It could very well be Mount Busa on the southern massif of the range, though some accounts claim that Busa forms a separate range of its own, while others declare it a part of the Tiruray Highlands.

Mount Dulang-dulang, or D2, is one of the highest peaks in elevation that forms the Kitanglad Mountain Range with a hieght of 9,639 feet.

These include the Pulangi, Cagayan, Maradugao, and the Muleta Rivers; as well as the Sawaga, Bangahan, Ticalaan, Lantay, and Manupali Rivers. Little is known about Mantalingahan, for it remains vastly unsurveyed. The mountain is a protected area under the Presidential Proclamation of October 24, 1996. The mountain is located in the north central part of the province of Bukidnon, Mindanao Island. However, the prominent summit was leveled and destroyed at the behest of the dictator Marcos and his wife to accommodate a palace-like mansion, one of his many needless and wasteful constructions. Though the project was never completed, the damage was irreversible; the mountain was left lower and shorn of its once-proud peak. The most notable of these mountains are looked at below. The Caraballo Mountains is one of the least-documented mountain ranges of the Philippines. Kalatungan as the chief mountain “most difficult to climb” because of its tricky shape and much complicated trails. [1], This list contains most of the highest mountains in the country. And the ecosystem this extensive forest houses is staggeringly rich, boasting high levels of species diversity and endemicity – indeed among the richest ecosystems anywhere in the country. But it is neither the fairies nor the wildlife that have put Diwata on the map; it is the vast wealth of gold and copper hidden within its depths that has earned the mountain fame, or more likely, infamy. Dulang-Dulang soars to a height of 2,938 m (9,639 ft) ASL, making it the second highest mountain in the Philippines, second only to Apo, and surpassing Pulag of the Cordilleras only by a slight margin. The mountainous regions of Philippines are covered in tropical rainforest and volcanic origin. Against its vast sides, slopes, and walls, typhoons are weakened, so that their full might are not brought to bear when they pass across Luzon, reducing the damage done to lands, lives, and livelihoods. Mount Diwata (1,261 m or 4,137 ft ASL), from which the name of the entire range is derived, is steeped in legend; it is said to be the home of diwatas – the nymphs, fairies, or goddesses of local lore. At…, Mayon Volcano, also known as Mount Mayon, is an active volcano in the province of Albay, on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. The Caraballos forms a mountainous link between the Sierra Madre and the Cordilleras. The next highest point of the range is Mount Kitanglad, the mountain after which the entire range is named. Apart from its significance in local mythology, the mountain range, more importantly, provides the tribesfolk with food, water, medicine, and livelihoods. With an altitude of 2,954…, Mount Bulusan, or Bulusan Volcano, is the southernmost volcano on Luzon Island in the Republic of the Philippines. And from the miners Mount Diwata earned the unfond nickname Mount Diwalwal, after the local idiom ‘diwalwal ang dila’ (‘one’s tongue hanging out’), the condition that miners find themselves in after a long day of toiling in the mountain. Several of these are volcanoes, formed by subducting tectonic plates surrounding the archipelago. The range is characterized by rainforest that hosts diverse species of wildlife. The mountain range is also the ancestral domain of several thousand members of the indigenous Palawan tribes. At 9,691 feet, Mount Apo is the tallest mountain the Philippines. The forested mountains serve as watersheds from which issue forth the headwaters of several of Mindanao’s large rivers, including the Mindanao, Pulangi, Davao, and Tagoloan Rivers, as well as major tributaries of the Agusan River, all which supply the agricultural, industrial, and domestic water needs of about half of Mindanao. Over half of its original forest cover still remains, making it exceedingly vital in absorbing and storing carbon. © 2020, All Rights Reserved. Indeed, its name is the Tagalog word for ‘horn’, for the mountain was once noted for its sharp, horn-like pinnacle that soared some 752 m (2,467 ft) ASL. All that changed when it awoke in anger. From its summit, mountaineers can descry the entirety of the surrounding mountain range, and even catch a glimpse of venerable Apo in the distance. Mount Kalatungan,located at the Kalatungan Range, Bukidnon, has an elevation of 2,860 meters. Aside from being the second highest peak in Luzon, it is also surrounded by beautiful virgin forests sheltering a number of endemic and endangered bird species. Despite mustering a defense of their ancestral lands, they possess little power to oppose the overwhelming might of the massive, militarily-backed corporations that profit from the devastation of the mountains. North of the Caraballos, the vast, fertile flatlands of the Cagayan Valley, encompassing farms, paddy fields, plantations, and pastures, and numerous well-peopled settlements, sweep into the distance, racing towards the northern coast of Luzon. We have photos of all 739 tourist attractions around Philippines or add your own (Click here to browse them). In this surreal landscape, trees that otherwise grow to soaring heights – 30 to 60 m (98.4 to 197 ft) tall – are shrunk to short statures only around a meter high! This mountain is prominent for its pineapple plantation which is the biggest in the world.

It is situated in the province of…, Mount Talinis, also known as the Cuernos de Negros (Horns of Negros), is a complex volcano in the Philippine province of Negros Oriental. Mount Apo is characterized by a tropical rainy climate with rainfall relatively distributed throughout the year. Standing at a height of 693 m (2,274 ft) ASL, Batulao is famed for its wild, rugged slopes and its twelve jagged peaks, two of which rise higher and more prominently than the rest.

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