wow... i miss this!! Maybe they do in damper, more humid locales?Mike in San Jose. Raw haw berries taste sour. I used to love these treats as a child. Has anyone tried making homemade haw flakes before? Powered by. All rights reserved. Let's check out some wonderful benefits of Haw Flakes with NutriNeat. Any reproduction, be it for personal or commercial purposes without the author's permission is strictly prohibited. Learning something new again, at least alam ko na ang English ng ostiya, hehe. Loved it. I just tasted it a few hours ago, and it is delicious! This used to be our favorite when we were kids. I've always wondered if I was the only who experienced that! ~ellen, Copyright © 2011-2020 The Hong Kong Cookery. Generally, haw flakes have a pliable, grainy texture, very much like fruit roll-type snacks popular in the U.S. I think you might be right on the humidity affecting them in the sticky department. Make unsupported accusations5. Haw flakes strikes a nice balance of sweet and tartness. Features: Chinese Traditional Candy: Haw Flakes. fBoyle July 14, 2012 . Food Tasting Event and Competition, Homecooked: Easy Recipe for UNIPAK Mackerel Sisig Recipe and Chance to WIN Giftpacks form Unipak! I remember playing communion with my siblings and cousins using this! Thanks Ellen for your update. But in the shape of candy, and this candy, it has to have tons of sugar on it, and I am going to find out. I want to try one too. And the candy/ waffer itself was sweet enough and light. Hong Kong definitely have everything! loved it too when i was a kid :). Thanks for writing in! Most of the blogs gives recipes that I’ve tried and all of them were absolutely tasty. If you intend to use any of the photos or text from this blog, please e-mail Green Dei at foodamnphilippines(at)gmail(dot)com. © Foodamn Philippines I HomeCookin' FoodTrippin' since 2011 I, Haw Flakes Brings Back Childhood Memories, There's something about Chinese and its culture that interests me more. Mouthwatering. Almond Bean Curd - An Easy and Elegant Chinese Dessert, Bing Tanghulu Candied Hawthorn Stick 冰糖葫蘆, The Yummiliciousness of the Mud Crab 清蒸奄仔蟹. haha! This fruit is not great for eating on its own but its fresh tartness has been used in Chinese cuisine to make the wonderful and ubiquitous Haw Flake candy (see our post on Haw Flakes here) and also is a key ingredient in the authentic traditional version of sweet and sour sauce.Hawthorns can also be cooked to make a lovely red jam or jelly or even made into fruit rolls! of strawberries and a really low amount of calories for that feast. It was so good! @burcinc-- I was exactly the same as a child, completely obsessed with haw flakes. They are quite yum, yum, aren't they? While the wafers themselves are not sticky to the touch, when eaten, haw flakes can become very gooey, almost like a caramel candy. The bushy tree blooms with fragrant white or pink flowers that later yield batches of red berries known as haws. I must have a look for them and report back! It is the same thing as parents giving child vitamin candies today. I use to eat this when I was younger, it literally melts in your mouth! But the flavor, the color and packaging is basically the same. I am living in China and I am obsessed with the Hawthorne berry itself. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. Mine used to whenever I had too many! Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, as you've probably noticed. Never thought na eto pala ay yung ostiya.. hehe.. i have tasted ostiya i think thrice lang, im not much of a catholic kasi :D, Herbert this not literally the "ostiya", it's a chinese candy where kids used to play around and imitate the Catholics received their altar bread (communion) during the mass :), oh yeah! NOW I must!! Foodamn is a Philippine-based food-related blogs. She first said no, but then ended up making one for me. Haw flakes are a type of fruit-based confection that is a popular treat in many Asian countries. He alωays kept chatting about this.I will forωard thіs page to hіm.Fairlу certain he will have a good read.Thanks fοr ѕharing!my website > News papers, [ eat me. sorry.. Hahaha!I was going to say that but cherrey beat me out of it.I thought it was brown ostiya when I was a kid. The product itself has a sweet, slightly tart taste and is available at many Asian markets and through various online retailers. Deze rode schijfjes zijn gemaakt van gedroogde Chinese meidoorn en smaken zoetzuur. The hawthorn tree, also known by its formal name, crataegus, is sometimes called a thornapple bush.

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