But Alain is similar - he directed Charizard to attack based on degrees when Charizard couldn't see, used tactics like smashing Stone Edge with Tyranitar's tail, Agility on Metagross, and Paralysis to immobilize so Guillotine could hit more easily.

He later appeared in Different Strokes for Different Blokes, in which he defeated Ash in a Single Battle after meeting him along the way when exploring Bewilder Forest.

Not only that, Paul is a better character than Alain.

It first debuted as a Magmar in Lost Leader Strategy!, in which it appeared in a flashback. Ash and Paul had far more compelling chemistry and history, and Paul in general was a much more interesting character than Alain, having significant interactions with lots of different characters, whereas Alain really just interacts with Mairin, Ash, Lysandre and Sycamore.

It also seemed Paul had decided to change himself somewhat, as when Electivire was defeated, he thanked it for a job well done; up to this point, this was something Paul practically never did, even if his Pokémon won. As revealed in Lost Leader Strategy!, Paul occasionally gives some of his Pokémon to his brother Reggie for temporary training and caretaking. This listing is of Paul's Pokémon as of the most recent Japanese episode and the ones used for the last Full Battle against Ash: Electivire was the first of Paul's revealed Pokémon. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/w/index.php?title=Paul&oldid=3248693, Characters with an unknown Japanese voice actor, Paul was first revealed to the fandom through a, Paul shares his Japanese name with that of, Paul has three Pokémon in common with Ash's main rival in the, Paul and Ash also have three Pokémon in common that come from the same, Paul is the only Trainer to abandon one of Ash's, Paul is the first regular recurring character to battle the, Paul makes a cameo appearance alongside his Pokémon in the ending. He was then a participant in the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition, in which he was partnered with his rival Ash.

Three of Ash's Pokémon have evolved while battling against Paul: Turtwig into Grotle, Staravia into Staraptor, and Chimchar into Monferno. Several other Pokémon in his possession were caught onscreen but later released. I never understood how Alan could be Ash's rival. In Fighting Ire with Fire!, Paul encountered Ash for the first time since their Full Battle. This infuriated Ash, pushing their rivalry even further. Paul shows mild respect as well as distaste towards Brock, probably because Brock supports Ash's view on Pokémon. Hariyama's known moves are Arm Thrust and Force Palm.

He disagrees with his brother for giving up on being a Pokémon Trainer after failing to get the Brave Symbol from Brandon and feels his brother's approach and view on this to be wrong. and Evolving Strategies!.

To this effect, Paul always checks new captures with his Pokédex to learn what moves they know and trains the Pokémon he keeps harshly to make them strong.

when Paul chose Magmortar to battle Ash's Pikachu. and Battling a Thaw in Relations!. Their rivalry is intense. Like his brother, Paul where it went up against Ash's Staraptor in Ash and Paul's Full Battle and lost, despite the type-advantage. Magmar's evolution was revealed in Pedal to the Mettle! Privately commenting to Brock and Dawn on the battle between Ash and Paul, Cynthia predicted that they would both be entering the Champion League soon. My only gripes about the match were some of Shinji's Pokemon choices. Ash vs Kukui for me. Ash's very different attitude towards Pokémon also provided much fuel to their rivalry.

^^; Ash VS Alain is very good, but Ash VS Paul is better. Paul was impressed as the Blaze appeared much more powerful than the Blaze that drove him to initially capture Chimchar in the first place. Switch Friend Code: SW-4697-8361-8599 (Blazagon), Here's my friend codes for PS4, Xbox One and 3DS. Paul can be very callous and even brutal, especially in battle. After his first four Pokémon were easily defeated by Cynthia's Garchomp, he surrendered. Paul (Japanese: シンジ Shinji) is a recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. It made its first appearance in Top-Down Training!, in which it was used in a battle against Cynthia's Garchomp. In Double-Time Battle Training!, it was revealed that Paul had earned the Mine Badge from Canalave Gym and, by doing so, had collected the eight Badges required to enter the Sinnoh League. Ash vs Paul of course!

Kukui and Ash bounce off each other more naturally to create excitement, while Paul is just too pre-occupied with being an arrogant narcistic jerk to make that interaction interesting. Ursaring was seen several times since, often battling with Chimchar.

As Paul's first Pokémon, it went up Against Pikachu in the Lily of the Valley Conference match against Ash. Despite winning the quarter-final match, he was very disappointed with his Chimchar and released it, which Ash quickly claimed. The first quarterfinal battle of the Sinnoh League at Lily Of The Valley Island has Ash pitted against his rival Paul. Paul briefly appeared in Riding the Winds of Change!, where he caught his Gliscor. I knew the reaction towards Ash vs Kukui wasn't that positive here compared to anywhere else but damn. JavaScript is disabled. Azumarill's known moves were Hydro Pump and Water Gun*.

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