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Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Susan Brooks and Bill Byles. 7th Grade Below, you may find multiple options for subjects in your student’s grade range. A successful engineer, architect, or doctor… All of them are good problem solvers. In seventh grade, we begin showing students works of fiction that deal in similar subjects from different points of view. I think this is the perfect book for a 7th grade … Our selection includes books like Ender’s Game, The Hobbit, and Stardust. •

For many students who end up in creative careers, their interest in creative endeavors begins with a love of fiction. Reading widely and then writing about what one has read also helps students become more articulate. Through the conceit of fiction, we can live different lives and experience different things that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to. In psychology, this state of believing two contradictory viewpoints simultaneously is known as “cognitive dissonance.” The ability to construct a valid worldview and engage other human beings consistently as a thoughtful person is contingent upon eliminating cognitive dissonance. The Classical Homeschool Curriculum Approach, Independent Homeschool Programs and Homeschooling Curriculum Choices, Charlotte Mason Homeschool Teaching Method, Homeschool Transcripts and Report Card Templates, Free Printable Graph Paper in Various Sizes. If you have never read these great books, you will want to read along too! This is why it’s so important to teach all students–regardless of their interests–the ability to think creatively. To work on seventh grade literature standards, click on the numbers below to visit … Creative minds are minds that drive every industry in the world. They will need to be able to compare different ideas that they do not necessarily hold, and they need to be able to argue for the validity of different points of view.
A successful employee is a good problem solver.

Creative thinkers are able to find solutions that are outside of the box. The ability to think creatively is grounded in the idea of “what if.” The realist looks at the world and says “This is how things are,” but the creative mind looks at the world and is able to say “what if it were different?”. Mrs. Wicks' 7th Grade AB. Your IP: Because of this, fiction is one of the greatest tools that can be used to develop empathy. That’s why in the 7th grade we strongly encourage introducing your student to elements of science fiction and fantasy. The drive for education, survival, and peaceful protest are all great examples for anyone to read, but the fact that this is the story of a girl, not much older than my daughter, is amazing. Going forward into high school and later college, students need to be sure of what they believe and be able to articulate it clearly to other people. With this ability, they will be able to more clearly express their ideas. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. We included a list of inspirational biographies, novels and classic short stories that you may even remember reading when you were this age.
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This makes them effective in all aspects of life. Resources to help review Seventh Grade English Language Arts standards. Click here to see more recommendations for other grade levels. Reading also help students develop empathy. An extensive background in a variety of reading topics is the most important material to serve as a foundation for a creative mind.

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