I was preparing to do a house energy clearing and reading prayers for forgivenesses, guidence and clarity. I know it was my baby that came to see me today was the day she passed the same day one week ago n then my Bday falls on the same day. Much like their relative the Crow totem, they rarely miss an opportunity. I went into the house to grab some trail mix and it was on the roof when I got back. Seeing repeated 0’s is a great time to acknowledge (or if you’re particularly reverent, to honor) the presence of the Universe’s love within you. I was suddenly aware of birds outside my house making a very odd racket. note: The blue jay fell to the ground in my dream like a leaf falls slowly gently rocking. He was feasting on leaves and soil, we looked at each other and it did not deter either one of us. Their some truth to this , please give me some insight meaning I dreamed 100 & a good two $10 bills &1111 I seen this also put help ,,t”s trying to reveal what I been wishing my higher power to reveal ,or A certain person who is completely out of control, and they MUST b STOP ASAP they playing with peoples life’s & emotions they just pure SATAN,ENOUGH is ENOUGH they got to b STOP ,maybe I’m the one nip this n the bub YES so tell me what u think ,I been praying for this to b revile to me, …turn the page 5-6-7 will surely follow! It usually starts with 11’s. Tonight I will perform the ritual my GreatGrandma taught me. If you have clicked on this article, odds are your experiences with synchronicity through numbers have already begun. I believe this is a bird of adaptation for sure.

The message 7’s carry is one of direct connection to Source Energy and it’s saying your efforts have been on point and you’re on a roll.

The hawk no longer has any patience. Privacy Policy My mother moved in with me. :-))), I keep seeing 1237.

The people who transitioned from your life, whether by physical death or separation of the relationship, is DIVINE. I do not know you, but I believe you will find what you need just as I will. You see, I was in a pretty bad position emotionally around the time of the move and a couple years into it. In general, Jay’s symbolism teaches lessons of adaptation to any situation while learning quickly. I was quickly overcome with rushing emotion. Now the Blue jay is all vulnerable and frightened feeling exposed and raw in its current form. if you are not nice to me one day I will turn into a blue jay I will fly away and I will never return he didn’t listen to his mother’s warning and one day she turned into a blue jay he comes home and theres a bluejay on the windowsill he sees her fly away andvhe never sees his mother again. The vision represents the successful clearing of past trauma that used to cause you to respond to certain situations fearfully. And suddenly, all my sadness was gone and I had to laugh. There is danger ahead. The message will be specific to you. Repeating numbers can easily be brushed off as coincidence at best, and, at worst, they can go entirely unnoticed. I can recall seeing them throughout my life, but nothing really specific at the time. Well, now to come full circle (I mentioned the Weed thing mattering, here it is) one day I decided between us that we would celebrate for no reason and buy a Bong. 17. My mother says she hasn’t noticed any at all since my father passed.

I believe that I am close with the spirit world and because I’m a Pisces I possess all the characteristics of every sign. So I Googled “bluejay totem” and wound up at this website. Fabrics Etcetera (281) 338-1904; info@fabricsetcetera.com ; 571 West Bay Area Blvd Webster, TX 77598

Seek opportunities in being of service to others, no matter how big or small. Someone ran her over did not stop!! SRKD-18695-82 BLUE JAY. (as above;so below). I have my entire yard filled with feeders and feed the jays and 26 other birds in my yard.

I peeked out the window and 2 more flew by. Can you help me?? They are so beautiful that seeing one up close and personal is lucky. I was n my apartment watching TV & 2 Blue Jays came & purched on my dolly outside my apartment ………..the one flew off & the other stayed , he went from the dolly to my window cill than he was looking at me n my apartment……than he purched on my lawn chair but he was watching me …….I do believe animals can tell us many things ……I believe we all have a lot to learn ………………….. A last ditch effort

I am in awe. I am happy you are ok and that it was not worse. And head held high I’ve lived where I’m at right now for approximately 3 years with my girlfriend, and when we got here from Day 1 a Blue Jay family has always taken nest by our bedroom window. And lately I see 1111 everywhere.
The timing to me looks like you’re being encouraged to stay broken up with your boyfriend.

And every single one of us overflows with it, so give thanks, and keep your eyes open to the Divine messages coming your way.

That time was for a few short seconds and then I had to continue driving. On Christmas Eve my husband let our dogs out at around midnight he told me he felt as if there were owls all around the house. Somehow you are attracting negative situations into your life. I read the innovation about what the blue jays messaged could be, but I was still curious as to what your own interpretations of this could have been?? Map to Delphine's. 1 Yard .

The Universe is applauding—celebrating you even. The builder number. My father who passed away, his birthday is 10/23 I happen to pick up my phone to seeb5he time and almost always it’s 10:23 or I’ve received text messages with that time also. I relate my story to thisvbecause my mother gave me up to foster care and growing up I had a little hatred towards her and I think it was a little too late then because I had said some really mean things to her and she she died a week later I was never able to say I’m sorry I love her I was never able to hug or kiss her I was a thousand miles away from home because of foster care they shipped me out of state and I had made a life there and I had no way of getting to her after her death I started seeing Blue Jays and now I’m back home and I’m able to see my mother’s grave and when I returned home there was 5-6 Blue Jays on the tree next to our porch and then I haven’t seen them again why? I’ve been seeing 814 for almost two years already.. It is winter here at 8000 ft in Colorado. This has been a very sad Christmas, my heart was broken by a family member that I love deeply. It’s nice to see the other kind comments too. I feel so honor to witness and see such a beautiful bird made me so happy . People with Jay totem are assertive and understand the proper use of power. The Foundation to Creation is Language. I hit it, and I cannot stop crying. He also balances these traits with discreet silence and the utmost patience in timing. Yesterday I was sitting outside and a bluejay came Sat in the chair beside me for about 45 minutes then he stood at my front door for about 10 minutes. 1023. By using our site you agree to our, Synchronicity Through Numbers: Signals from Source. I love it. I don’t know what this means, but it is incredible. Although your focused on your needs including the spiritual such as life’s growth. (Irwin is vacationing in Miami and I am in NYC.)

In this case, the Scrub Jay meaning in your dream is an omen of happiness. I always though blue jays were timid and afraid of people although they seem aggresive at times. A Whiskey Jack in your dream symbolizes the need for a change of direction. I have been crying for 9 hours. It will not happen in a day. The hawk performed some “Tough Love”.

The momma bird was a brown bird I don’t know the type. By the time I got back in the truck (my dad’s truck), id just accepted that my dad was somehow sending me these creatures.

The grill windshield bumper and even tire rims.

We both felt it was a sign! It gracefully transitioned back to terra firma to start over on solid ground. Every time I see blue Jays or cardinals in my yard,I say hi! To highest branch Leave it to my dad to send me a sweat bee. I’ve yet to search for the meaning, but it wouldn’t surprise me to be similar.. I very much appreciated this post. Skills that you have that are going to waste. This would not normally be important for a story but what happened about a year in was, I got a better job and began discovering that my work situation was about to explode with an even higher level of Upset. Do NOT give up! Five were on my fence eating the other day. 23. I quickly adjusted my eyes and I saw it was him. They want to help you find the way out. Hi there, i just looked out my window and 3 jays were sitting on my fence…i wasnt sure what they were and i hurriedly got my phone out to try and find out…as i was doing this my phone rang and it was my husband telling my his father had passed away 10 mins ago. Required fields are marked *. I think of the reversed message of that totem. Something else to consider: 11 and 33 each carry their own translation, of course, but together, they form a kind of context in overall meaning. Since Spirit can’t always write out an exact response to our most pressing matters, numbers provide a framework to clue us into Divine insight. Then later in the week I was at work and seen two t more jays in a tree. The management was, in short, undeserving of such a staff. I know I have to “return to sender” tonight, by fire. They will at times sit on a branch and look thru the window and let me take pictures. You are free and it’s time for YOU to stand in your Power. You notice a resonating lyric comes up during a song holding special significance for you, and it’s at the 1:11 mark. Thus, to find your answers, you must temporarily ground yourself with Mother Earth.

But we are all of the same stuff. For almost 8 years now I’ve been witnessing 111 222 333 444 555 “666 twice” 888 999 and more recently 911 187 and 47 all over the environment in which I’m in. I know its nature, but wow. I stumbled to my bedroom and propped myself to look into the dresser mirror. Hello Cynthia: Pay attention to the quotation box. I read on the other Animal Totem website that when animals are hit and killed like that by someone, its because they are offering their spirit energy to that person. By the way, my girlfriend’s name is Shelby too. I never used to be that superstitious really.

But a year later, within minutes of his time of death, I saw another one. I’ve been living in the same house for 12 years and never seen a blue Jay. With this birds’ presence, the energy centers of the head may become activated due to the increase of new spiritual knowledge. And when I decided to go ahead and focus on taking pics of this dragonfly, he literally posed for my camera …….? I want to give a background of my time here. I always see 318,or 3118 please explain what this mean? However, if you have a good sense there’s more you could be proactive about in your life, then 8 comes as a reminder, if not a warning, for you to continue working on fulfilling your potential in any area of life where this message resonates most. Now let’s see what Spirit is saying. Entire novels could be written on the symbolism held within the number 11 alone. Do u hear a Morse code sound in ur ear??

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