As To Live and Die in L.A, the new 12-part podcast from Tenderfoot TV, takes a deep dive into the case, here is what we know so far about Chris Spotz, the chief suspect in Adea Shabani's death. The series is mostly well-paced, though there are some miscues. Chris Spotz's family is hiding him and protecting him and are obstructing police work. An LAPD spokesman said he believed Spotz was "somehow involved in [Shabani's] death. background-color: #ff9600; I gave up on it a while ago, but you're probably right. Spotz reportedly kept their relationship secret from classmates and teachers at Stella Adler.

Chris Sullivan Stranger Things, window.rs_init_css.innerHTML += "#"+e.c+"_wrapper { height: "+newh+"px }"; } catch(e){ "He just came up, came in the house. It's too much!'". document.getElementById(e.c).height = newh; : []; background-image: url("data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns='' viewBox='0 0 32 32' width='72' height='72' fill='%230a0000'%3E %3Cpath opacity='.25' d='M16 0 A16 16 0 0 0 16 32 A16 16 0 0 0 16 0 M16 4 A12 12 0 0 1 16 28 A12 12 0 0 1 16 4'/%3E %3Cpath d='M16 0 A16 16 0 0 1 32 16 L28 16 A12 12 0 0 0 16 4z'%3E %3CanimateTransform attributeName='transform' type='rotate' from='0 16 16' to='360 16 16' dur='0.8s' repeatCount='indefinite' /%3E %3C/path%3E %3C/svg%3E"); 925 Followers, 754 Following, 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Chris Marez (@chris__marez) 'We know that Chris Spotz stopped here on his way to see Adea. Chris Spotz was born on June 29, 1984 as Christopher Allen Spotz. ","give_email":"Please enter a valid email address. box-shadow: none !important; On March 1, detectives went to Northern California, where Spotz’s father lives, to try and glean more information about where Spotz and Shabani might be. He's gotta be on borrowed time at this point. Neil and Jayden follow the trail of evidence all the way to the burial site…and a new suspect emerges. e.thumbw = e.thumbhide>=pw ? By late December 2017, though, Adea and Chris had broken up. Spotz reportedly kept their relationship secret from classmates and teachers at Stella Adler. opacity: 1; } In general I just feel like this is a weird podcast. Most of his movies seem like brief, low funds thrillers—IMDb lists 4 shorts between 2014 and 2018, together with “Pickman’s Mannequin,” “Statues,” and “In Solitude With Me,” by which he performed the husband of a lady in a coma who enlists a neurosurgeon to protect her consciousness. Just a few days later, on Valentine's Day 2018, Chris spent the evening with both of his fiances, meeting Mary earlier in the day and Adea late in the evening at a restaurant. /*

Be in the know.

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... 33-year-old Chris Spotz. There was nothing," Marez told To Live and Die in L.A. The admission, of course, is nothing novel. According to Morez, Spotz' uncle never suffered a … ETA fascinating is not the right word. 0 : e.tabw; Investigators also gleaned more information leading them to the Spenceville Wildlife Area in Nevada County. That, Chris Spotz insisted, was the last time he saw his girlfriend. A native of Lawrence, Kan., she studied journalism at USC before first joining The Times in 2011. Experts warn households could be forced onto more expensive energy tariff with new supplier by the end year. 22, Lyft president says he still wants a deal with unions. Where's the finale episode? var give_stripe_vars = {"zero_based_currency":"","zero_based_currencies_list":["JPY","KRW","CLP","ISK","BIF","DJF","GNF","KHR","KPW","LAK","LKR","MGA","MZN","VUV"],"sitename":"","publishable_key":"","checkout_image":"","checkout_address":"","checkout_processing_text":"Donation Processing...","zipcode_option":"","remember_option":"","give_version":"2.6.2","cc_fields_format":"multi","card_number_placeholder_text":"Card Number","card_cvc_placeholder_text":"CVC","donate_button_text":"Donate Now","element_font_styles":{"cssSrc":false},"element_base_styles":{"color":"#32325D","fontWeight":500,"fontSize":"16px","fontSmoothing":"antialiased","::placeholder":{"color":"#222222"},":-webkit-autofill":{"color":"#e39f48"}},"element_complete_styles":{},"element_empty_styles":{},"element_invalid_styles":{},"float_labels":"","base_country":"US","stripe_card_update":"","stripe_account_id":"","preferred_locale":"en"}; One week, there wasn’t an episode at all (not counting the week they explained this). Marez told To Live and Die in L.A that his breakup with Jade was acrimonious, with arguments about custody rights and the decision to change their son's last name to that of his stepfather. Adea later told an ex-boyfriend she had two glasses of wine and blacked out at dinner, only to wake up at home and find her phone had gone missing. The trope that it follows, of the relatable newcomer working to solve a mystery, is not even unique to podcasts (there is a reason that Watson narrates most of the Sherlock Holmes stories). Gwyneth Keyworth Married, WAS IT CHRIS MEREZ WHO PICKED UP THE BURNER PHONE NUMBER?!?!?!?! height: 100%; .uil-hourglass .sand { I really enjoyed the podcast and though for a while I like you was a little underwhelmed by the fact that after all the info and leads they were given, everything still led back to Chris, it paid off because his shit-bag father was definitely an accomplice. His mom, Jade, stepfather Jack, and three siblings nonetheless reside in Fort Morgan, a rural city somewhat over an hour’s drive from Denver. Anyone else tired of the inconsistent release schedule on this podcast? Postal Service and orders search for mail ballots in Texas facilities. For as much as they want to make it seem like there is some conspiracy here, the evidence doesn’t really suggest it. Election Live Updates: New results show razor-thin race for the White House, Pennsylvania secretary of state gives update on election, Trump launches barrage of legal challenges in fight to keep White House, Nevada official says 63,262 ballots remain outstanding in Clark County, Official with COVID worked at Election Day polling site, then died, Georgia voting official says there are 60,000 votes left to be counted, Top Arizona official responds to potential Trump challenge, Russia frets over U.S. election uncertainty, but likely relishes it, Election Live Updates: Battle for the White House hinges on a few states, The races that could determine who controls the Senate, Prominent Republicans condemn Trump's false victory claim, The pivotal post-Election Day dates you need to know, Michigan secretary of state calls Trump lawsuit "frivolous", Mitch McConnell wins reelection in Kentucky, Sarah McBride becomes first transgender state senator, Lindsey Graham wins reelection, CBS News projects, QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene wins House seat, Ocasio-Cortez projected to win second term in House. = e.el===undefined || e.el==="" || (Array.isArray(e.el) && e.el.length==0)? Earlier than police might query him, although, he and Mary traveled to his mom’s home in Fort Morgan. It started out really strong but the last few episodes have been a bit of a shit show. Wasn't it supposed to drop today? Shabani had been living in Los Angeles for two years when she went missing. A grainy photo, taken from an elevator’s security camera, is the last image investigators have of Shabani. We’ve learned details we’d never have learned without it, and that aren’t available elsewhere. More than 100 attended the memorial, including family members who traveled from Eastern Europe when she went missing.

Will need a break after this frustrating podcast. Chris Spotz was born in Colorado in 1984, though his parents separated while he was still young.

Meanwhile, detectives and sheriff’s volunteers fanned out across the Lake of the Woods wildlife area in Northern California, looking for any sign of Shabani. About six weeks before Adea disappeared, Chris uploaded a dramatic monologue to YouTube. Chris reportedly joked she handed out as a result of he had choked her, and that he left the residence when he thought she was lifeless. Kevin Chang Barnum is a writer based in Connecticut.

Through an attorney, Spotz told detectives that he and Shabani left Los Angeles on Feb. 23 on a road trip to Spotz's father's house in northern California.[ix] : ([ix] * m)) + (e.tabh + e.thumbh); They've had that google data for a couple of episodes. Most of his films appear to be short, low budget thrillers—IMDb lists four shorts between 2014 and 2018, including "Pickman's Model," "Statues," and "In Solitude With Me," in which he played the husband of a woman in a coma who enlists a neurosurgeon to preserve her consciousness. (sorry for the vent). Scorpio Compatibility, height: 100%; "},"confirm_email_sent_message":"Please check your email and click on the link to access your complete donation history. } z-index: 9901; } Many crime podcasts just rehash readily available information, and not infrequently get facts wrong (arghhh). I think it's being a dreamer as a child. This is deeper than white grievance politics.


position: absolute; background-repeat: no-repeat; Have you ever listened to "Done Disappeared"? var load = document.getElementById("load"); Chris Spotz was born in Colorado in 1984, though his parents separated while he was still young. ", We just talked to a friend of both Adea Shabani and Chris Spotz; Police believe Spotz was involved in Shabani’s disappearance and death; A body, police believe is that of Shabani, was found in a grave in Northern CA; I’ll have more on #TODAYinLA on @NBCLA at 6:45am pt, — Mekahlo Medina (@MekahloNBCLA) March 28, 2018. By late February fearful buddies have been reaching out to Chris about Dea: “I am unable to imagine nobody has noticed her,” a good friend instructed To Dwell and Die in L.A. “On Friday the very last thing she instructed me was that I might by no means see her once more,” Chris texted a good friend on February 25. display: block; Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD. He did not rule out that others could be involved in her killing. .spinner-loader .load-wrap { Not only is this who we are as Americans. Spotz led police on a 60-mile car chase before fatally shooting himself. Listen to To Live and Die in LA episodes free, on demand.

1 : (pw-(e.tabw+e.thumbw)) / ([ix]); Chris Spotz/YouTube. In early February 2018, the month Adea went missing, the pair decided to move in together permanently. Spotz reportedly stored their relationship secret from classmates and lecturers at Stella Adler. Thought it was supposed to drop on Friday. for (var i in e.rl) if ([i]===undefined ||[i]===0)[i] =[i-1]; ), fled the state that same day, and then killed himself when he was confronted. Nevada County sheriff's officials say Shabani suffered blunt force trauma to her head but an exact cause of death is still under investigation. ","fillTheCaptchaError":"Please, fill the captcha. / CBS/AP. In 2017, Jade Spotz ran for a seat on the native metropolis council. ), fled the state that same day, and then killed himself when he was confronted. An autopsy is expected to be performed Wednesday.

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