From Orthodox in the east to Protestantism in the west to the Muslim faith in the south. Waiting for military tech 7 to get some cannons for the sieges can also make this war easier. Sell (almost) all my provinces to either Mazovia (for more earlygame power, or Lithueina for more Monarch Points if you form PLCW). The diplomatic reputation helps Poland to easily royal marry countries that put their dynasty on the Polish throne so their throne can be claimed, it helps with keeping vassals loyal, and makes annexing vassals faster. I could vassalize some electors and become emperor, add my provinces to HRE and lose the emperor but that would take a lot of time and work.

You expand outside of the HRE. This change seems to have occurred recently (though couldn't find it in patch notes). As the 16th century closes, it is recommended to halt expansion and instead focus on building up a military, gain a decent manpower reserve and have low unrest. A small number of events address Poland's position at the heart of Europe, right along the border of the Holy Roman shift towards Protestantism. However Poland may be starved for diplomatic monarch points early on, making it difficult to complete this idea group.

The corruption reduction helps with the corruption from territories malus. Best way to do this is as follows: Form an alliance with Lithuania and Austria, selling your nonpolish provinces to lithuania (both of the 2basetax ones before allying austria and the 4basetax one after). At the one hand this will offer cheaper technology, earlier access to the Polish renaissance mission, and a highly developed province. Under the icon is a number which shows the Authority of the current reigning Emperor.Within the interface are a number of shields of various sizes representing members of the HRE. 2. Once the truce with the Teutonic Order has run out it is possible to attack them again, they have the historical rival modifier on them, but an event will fire if they are vassalized, removing this modifier. This weakens the empire and if it was not dismantled at the start, it can be done now to open up another front. With Polish lands being relatively low in development and far removed from Italy, it can be tempting to develop the renaissance on your own. Chose to support them, even if the war with Novgorod is still not completed. For military ideas the aristocratic ideas prove to be useful. This is steppe terrain and can be given to the cossacks to improve your cavalry. There are also missions to form PUs with Hungary and Bohemia. that used to be a problem with the western focus decision, although now with institutions that shouldn't matter anymore. If one chooses the path of the monarchy, massive amounts of rebels will spawn that need to be put down. much easier to just become emperor and add yourself that way. Regarding going to Prussian Culture, did form Germany as Poland as my first game in the patch. If either Lithuania or Poland leads a union with the other (most likely Poland via event), and have fully integrated Mazovia, then they can unite and form the Commonwealth. It is also advisable to annex Danzig and Mazovia to free up diplomatic relation slots. Nr. Then immediately revoke march with Mazovia to start the -200 timer going down). With the incorporation of the duchy of Mazovia Warsaw has become the seat of the Sejm. P.s. Feed and break with Moldavia rather than Mazovia. If the war was started early enough, and the reformation is late enough, it is possible to wait out the truce and start another war with Denmark to take the other junior partner for yourself before the age of discovery is over. They allow Poland to use her full power for more conquest, before having to slow down for the fear of a coalition. The advantageous side of this strat is that you can integrate Mazovia as normal. Then you can go after Danzig, Szepes, etc. Worth it? Force them to release the nations. Join the empire then take Lith as PU. So I have to DOW Teutonic Order, take Danzig, sell provinces to vassals/Lithuania, move capital to Danzig and sell the last province? Once again, Austria can provide invaluable aid, they can siege down the Balkans, while Polish troops can reach around the black sea and strike into the Anatolian heartland. Has never been controlled by a human player. Loans are not an issue, as the Ottomans are rich and you can take a lot of money in a peace deal. Outside of its borders, Poland is faced with events that characterize the tensions between the Ottomans and an independent Sweden. Riga can be annexed for even more Prussian provinces. In this peace deal you can feed Lithuania some provinces, but be careful you do not give Lithuania too many. With the elective monarch mechanic Poland will have kings from foreign nations on her throne. In the mission tree it is possible to turn Danzig into a vassal once the war is completed. Doing this could allow you to add provinces up to 50, allowing Austria or the current emperor to pass reforms, and then getting elected and continuing to add new provinces. Poland and Lithuania has a common history of close cooperation and through the Union of Vilnius and Radom our respective aristocracies where integrated with one another in 1413. Have Winged Hussars as your active unit with more than +50% cavalry combat ability. Poland's events are heavily focused on the internal structure and stability of the Polish state, characterized by a long term struggle to assert control over the nobles of the Sejm, as well as the integration of the Duchy of Mazovia and Grand Duchy of Lithuania into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

A safer route that can be taken is going east first, set the Great Horde as rival and attack them. Since Austria rivaled Bohemia they are willing to let you conquer Bohemia without defending them.

Poland gets the option to move their capital via a decision, this creates a second capital to develop another institution at and it can then spread to a high dev Krakow to fulfill the 10% development requirement when Poland is big.

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