The town is apparently very welcome to visitors and features a good amount of historic buildings and an ambiance that is sure to make you feel as if you have stepped through a doorway into another era, so if you are looking for a tourist attraction that is a bit off-kilter and different from the usual fare, perhaps Cassadaga is worth a visit.

This location is so well-known for being haunted that walking ghost tours even travel through the cemetery late at night. Sign up for our newsletter and receive Halloween event updates, discounts and more! Here one can find all manner of establishments for psychics, mediums, seances, spiritualists, healers, tarot card readings, and palm readers, as well as New Age shops and bookstores, and various spiritual tours of the area, which is believed by the residents to be a spiritual hotspot that sits on a vortex. You can truly feel a big spiritual presence. Tags Bizarre ghosts haunted places haunting historical oddities modern mysteries mysterious people mysterious places New Age Paranormal spiritualism strange places. Word soon got out about the healing properties of the springs, and that the famous “seer of spiritualism” and his medium friends had taken up residence here, and lo and behold other mediums and spiritualists began to trickle in, setting up their own humble abodes on this land, and the settlement that would be called The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp was birthed, with “Cassadaga” being the Native word for “water beneath the rocks,” and the name chosen for a lake of the same name near a similar camp in New York called the Lily Dale Assembly. Dawn does a great job of providing true facts and evidence to support the common misconception in detailing their existence. Legend has it, Lucinda died of a broken heart and Rowe went on to build the hotel which featured an exact replica of their fountain inside.

One of central Florida's scariest haunted houses! Insider Tips The Key West Cemetery Is One Of Florida’s Spookiest Cemeteries, Triad Seafood Market In Florida Is Riverfront Dining Without Any Fuss, Dine At The Southernmost Restaurant In The Contiguous United States In Key West, Florida, Camp In A Chickee Hut Right On The Water In The Florida Everglades, There’s Nothing More Terrifying Than These 14 Truly Haunted Places In Florida, Not Many People Realize These 9 Little Known Haunted Places In Florida Exist, Take A Terrifying Florida Road Trip That Will Surely Haunt Your Dreams, Here Are The 10 Best Places To Spot A Ghost In Florida,, 14 Things People From Florida Always Have To Explain To Out Of Towners, One Of The Biggest Meteor Showers Of The Year Will Be Visible In Florida In December, Watch As Sand Becomes Beautiful Art In Front Of Your Eyes At The Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival In Florida, The Incredible Spring-Fed Pool In Florida You Absolutely Need To Visit, The Hidden Florida Deli That Makes The Best Sandwiches Ever, Dining At This Ocean-Themed Restaurant In Florida Will Delight You In Every Way. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend Halloween, why not try a haunted road trip? Visit our community and discover the peace and tranquility that visitors from around the world have come to know.
Learn about Cassadaga's historic, unique and mysterious beginnings and the spirit activity that still goes on in the historical homes of present day mediums.

Dawn always makes the tour educational, fun, and above all, respectful to the camp.

Since the lighthouse was constructed in 1874, several people have passed away in or near the lighthouse. Bring a digital camera to capture images of Spirit manifestation. :).

This road trip probably takes several days, so it's a good thing we have a couple of hotels on our route. Welcome to Cassadaga, the Psychic Capital of the World. The whole town in general is known for producing a wide array of ghostly phenomena, and this is said to be due to its position over a vortex that allows travel between the physical world and the spiritual. All questions are welcome and photographs may be taken at any time during the tour. The spirit of the hotel that stands in Cassadaga Florida is a man that went by the name of Arthur in life. All questions are welcome and photographs may be taken at any time during the tour. Furthermore, she did a wonderful job of providing historic information in the general area. Love Florida?

Return to Haunted Hotels of the South Main Page. She also made it very fun and enjoyable.

It's rumored to be occupied by past residents who passed away on the property. The tour is a great way to gain insight into Spiritualism and to feel the wonderful energy that is Cassadaga. It was not at all unusual for those that considered themselves to be Spiritualists or those interested in the mysterious appeal of Spiritualism to participate in these programs. Our tour packages offer a variety of options that are assured to please everyone. Edit This Listing The most famous legend at this historic hotel is of a mobster killed in a gambling dispute, who is said to remain here in spirit. But i cant not give this 5 Stars due to personal differences.

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