On the way, they passed through Phoenix.

Teetsi | I have competed in body building contests as a 50+ year old! James Hook | Henchfrogs | Jonah Hill. He also tends to be quite childish, immature (as when he throws a tantrum after accidentally slamming his hand on his news van), lazy, and incompatible (as he criticized Roxanne’s sentimental news script on Metro Man, unknowing that she had in fact write the script). On the way, they passed through Phoenix. The images and articles on this website are copyrighted. After Megamind "defeats" Metro Man, Hal films Megamind taking over Metro City. “When I was a kid, I used to swim in the creek, make figurines out of clay, and leave them on banks. Guy Gagné | He appears again in the video game. Madagascar: Fossas | Nana | Makunga | Teetsi | Shark | Chantel DuBois | Chantel DuBois' men | Dave | Octopuses | Blowhole | Karl | Chauncey Before treatment, Sheri suffered from tooth wear, facial muscle tension, headaches, and TMJ pain. Over the Hedge: Vincent | Gladys Sharp | Dwayne LaFontant We only have one body and we need to take care of it, and of course oral health plays a large part in one’s overall! https://www.stewart.com/.../meet-our-staff/marketing/hal-tippetts.html

Flushed Away: The Toad | Le Frog | Spike | Whitey| Fat Barry | Ladykiller | Thimblenose Ted | Blonde Henchrat |Henchfrogs | Marcel Marceau the Frog Mime I continue to check proportions, add clay, sculpt and add detail.”, Hal is known for his details. Melisha Tweedy | © 2016 Images Arizona Inc. All Rights Reserved. Transformers Cinematic Universe Villains |

Sadako Yamamura |

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Februar 2014 in London) war ein britischer Soziologe und zählte zu den wichtigsten Intellektuellen marxistischer Orientierung. “I try to get them inspired,” he says. Series: However, it turns out that Hal only wanted to take the superhero gig to "get the girl" by winning Roxanne's heart. As part of the plan, Minion disguises himself as Megamind to save Roxanne from the falling tower, while the real Megamind disguises himself as Metro Man to verbally berate Tighten for his actions and scare him out of the city and reveal himself to the city. Sharks (Frankie) | Warlords | Hal used to work as a cameraman for Roxanne Ritchi, Metro City's new reporter. He is immature, childish, self delusional and misled. Hal is an incel. Coverton | The first thing he does is kidnap Roxanne under the pretense of 'rescuing' her, dropping her several times only to catch her again.

As his former self Hal, he tends to be somewhat civil and sophisticated towards Roxanne, having a secret crush on her and would try to woo her, though she feels uncomfortable by his attempts. Smartsy Fartsy | He is the former nerdy and shy cameraman of Roxanne Ritchie who later became a vengeful, traitorous, and destructive supervillain as he was hit by the serum of Megamind.

I’ll become a sculptor,” Hal remembers thinking to himself. Robot Probes |

Hordak | Hal appears to live an unhappy life in a tiny one bedroom apartment with the mindset of an immature college student.

Since 2006, he has also served on the teaching faculty at the OBI Institute. However, Megamind believes that Hal is ready, and gives him a red-and-white suit and the name "Titan", which Hal misinterprets as "Tighten". Unfortunately, Tighten denies that he has any good in him, and acts purely out of spite from being rejected by her. Shrek: Lord Farquaad | Thelonious | Monsieur Hood | Merry Men | Fairy Godmother | Prince Charming | Rumpelstiltskin | Fifi | Jack & Jill | Humpty Dumpty | Rapunzel | Captain Hook | Evil Queen | Headless Horseman | Cyclops One part of his training is reminiscent of, On top of that, Mario becomes the bad guy again. Playing video games at his apartment (formerly).Destroying everything in his way and wreaking havoc.Gloating about himself. Tighten is frightened into fleeing by Metro Man's orders, but realizes that it's the real Megamind in disguise after the hero tells him to leave 'Metrocity'. Turbo: Guy Gagne

Victor Quartermaine | One of the things Hal/Tighten does with his X-Ray Vision is to spy on Roxanne, thus hinting he only cares about using his powers for his personal gain.

Character information Hal Stewart, DDS 6011 Morriss Road, Suite 200 Flower Mound, TX 75028 Phone: 972-874-3957 Hal Stewart was a cameraman for Roxanne Ritchi.

Judge Turpin | “Now my teeth don’t hurt at all, and I love to smile,” says Stacy. Le Frog | Evil Queen |

Megamind Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Captain Smek | Vincent | Copying and downloading images or articles from this site is strictly prohibited. When Hal tries to get Roxanne to go to his 'off the hook party", he lists the things he's arranged, including a bouncy house and a wedding photographer. “At times it drives me nuts, but that’s part of my work,” he says. Indominus rex | Grimmel the Grisly | ", an oddly creepy metaphor. Kung Fu Panda: Tai Lung | Shen | Boss Wolf | Wolf Army | Wu Sisters | Scorpion | Bad Po | Ke-Pa | Kai Dean Gordon Pritchard |

Ladykiller |

Other names He was defused by Megamind at the end of the film.

Hal then reveals his identity to Roxanne but gets rejected for his recklessness, causing him to fly away in anger. Hal Stewart, or also better known by his supervillain name Tighten, is the main antagonist of DreamWorks' 21st full-length animated feature film Megamind. Gil Mars |

Harlen Maguire | When his friend saw what he’d made, he told Hal, “Add a body underneath the head, and I’ll pay for the casting and buy it.”. Jonas Fogg |

Origin Megamind | Tighten also proved to be quite cowardly and overwrought, as revealed when Metro Man (who is Megamind in disguise) arrives to confront him for his rampage, Tighten panics and tries to flee away, though he later learns the truth and fights Megamind for it.

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