I shipped her back to Browning. The Power Drive Gas System works perfectly with the Inflex Technology recoil pad to reduce muzzle jump as much as 44% compared to the competition.

Spray the inside of the gas piston.

Have you cleaned the recoil spring in the butt? Check your gas piston spring yet to see if its broken ? The Maxus delivers 18% less felt recoil for greater comfort, 44% less muzzle jump for more accurate follow-up shots, 19% faster bolt speed and … This tip is from Art's disassembly video, a must watch for Auto-5 owners. Im telling you what your telling me is the same troubles i had but clean the gas piston and tube trust me. Minimum order is $5.00 per order.

hunt ct river how many rounds through it and have you clean gas piston. Once bolt release is forward, remove operating handle from bolt. thats a good call waterfowlhunter the ultrasonic cleaner and tooth brush. A list of modern browsers is below; simply click an icon to go to the browser’s download page. Browning sure didn't make it easy though, as they placed a rolled pin in the rear portion of the spring tube that needs to be punched out with what some say is a hammer and nail/punch.

But reliability isn’t the whole story. Note: The parts price lists are in PDF format. 4. Remove the Barrel and gas system by sliding them forward and off the magazine tube. 4. No, I haven't. The file is a multi page document that has complex schematics embedded in it. 800-333-3288 | 801-876-2711, Obsolete Browning Firearms Parts and Service, X-Bolt 300 Win Mag Magazine Service Bulletin. Check the spring inside the gas piston. I use rem oil too and have only seen one case where my maxus 3.5" failed to eject on a slow burning target load. A list of modern browsers is below; simply click an icon to go to the browser’s download page. FP-10 i think is what I use on my SX2. However they carry springs for A5's and the old Gold guns etc. This secure forearm attachment system makes taking down the Maxus for cleaning or storage fast and makes attaching or removing the sling a snap. Read more... Load shells into an empty gun, or quickly unload a full magazine - all without manipulating the bolt. Hit the bolt release and it slid forward like there was molasses on the bolt. Pretty easy process took around 2-3 minutes and a few minutes for cleaning time.

Hated to do it but I really want this gun up and running by Early Goose Season.

I'm getting ready to order some stuff from Midway anyway and thought I would just get it from them but they don't carry a mag spring for a Maxus. Shipping and handling are in addition to the listed prices.

< just soaked in hoppes all day and used tooth brush. That gun is gonna comeback all cleaned working like a champ. Browning Pull while wiggling back and forth with both hands. ? Mine did the samething. somebody sure thinks you need to clean that gas poiston, CPL holder since 1991, NRA Lifetime Member, DU Member, NICET certified. 5. Do a search on you tube as well as I'm confident someone had to make a movie on it by now. There are a few write ups on shotgunworld.com on how to dissemble the the recoil spring in the buttstock.

grab longer black half. The first pages of the PDF file will be the parts list and the last page the schematic. Spray the magazine tube, gas piston and sleeve with gun solvent and brush them thoroughly with a nylon brush to remove any deposits. Browning sure didn't make it easy though, as they placed a rolled pin in the rear portion of the spring tube that needs to be punched out with what some say is a hammer and nail/punch. BROWNING MAXUS® AUTOLOADING SHOTGUNS If you have any questions about your new firearm, this owner’s manual or other Browning products, contact: Browning Customer Service One Browning Place Morgan, UT 84050-9326 Phone: (800) 333-3288 browning.com Please use the space below to record information about your firearm. But reliability isn’t the whole story. This Fax number is for parts orders only. Print out the form and fill it out completely. That gas piston is gummed up. Now the piston is a two piece pressed fit. Cleaned everything up after the last shoot and took her back to the range. They break and cause the gun to bleed off too much gas which causes a short stroke. gots tons of canada's here. Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website. Unequaled reliability and features, all found in the finest, most reliable gas-operated autoloader ever to swing on a bird.
Felt recoil is more than just an instantaneous peak force; it is the total energy absorbing experience when you fire a shell. The main spring means nothing.

3. 5. All parts prices are Suggested Retail (U.S. browning makes a better product than that. Extensive research and testing have produced a piston design that is extremely reliable in all conditions, regardless of the heavy or light loads being used. Arnold, Missouri 63010-4728. 3005 Arnold-Tenbrook Road

6. While no recoil reduction system can escape the laws of physics, the Maxus will change your mind about recoil control. The following is from me: When you put it back, slide the shank of a screwdriver in the tube to hold everything together and tap the handle with a hammer. No oil on any of it.

It appears that you are accessing the Browning Website from outside North America. For products not listed in the Parts Price Lists Catalog go to the Obsolete Parts and Service Listing. I made a quick video on how to remove the spring and clean the inner tube and spring of the Browning Maxus shotgun. The traditional screw-on magazine cap has been replaced with the patented Speed Lock Forearm. http://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php?topic=27549.0;wap2. Note: The parts price lists are in PDF format. If I had that Maxus I'd sleeve the piston so it didn't need to be cleaned anymore......and then he'd still have a problem with his main spring (which probably just needs to be cleaned). 800-322-4626, Browning The Lightning Trigger is designed to offer a smooth, crisp feel with minimal travel.

Dollars). I use rem oil too and have only seen one case where my maxus 3.5" failed to eject on a slow burning target load. Whats the matter is you need to clean the gas piston.

Morgan UT 84050

Would you like to visit Browning International? That’s why it was the first priority when we set about developing the Browning Maxus. I have the 3/1/2 inch magnum stalker maxus.

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