PARK TOOL® and the color BLUE are registered trademarks of Park Tool Co. All other referenced trademarks and trademark registrations are the property of their respective owners. The 38-42 spec from earlier manuals is within the assembly description itself. There's 3 possibilities: These bolts are 1/2"-13, and are almost certainly capable of far more than 38-42 lbs. The bicycle has relatively light torque specifications (20-inch pound) to relatively heavy torque specifications (600 inch-pound). All figures in the table below are inch-pound. The Bicycle Specific Torque Value Chart is also available as a PDF file. The table is also available as a PDF file. 1) There is a MAJOR discrepancy between earlier and later manuals here, and I don't know what to make of it. Loose bolts and nuts are also generally the source of various creaking on the bike. Too little preload will mean the fastener will loosen with use. Even if the bolt were as tight as possible, it would not provide enough force to hold the arm secure to the spindle. For bronze bushed pivots, the say to "tighten the retaining nut, after which back it off 2 cotter pin slots", then "be sure the nut is drawn up tight, however, it must be sufficiently loose to allow the spring to pivot freely".

In most cases, the posted specs corresponded to Willys specs, but in some cases they differ significantly. The beam design is relatively simple, and is accurate for both left-hand and right-hand threading. This is a force of one pound acting at the end of a lever (wrench) only one inch long. Another option sometimes used is the Kilogram-centimeter (abbreviated kgf-cm), which is a kilogram of force acting on a lever one centimeter long. These bolts are 1/2"-13, and are almost certainly capable of far more than 38-42 lbs. If the pointer needle is not pointing to zero when the tool is at rest, it is simply bent back until it does align. See, Measured torque not typically used.

Torque for mechanics is simply a twisting or turning motion around the axis of the thread. Generally, the higher the rotational resistance, the greater tension in the threaded fastener. It is possible to convert between the various systems. Note that some companies do not specify torque for certain components or parts. This article will discuss the basics of torque and torque wrench use. For more see, Stem binder bolt: Quill type for threaded headsets, Stem steering column binder bolts: Threadless headset types, Stem handlebar binder: 1 or 2 binder bolts, Shimano® Octalink XTR crankarm bolts (M15 thread) (not Hollowtech II), Shimano® Hollowtech II bottom bracket bearing cup (2004 XTR, XT, Dura-Ace), Shimano® Hollowtech II crank bolt screws (2004 XTR, Dura-Ace, XT), Shimano® Hollowtech II Left-hand fixing cap, Crank bolt (including spline-type cranks and square-spindle cranks), Chainring cassette to crankarm (lockring), Brake caliper mount to frame: side/dual/center pull, Brake caliper mount to braze-on: linear pull/cantilever, Brake pad: threaded stud, dual pivot/cantilever/sidepull, Brake cable pinch bolt: linear pull/cantilever, Brake cable pinch bolt: sidepull/dual pivot/centerpull, Straddle wire pinch: cantilever, 5 x 0.8 thread, Brake caliper wire pinch: linear pull/cantilever, M6 x 1 thread, Brake lever: drop bar type (including STI and Ergo types), in-lb = ft-lb. A more universally accepted torque measurement is the Newton-meter (abbreviated Nm). 6) The 20-30 lb. Torque wrenches available to general industrial work, including bicycle work, are typically accurate to plus or minus four percent.

The mechanic must be aware of the purpose of torque, and what torque and fastener preload doing to the component joint. The table is also available as a PDF file.

This is TOO MUCH torque for the original style seals.

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