On May 31 in an interview with Jim Hughson, Shannon proved just how full of himself he is by routinely talking over his guest instead of just getting out of the way. Graham said it's ultimately up to the NHL and union to put together a long-term deal that makes everybody happy. He also filled in as play-by-play man when Jim Robson had national TV duties. He played announcers in both films. Post game after Vancouver 1-0 win in Game 1. The Maple Leafs never were told of the May 26 incident. Hughson is not anticipating any exceptional replacements. He hopes a long-term hockey hiatus can be avoided. Isaac has produced games for "Hockey Night in Canada," TSN, Sportsnet and others since 1982. Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews, who was accused of disorderly conduct in May, scored two goals through two periods in his team's opening win against the Ottawa Senators Wednesday night. CBC president Hubert Lacroix acknowledged this week that a delayed or cancelled season would be "a cash flow challenge for us.". In previous lockouts, the networks aired more major junior and American Hockey League games.

But after witnessing the game’s strong growth in the some parts of the U.S. during the 2011-12 post-season, he is concerned about the potential lasting impact on American TV ratings. "That’s the sport of our country, and that’s the sport that brings in the most consistent ratings on our network.". Big yikes from Jim Hughson pic.twitter.com/C1fSHRrOIO. Just playing hockey with this team. Depending on how long the lockouts lasts, Isaac will pursue opportunities to broadcast other sporting events. In 2006, he was the secondary play-by-play announcer for CBC's coverage of men's ice hockey at the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. Joe Bowen: Toronto Maple Leafs Broadcasts/Leafs TV ... Any commercial use or … I was through this in '94 and I was through this in (2004-05) and, I guess, apparently, we’re going through it again," he said in an interview. Since 2008, he has been the lead play-by-play announcer for Hockey Night in Canada Career Early career. Jim Hughson is by far the best commentator today on CBC and Hockey Night in Canada.

He also called men's ice hockey at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. In 2005, Hughson was hired by CBC as Hockey Night in Canada's secondary play-by-play announcer. Reply. In this role, he broadcast games three and four of the 1982 Stanley Cup Finals between the Canucks and New York Islanders. The most excited I’ve seen him is in the Pepsi commercial (with a Lloyd Christmas haircut) where he’s forced to sound energetic. You used to have to clamber everywhere to watch a game anywhere in the United States and, this year, you could see every playoff game anywhere you went.". The following season, he replaced Bob Cole as the primary play-by-play announcer for HNIC. Then in 1990, Hughson became the regular play-by-play announcer for Toronto Blue Jays broadcasts, alongside Buck Martinez. She told police that Matthews and his friends appeared to be intoxicated, and he said he thought it would be funny to see how she would react.

The incident Hughes referred to was Kane being photographed drunk at a party at the University of Wisconsin. "I mean, I'm happy. Networks stand to lose broadcasts that attract millions of viewers and generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue. Forum; Forum Home; FAQ; Calendar; Forum Actions. All the best Jim!!! WHL players are joining Jr. A teams while they wait for their season to begin - but not every AJHL franchise is open to the idea. But Hughson said the ratings and revenues do not justify the production costs, which are about on par with NHL telecasts. [7], Toronto Blue Jays television play-by-play voice, "Jim Hughson to lead play-by-play when Rogers takes over NHL rights next season", "Brown, Hughson to be honored by Hockey Hall of Fame", "Happy birthday today to Jim Hughson, CBC hockey commentator! Jim Hughson didn't have any trouble filling the time during the previous two NHL lockouts.

"No, I'm not disappointed," Matthews said when asked about not being named captain. Hughson is familiar to video game enthusiasts as the play-by-play voice of EA Sports award-winning NHL series from 97 to 09. Hughson worked on Canucks radio broadcasts, working on the pre-game, intermission, and post-game shows in the early 1980s.

The other things include a weekly radio gig on a Vancouver all-sports station (which he would do anyway), possibly taking a course on boating, running, cycling and doing countless things around the house. But Hughson’s kids are older and more independent now—his son is in university and his daughter is in her last year of high school—and he expects he'll be "terribly bored" if the current lockout extends into the regular season. But the current one poses a greater challenge for the "Hockey Night in … They learned about it in September via Twitter the day before Matthews faced a hearing in the case. In addition to his Canadian sportscasting work, Hughson has made occasional appearances for ABC and ESPN in the United States, covering both hockey and baseball. © 2020 The Hockey News, Roustan Media Ltd. ", "That's how you put a little problem behind you." "Last spring, television in the United States was a revolution," he said. Hughson is an avid runner with routes in all 31 NHL cities. He worked on Montreal Expos broadcasts for the network from 1987 to 1989. "It was something I’d never seen. The Isles got their top defenseman on a bridge contract at a reasonable price, but they still have challenging work ahead to clear enough cap space for Mathew Barzal. We've got a special group.".

Then he went on to make an awkward, stumbling ramble about this being a “golden era” for … "But we’ve been through this a couple times. "There isn’t any hockey at the National Hockey League level to talk about, and I just don’t think that the networks have found adequate replacements for that.". In previous years, Isaac, 55, spent late September and early October preparing for the regular season and working on some pre-season games. "With the various work stoppages that started in the '90s, I started to get a sense that I should not lay all my eggs in the hockey basket," he said. "When I thought about that, I looked back to 2012 and thought about Patrick Kane, 24-year-old for the Chicago Blackhawks, got into a little trouble with too many cameras around in Wisconsin that summer, and what did he do?" "So you find other things to do.". In 1998, Hughson returned to national sports broadcasting, joining CTV Sportsnet (now Rogers Sportsnet) as their main NHL play-by-play commentator alongside Craig Simpson. TSN later adopted the phrase as the name of its popular program That's Hockey, which started in October 1995, a talk show covering NHL happenings. He lives in South Surrey, British Columbia with his wife Denise. Jody chats with Jim Hughson and Kelly Hrudey. With the first regular-season telecasts not scheduled until Oct. 11, representatives from CBC and Sportsnet say their networks are taking a wait-and-see approach and will be prepared to roll out a different programming plan if necessary. Jim Hughson (born October 9, 1956) is a Canadian sportscaster, best known for his play-by-play of the National Hockey League and Toronto Blue Jays baseball games.

Staffers can work on other broadcasts for their networks, but freelancers face an uncertain future. And that's how you put a little problem behind you. He also provided the play-by-play in EA's Triple Play series for PlayStation and PC from 1997 to 2001, along with his former Blue Jays broadcast partner Buck Martinez. "I also think that NBC’s (10-year, US$2-billion) contract in the United States is a bigger contract than they have in Canada, so it puts pressure on them.''.

Before him, the property was run as a “town” dump by other owners. 11. During that time, Hughson was most famous for calling all three of the games in which the Jays' clinched first place in the American League East during the 1990s (1991, 1992, and 1993). Matthews, according to a police report obtained by USA TODAY Sports, was accused of trying to open the locked door of a car in which a female security guard was doing paperwork. In the meantime, the networks wait. Hughson has won five Gemini Awards, the most recent in 2004, where he was named the best sports play-by-play or analyst. I am so sick of this Pepsi/Lays commercial. [5], Hughson was born on October 9,[6] 1956 in Fort St. John, British Columbia. A year later, he left radio and began working on the Canucks regional television broadcasts on Sportsnet Pacific, alongside Ryan Walter.

"Those are huge events in the United States," said Hughson. Reggie28.

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