The breech face features removable bushings enabling the replacement of a broken firing pin or striker through the front of the action. AYA make double barrelled shotguns in both side-by-side and over-and-under versions, in boxlock and sidelock versions, as well a double rifles, and all models share a common denominator: their exceptional quality. The wonderfully smooth way the gun fit together reflected the hand fitting.

These measurements were ideal for me, I also liked the longer than average stock which was a full 15” with a 1/16” more at heel (not quite enough) and 3/8” at toe (ideal). Get the American Rifleman Insider newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. Starting over in a small shop with a dozen craftsmen, AYA rose from the ashes, this time modeled on the likes of Garbi, Grulla and Arrieta, Spanish "best gun" makers who had eschewed collectivism and remained specialty makers of fine double guns independent from DIARM. However, as always in gun making and especially Spanish gun making, they did not last. “The logical alternative” has become the equivalent of a good Birmingham or provincial gun 50 years ago. The Round Action No.

Ravished and exhausted from the just concluded Civil War, Spain stayed neutral, despite close ties to Italy and Germany. A relationship with AyA soon developed and various English guns were taken to Eibar for measurement and calibration by Spanish craftsmen. Your email address will not be published. AyA makes its own locks that follow Brazier's style. 2. The gun has a round frame that is done in an attractive case colored finish. 1. Straight English stock with splinter forend. If only one barrel is fired, the fired case is ejected and the unfired shell extracted and raised for easy manual removal, if desired, when the action is opened. 1 guns are hand engraved, but AyA told me that our No. The oil-finished walnut stock has good figure, and the well-executed checkering on the grip, fore-end and butt is about 18-20 lines per inch. A traditional Scott spindle operated by a top tang lever opens the action. Tuesday, October 4, 2011.

The concave rib has synthetic ivory front and middle beads.

2 can travel in any company and the top of the line guns (AYA Imperial, Grulla Royal, etc.)

The hand rubbed oil stock finish completely fills the wood pores. Its formation followed a visit to Spain during which the King brothers were looking for a gunmaker who might build in the British style.

The two barrels did not fire simultaneously, but rather very rapidly in succession, indicating that the trigger mechanism did not properly "waste" the inadvertent trigger pull that occurs when a shooter fires the first barrel.

It is worth mentioning that AyA introduced a round bar version of this gun fairly recently which is also attractive.

AyA’s years of experience compensate well for this peculiarity. 4 side-by-side boxlock starting at just more than $4,000. AYA No.

The stock finish was hand-rubbed oil, and it looked it.

2 English scroll engraving pattern is set by laser and then finished by hand and the gun is stocked in what AYA calls #2 grade walnut. Dimensions of the stock (and bespoke guns may be ordered as well) were 1 3/8 for drop at comb and 2 1/8” for drop at heel. Standard square body action, or optional round body action. Big bore guns, such as double rifles from Krieghoff, are available as well as bolt action rifles from these and other makers, including Sauer, Blaser, Dakota, and Mauser M12 & M18.

We would call it Fancy (AA grade) wood. 2 differs from the No. Normally the comb of a side-by-side is slightly higher to offset flex, otherwise the point of impact can fall below the point of hold. There was a simple small steel bead at the muzzle. The Remington 870: Greatest Pump Shotgun Ever Made? 2 Up Close AyA's No. It then is highly engraved with full coverage scroll engraving. CALL 662-494-0779 TO PURCHASE. Spend the money for the wood; you won’t regret it. Both share AyA's sidelock action, which is a copy of a classic Holland & Holland design. it is a gun that I have always wished to own, and finally I am able to shoot a nearly fifty year old gun with style. The front trigger is hinged. The firm has been re-organized somewhat. Spanish doubles from the "best gun" Basque manufacturers have been the best value in fine SxS shotguns for many years. Of course, if your gunstock is of the proper length and you mount the gun correctly, that shouldn’t be a problem; but it is a classy touch. It weighs 6 pounds 9.3 ounces on our digital scale and the overall length is 44-1/4 inches. Refunds: A refund for the purchase price of the item, purchased directly from NECG, is possible by returning the unused item directly to us.

Double triggers with hinged front trigger; single selective or non-selective single triggers optional.

Alongside the European CIP proof marks on the barrel flats were the steel-proof fleur-de-lis symbols, so modern steel shells would be fine in this gun. Unlike the other Spanish best gun makers, which typically were small shops that maybe built a couple of hundred guns a year, by the 1960s and 1970s, AYA had grown into a major industrial concern with hundreds of employees producing up to 20,000 guns a year in a wide variety of grades and prices. In any case, both shot charges hit a "rabbit" target and really powdered it! Email - Its fundamental design is sound; it imitates the Holland & Holland Royal sidelock in most respects. NECG is also a place to book your next African plains game hunt to the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

680 Commercial StreetRockport, Maine 04856 [email protected]. The No.

2 sidelocks have been popular for 50 years.

2 is a bargain for a shotgun that will bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

Side by Side hammerless sidelock shotgun.

741 Main Street NECG now imports RWS Ammunition from Germany in hard to find metric ammunition as well as offering lead free bullet options in American calibers. 2 guns to individual measurements and with a very wide range of options, including custom engraving patterns. I shot this gun with George Juer of the West London Gun Room on the excellent simulated game layouts of his home ground. 28 inch, chopper lump, steel barrels with other barrel lengths to order.

2 20 gauge is a sleek sidelock double. While convenient, it is a little busy. Your email address will not be published. Today the firm makes sidelock and boxlock side-by-side shotguns, over/under shotguns and express rifles. It demonstrated the classic virtues of the sidelock game gun. It has 70mm (2-3/4 inch) chambers, rather than the 76mm (3 inch) chambers typical in 20 gauge field guns, a single selective trigger and a manual safety.

The engraving pattern is similar to the E.J. AyA - Sidelocks. With zero play or creep, they obviously had been hand-tuned. 2 has rounded bottom edges on the receiver and uses a simple screw bolt in place of the lever.

1 and Imperial. 2 photo courtesy of Aguirre y Aranzabal S.A. The fore-end release is an Anson rod. The AYA Nº 2 is the pre-eminent "affordable" sidelock double gun, and the most famous model in the AYA line.

We also offer our extensive gun components and gunsmithing tools list features a large assortment of scope mounts by EAW & Recknagel, quality gun sights and gun accessories, including express sights by Recknagel, as well as our newly developed receiver sights, the NECG Peep Sight for Ruger rifles, Weaver Bases, Grooved 22 and now the CZ Peep 527 & CZ 550.

The action itself, and as noted, is of square pattern. In the past dozen years the Spanish shotgun industry has been hit hard by rising prices, and some manufacturers have had to close their doors. You can simply look to the Basque Region of Spain, where for a lot less money you can buy an AyA No. 2 Round Body was a true classic.

2 squared action has removable sidelocks courtesy of a hand-turned lever on the left sidelock. 3,250.00.

Sidelocks are an anachronism held over from hammer guns, but their advantages are several.

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