“The KLM airplane had peeled off the top of the Pan Am plane, just like peeling off the top of a sardine can, the top had rolled right off. One of the Pan Am’s four engines continued to run after the impact, when all controls in the flight deck had been severed.

As it left the ground, the KLM’s nose gear cleared the Pan Am, but the left engines, lower fuselage and main landing gear slammed in to the upper right side of the Clippers fuselage, ripping apart the centre of the jet above the wing, while engines 3 and 4 smashed through the upper deck area behind the flight deck. But they soon realised that the 350 tonne aircraft was hurtling towards them. Now we have to talk to the passengers, take care of them’. The tower instructed the American crew to “Report when runway clear” to which they replied “Ok, we’ll report when we’re clear”.

Joosse-Wildschut, W.M. Nothing was like it had been moments before.

The Dutch crew tried in vain to rotate their aircraft early, causing a severe tail strike. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Speaking after the accident, Dorothy Kelly said simply “I did what I could”.

When they refused, she pushed them before jumping herself.

The job carried on; it didn’t stop in the hospital, but it wasn’t something you thought about. She busied herself labelling survivors names, age, allergies etc and was then asked to help with the burns victims, removing burnt clothing and skin from the injured to prevent infection. As she raced round helping survivors, she noticed something white under the front of the plane. It’s amazing what one will do to save their fellow man. Dutch investigators placed much emphasis on this fact, but ultimately KLM admitted their crew was responsible and the airline financially compensated the victims relatives. The following information on Victor Grubbs is gathered and extracted from military records. Victor Franklin Grubbs, captain. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It is from these documents that we have found this information on 1st Lt. Grubbs. The accident had a lasting influence on communication between aircraft and ATC. But it was too late. I am also a survivor of the accident on Tenerife. Arriving at the hospital she refused treatment, instead volunteering to help the medical team.

Seeing some of her colleagues in the carnage, she ran over and got them to check how serious it was. She desperately tried to look for an exit to begin an evacuation, but the exits that were still intact were jammed. With her injuries treated, Dorothy and her colleagues continued to assist her passengers. In www.tenerifecrash.com there is a lot of information about all that. Come & join us onboard as we take a peek behind the galley curtain with all your cabin crew & aviation news, galley gossip, glamour & humerous tales of life at 39,000 feet! Tom-Karseboom. I recently released a book about my experience that day and more titled “Never Wait for the Fire Truck” by David Yeager Alexander. Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks Kelly once again proved what an incredible woman she is, stepping up and offering her help and support to those affected.

Aircraft were packed together on taxiways and limited apron space. Seeing something so horrible I find that anything bad that happens to me is nothing compared with the big picture. . The terrible things she saw on March 28, 1977 scarred Dorothy Kelly for life. By December 1988 she was based at Heathrow (LHR) and living in London with other crew when one of her colleagues asked her to swap flights. After making one final check of the area with Bragg she was placed in to one of the last emergency vehicles to leave the scene. Victor Grubbs, was reported to have made after the KLM plane's takeoff announcement: “We are still on tike runway . I wasn’t in a position where I could see out of the plane and I thought a bomb may have exploded. Harrowingly she later learned from survivors that some inside the aircraft simply stayed in their seats, waiting to be told what to do. Unable to move, she grabbed his arms and was running away from the plane when the engine finally exploded. The Pan Am 747 now joined countless other aircraft that had been diverted to TFN, including the KLM aircraft. The emergency services were initially slow to respond.

Captain Van Zanten was growing impatient and upon lining up with the runway he immediately advanced the throttles and began to roll.

With limited help from ATC, dated airport diagrams, unmarked taxiways and visibility now less than 200 metres, finding the exit proved very difficult. Following the collision, Johnson bewildered, confused and aware of the increasing intensity of the fire in the wreckage, encouraged and commanded stunned passengers to get off the aircraft. They continued their rescue efforts until it appeared that no one else was escaping.

“I’ve learned that our emergency training is very good and very necessary. The Pan Am jumbo was now crawling down the runway as the flight crew desperately tried to find their exit. When Pan American closed its doors in 1991, United Airlines took over the iconic carriers LHR routes. There were 61 survivors, all on Pan Am, including captain Victor Grubbs and Robert Bragg.

Carla and I and Bob Bragg made rounds, Bob in a wheelchair or on crutches.

International gay Trolley Dolly Dan Air, bringing the glamour back to flying one sector at a time! Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): Pilot. The flight was Pan Am 103, which was subsequently blown up over the Scottish town of Lockerbie. “It’s not about what you’re going to get fed or how quickly you’re going to get a glass of champagne. After much rest and recuperation in Tenerife, Dorothy Kelly returned to the United States and a year and half later she returned to the skies for Pan Am. It was a decision that would ultimately save Kelly’s life.

Whilst preparing for the Transatlantic flight, Dorothy Kelly had been approached in the crew-briefing lounge at JFK by Senior Purser Francoise Colbert de Beaulieu, who asked if she would mind working up in First Class and taking over the inflight announcements, as de Beaulieu was extremely self-conscious of her French accent. ( Log Out / 

What's he doing? Assisting him in the flight-deck was First Officer Klass Meurs and Flight Engineer Willem Schreuder; while in the cabin 11 cabin crew were on hand for the 235 passengers. The co-pilot is still living. We also remember the other crew members who perished in the performance of their duties on Pan Am 1736: Purser Francoise Colbert de Beaulieu and flight attendants Mari Asai, Christine Ekelund, Luisa Flood, Sachiko Hirano, Marilyn Luker, Aysel Sarp, Carol Thomas and Miguel Torrech.

It is from these documents that we have found this information on 1st Lt. Grubbs.

She now relied solely on her instincts.

Kelly knew they needed to get out as quickly as possible and as the fire began to take hold and explosions went off around her, she encouraged passengers to jump. He was subsequently 56 years of age at the time of the Tenerife jumbo jet collision at Los Rodeos Airport, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

Copyright 2017 Peter Engberg-Klarström. She returned to America in October 2006, continuing to fly for United out of Washington DC. It turned out to be Captain Grubbs. Fleur-Toby, A.C. Bouvy, B.M. Blog at WordPress.com. Meurs radioed through, informing the tower they were ready for take off and was given the routing instructions they were to follow after departure. I looked over; it was like looking out of a second floor window about 25 feet down, and I was really scared because my feet were bare and you saw nothing but jagged metal down there and I said to myself ‘Oh, my God, we’ve survived this and we are going to kill ourselves jumping down on that stuff”. Tending to the 380 passengers were 13 flight attendants, while in the flight deck Captain Victor Grubbs was assisted by First Officer Robert Bragg and Flight Engineer George Warns. ( Log Out /  The reason was simple and horrible: They had suddenly seen a KLM 747 speeding down the foggy runway directly toward them. As TFN had no ground radar and with fog now enveloping the airport, controllers in the tower relied on radio communications to keep track of each aircrafts location. Get all your latest cabin crew news, stories, galley FM gossip and take a peek behind that curtain, as we reveal what life is really like as cabin crew. He’s alright.

She then came across a woman lying under the wing. I seem to be more resilient and able to recover more quickly if something bad happens. Indeed, so well thought of was Van Zanten, that when airline executives heard of the crash, they attempted to contact him to send him to the island to aid the investigation. While survivors, many with life changing injuries, waited for rescue Kelly and first officer Bragg who had a broken ankle, continued to help in whatever way they could.

In fact, driving the jet off the runway was exactly what Captain Victor Grubbs and his first officer, Robert Bragg, were trying to do. ‘Fasten Your Seat Belts! ”Grubbs said there was limited visibility across the fogshrouded runway as they waited for several planes to take off before them. Many former employees were laid off, including Kelly. Learn how your comment data is processed. She finally stepped back and allowed the medical team to treat her. She woke up in total darkness, dazed and disoriented, completely unaware of what had happened.

( Log Out /  But whilst preparing the aircraft for departure a thick fog began to develop and visibility deteriorated, only complicating the situation further.

The emergency procedures Dorothy had been so well-trained were impossible to follow. It was only now, as she attempted to use a pair of scissors, Dorothy realised her arm was broken. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Wow. Just 61 people survived, all from the Pan Am jumbo jet. The emergency services were initially slow to respond.

Email -confessionsofatrolleydolly@hotmail.co.uk. Dorothy Kelly was hit over the head by a piece of the aircraft and forced through the cabin floor into the Cargo bay. She was greeted with complete carnage. WE’VE GOT TO JUMP. Get off!” as they immediately applied full power and turned sharply to the left in a vain attempt to avoid a collision. van Staveren-Maréchal, J.H.M. I’m sure you’ll agree that this remarkable woman went way above and beyond her duties that fateful day and the days, weeks and months afterwards. Go ahead, ask” and pulled back the throttles. But she ignored them. But her rescue efforts didn’t end there.

The KLM 747 was travelling at around 160 mph when they spotted the Pan Am desperately trying to clear the runway.

Change ). The material presented on this page has been researched by Peter Engberg-Klarström. Change ). confessionsofatrolleydolly.com brought to you by International Gay Trolley Dolly, Dan Air ! Feel free to use the research, but please refer to my research if used in publications or if published or posted on other pages on the Internet.

He was subsequently 56 years of age at the time of the Tenerife jumbo jet collision at Los Rodeos Airport, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. You just said to yourself, ‘Ok. Difficulties with communications also meant the pilots were unsure whether the controller had told them to take the first, or the third taxiway. Everything just changed in a moment.”. The Tenerife disaster remains a watershed moment for the aviation industry, one that transformed safety, not only in the air but on the ground.

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