolution Guide. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an adventure interactive drama video game. 0. 0. [40] The game's acting also received high praise;[41][42] IGN's Rad called the performances "powerful",[3] and Kotaku's Narcisse felt that they have the ability to "pull players into the drama". Search for: IMPORTANT SITE NEWS.

[30], Farshad Farahat, who portrayed Hossein Shirazi in the game, was present during the 2009 Iranian protests. Towards the end of the chapter, you will have to tell Abbas who you think is the snitch. [2] In action-based sequences, players follow on-screen prompts for quick time events in order to stay alive. Khonsari, who directed the performances, shot full "master" takes in which the actors performed the entire scene without cutting; this was done to save time during production.

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