When parallel parking, how many inches from the curb should tour wheels be? 2; FREE Texas Permit Test and Driver's License Test No. There is a winding road ahead.

Some short term effects of marijuana include: The concentration level in determining the BAC is how many drops of alcohol per drops of blood, 1 drop of alcohol per 1000 drops of blood, When you see a person who seems to be in a state of euphoria, and you know they have been drinking alcohol, they are most likely in what stage. Therefore, you should, Drive on ahead until you can get into the proper lane, then turn at another intersection, When driving in fog, rain, sleet, or snow you should use your, Under favorable circumstance, included reaction time, a motor vehicle with good brakes going 50 mph can be stopped within, To avoid highway hypnosis when making a long trip, you should stop for rest, At least every 2 hours or every 100 miles. Log in Sign up. Gravity. Before changing lanes in traffic, you need to: Look over your shoulder to be sure the lane you want is clear. Forms are available for obtaining your license by: Go to the nearest DPS office to pick up the application. Texas DPS Practice Tests, Pre-Selected Version ~DriversEd.com~ (Practice test for the test you must take to get your learner's permit) Key Concepts: Terms in this set (40) To see vehicles in your blind spots, you must look: Over your shoulders. Search. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR.

Key Concepts: Terms in this set (75) Who may drive a vehicle in Texas? The person against whom a lawsuit is filed. Learn. Makes them less coordinated, edgy, and 4 times more likely to crash, The maximum fine for a first non-driving alcohol-related offense of possession or consumption of alcohol by w minor is, In this picture, if you were driving vehicle #1 you should, A vehicle should never be parked closer to a fort hydrant than, When approaching a green traffic light, you should, A person's driver license will automatically be suspended if convicted of, What should you do if your vehicle goes into a skid, Don't slam on the breaks. The maximum fine for a first conviction of driving without a valid driver license is. An item that is illegal to possess, make or distribute. Gravity. DPS TEST REVIEW QUESTIONS. 91 terms. After overtaking another motor vehicle on a two-lane road, how do you best judge when it is safe to drive back into the right hand lane? PLAY. Vehicle skids are most likely to be caused by, When the tires lose their grip on the road surface & driving on wet roads. Flashcards. Upgrade to remove ads. & walk, Child passenger safety systems are required for all children under the age of, What affects will weed use have on your driving skills, Concentration, judgement, sensory & perceptual skills, What affect does heavy amphetamine use have on a driver, May keep drivers awake & active for long periods of time. Drive slowly and carefully, and do not pass. With respect to a witness or other person, relates to physical appearance. However, drivers must yield the right-of-way if traffic is approaching from opposite direction. A mental disease or defect that makes it impossible for a person to understand the wrongfulness of his acts. Test. Only $0.99/month. Delinquent child support; mentally incapacitated; chemically dependent, All owners of a motor vehicle in Texas must have this type of insurance. Terms in this set (61) yield to other traffic . Learn. Force that is intended or known by the actor to cause, or in the manner of its use or intended use is capable of causing, death or serious bodily injury. Write. What circumstances may lead to possible loss of your license? Created by. FREE Texas Permit Test and Driver's License Test No. (1) Any act which is calculated to embarrass, hinder, or obstruct court in administration of justice, or which is calculated to lessen its authority or dignity. Check the traffic behind you and then carefully drive back onto the pavement. Physical punishment as distinguished from pecuniary punishment or a fine; any kind of punishment of or inflicted in the body; as opposed to sergeant punishment. STUDY. Flashcards. To strengthen; to add weight or credibility to a think by additional and confirming facts or evidence. A phrase used to describe a state of affairs which actually exists and must be accepted for all practical purposes. Match.

30 terms. Grip the stirring wheel tightly & take your foot off the glass pedal.

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