Personally I'm quite a fan of feral's current play style with Bloodtalons, and if they made Sabertooth quit infinitely extending rip, but still have some kind of other interaction with it (even extension, just not infinitely) it'd be ideal just as it is.I heartily agree with the issues taken with utiliity. I personally wish that they would bring back Leader of the Pack. The content to test feral in has been limited due to the alpha state of Shadowlands but Torghast has been available as have some dungeons and some questing content.

I think I quit feral in Legion, after seeing the lows and confusion of vanilla, the highs of Cata and the dribbling end of all sense many years ago. The energy regen is non-existent. Apex Predator's Craving Rip damage has a 4% chance to make your next Ferocious Bite free and deal the maximum damage. Current bloodtalon used to work very well when the meta wasn't all about spamming shred and bite as fast as possible. Super looking forward to trying this out, as a feral main, good to see some real changes that are beneficial instead of more things being removed or rendered absolutely useless. By all means screw with PvP, but destroying the PvE game was brutal.I frankly see no recovery from it's present state and I'll not go back to my once loved main of a decade gone by.Thanks for the news on the spec. That's just moving in the wrong direction. Inevitably some of those fell beyond the current maximum Level.

lol. Berserk is a bs cd, I'm glad they're changing it. The current version feels better to play with, but feels odd thematically. etc. In the Niya soulbind you can get concealment on use of Convoke which you can cancelaura to use it as a shadowmeld to exit combat and reset.

So not only does this article understate the utility of other specs (for example ret will also have sac, bop, auras; or enhance getting windfury etc), but it completely fails to address the real competition: Looking back at how Blizzard balances their game, it will absolutely 100% not be a marginal difference between Covenants.

Its just not fun and fights become so short you only get 1 use later on. Yes, which is why I've advocated for a rework of Sabertooth into something that gives us x% passive healing from finishing moves.

Bleeds have to come back with mastery, getting a good buffed bleed up in a short window will make up for time off target like it used to and keep the Feral spec competitive by sticking to skill as a means to make it good, not by nerfing bleeds into oblivion and turning it into a poor combat rogue.PvP has long affected this spec and it should never have had it's core gutted. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. Balance Druid Feral Druid Guardian Druid Restoration Druid Abilities Unavailable to Druids in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch The Level Squish necessitated a reassigning of the Levels at which each Ability is learned. The big question I have not seen answered, so hopefully someone here is in the alpha and can enlighten me, with no longer having an instant heal weaved into our rotation via bt, are we squishier?Everything I read seems to suggest that if you want to work in a self heal now, you have to drop form and there will be a cast time. Welcome to Wowhead's Feral Druid guide, updated for Shadowlands Pre-Patch!

Also, glad they're making this CD worth something. Participating in shorter duration fights will once again feel like a chore because of the ramp time required.

@ cheesey3 You nailed so many issues in your post. No CD in game should be over 2 in current WoW.


2 min CD would be great. The big question I have not seen answered, so hopefully someone here is in the alpha and can enlighten me, with no longer having an instant heal weaved into our rotation via bt, are we squishier?

That would at least be interesting.

And to think i just wanted my empty talent filled as a rogue. I agree with the author that something needs to be done about Sabertooth causing the player to never have to re-apply rip, but I don't take enough issue with the current iteration of it that I think it warrants that much worry.A much more pressing issue, in my opinion, is the new Bloodtalons, as I'm almost entirely sure it's going to create problems with clipping rake which feels awful.

Helps me avoid it.

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