Recognizing this, many protesters actively stepped in to try and halt vandalism. Do it!” he shouted.

Many on the left have conceded that Shor got what seems to be a raw deal, How Veep foretold 2020 election recount protests, “Stop the count” vs. “count every vote”: The post-election protests around the country, explained. Mass demonstrations work, in other words, but looting and disorder are counterproductive. Despite the apology, after a review of the incident Civis Analytics took the side of the mob and fired Shor. On the company’s 25th anniversary, Representative Keith Ellison, now the attorney general of Minnesota, celebrated it in a short speech on the floor of the House of Representatives. Jessica Morales Rocketto, currently civic engagement director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, argued that the problem with his tweet wasn’t that Wasow or his research is bad, but that “it is important to examine the point Shor was making in a larger sense.” In context, she said, his tweet “could be interpreted as intended to denigrate the work of the Movement for Black Lives and pin any election losses on Black lives.”. What happened to Emmanuel Cafferty is an especially egregious example. And then I realized beyond the sky is the limit.”. Less than one quarter of Americans said violence was an appropriate response.”. But in fact, many Democratic Party professionals believe the backlash to his tweets was deserved. Shor’s job was to think about how Democrats can win elections. Other companies, trying to prove to the public that they take racism seriously, have also sacrificed business partners or employees who likely did nothing wrong. Nor did the company respond to my request for confirmation that the team that had investigated Cafferty was all white. Neither Wadi’s long standing in the community nor his quick action to sever his company’s ties with his daughter are likely to salvage his company. On his father’s side, he has both Irish and Mexican ancestors. Read: It’s not callout culture. “Do it! You can help by supporting Vox's explanatory journalism with a financial contribution today. The important issue here is the underlying presumption that the tweet was racist. Trump and Biden are within less than 1 percentage point in Georgia. Shor signed a nondisclosure agreement that prevents him from further discussing the situation. America needs a reckoning over racism. When I asked him whether  he’d like to share anything else with me at the end of a long interview, his first thought was for the company that had fired him: “I feel like SDG&E is a victim in this as well. When Omar Wasow, a professor at Princeton, published a paper in the country’s most prestigious political-science journal arguing that nonviolent civil-rights protests had, in the 1960s, been more politically effective than violent ones, Shor tweeted a simple summary of it to his followers. His mother is Latina. The work of framing social justice rhetoric in a way that is optimized for winning elections requires real work and data and experimentation and a willingness to adjust tactics to seize rather than squander the opportunity to mobilize a broad coalition. By the end of the call, Cafferty had been suspended without pay. But when Cafferty reached another red light, the man, now holding a cellphone camera, was there again. In response to a well-deserved call in over a … In late May, amid widespread protests over George Floyd’s murder, the 28-year-old data scientist tweeted out a study that found nonviolent demonstrations were more effective than “riots” at pushing public opinion and voter behavior leftward in 1968.
Perhaps I’m naive and loyal to a fault, but they were put in a bad position.”. Shor’s tweet, as originally reported by Jonathan Chait, became a topic of discussion on the Progressphiles email list, a widely used networking list for progressive data operatives, and he was soon kicked out of the group. David Shor, for example, was until recently a data analyst at a progressive consulting firm, Civis Analytics. All Rights Reserved. Punishing people who did not do anything wrong harms that important cause. Trump’s relative success with Latinos right now looks like it may not matter since he’s losing the election badly overall.

In the Atlantic, Yascha Mounk reported that Shor appeared to have been fired …
That makes it easy to dismiss the whole thing as a tempest in a teapot or a weird one-off with no broader implications. “I’m not touching that,” was another’s response to my query about the possible tension. By the end of the day, his colleagues had come by his house to pick up the company truck. Copyright (c) 2020 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. These replies represent the popular response to the tweet: the belief that the research is being cited to demean the cause of the protests.

Get our newsletter in your inbox twice a week. Cafferty is a big, calm, muscular man in his 40s who was born and raised in a diverse working-class community on the south side of San Diego. The following day Shor apologized for the tweet; shortly thereafter, he was dismissed from his job. Wasow’s paper is in that spirit, seemingly looking to understand how Black Americans, despite being a politically disempowered numerical minority, were able to influence the political process. People with unsound views are able to get operatives fired and render them unhirable.

“But what am I supposed to learn from this? These rumors are incorrect and unsubstantiated. And for that to happen, people need to be able to do what Shor did — raise questions about trade-offs, backlashes, and potential pitfalls even when emotions are running high. He’s also interested in broad adjacent questions, and anyone who knows him is familiar with his frighteningly encyclopedic knowledge of relevant academic literature. The Atlantic described the firing as follows: “Because the tweet coincided with the first mass protests over the killing of George Floyd, it generated some pushback. Non-violent protests *increase* Dem vote, mainly by encouraging warm elite discourse and media coverage. Reached for comment, Civis denied that the tweet led to the firing: “We have not, nor would we ever, terminate employees for tweeting academic papers. Of course, to be taken off an email list is no great tragedy, but the criticisms of the tweet are wrong on the merits. One of the core tenets of liberal democracy is that people should not be punished for accusations against them that are unsubstantiated, for actions that are perfectly reasonable, or for offenses that were committed by others. Photo: Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty Images David Shor got famous by getting fired. Some participants took Shor’s side in the argument, but most did not. He finds that nonviolent activism was effective in shifting election results, particularly nonviolent activism that’s met with violent police repression. He speculates that the famous mass protests of the 1960s may have played a role.

The company did more than simply react to the photo. After a progressive activist accused Shor of “concern trolling for the purposes of increasing democratic turnout,” a number of people on Twitter demanded that he lose his job. We want to hear what you think about this article.

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