When the cards feel right to you, pull out three cards. Put all together, we see the cards for this return journey seem to have been raising up that your return trip would involve being out in the world with the stability of “the ring” (ie your tyre) & getting it fixed. Ship crossroad bouquet As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I said to my husband that day, I suspect you’ll win, but your opponent will crash. As you can see, sometimes the three card spread can be frustratingly limited in the information it can give you. You'll get an email guiding you in your first steps as a witch, wizard or mage. Be sure to decide before you ask your question of the cards which of these two ways you’re going to use them. For it to fully work, there is another aspect of our mind that needs to incorporated into the equation. Two cards are most commonly read with the first being the noun or verb and the second a corresponding adjective or adverb. I just asked a question of where next will I meet the man I saw on the 08th August 2019 who likees who was wearing a black shirt.

Please confirm your acceptance letter in your inbox to start orientation. I don’t interpret the Stars as “internet,” personally.

In time, you’ll find that the actual number of possible card combinations is endless. When many birds gather, there seems to be an excited exchange of songs - building up to a constant stream of noise. My husband’s team lost that day because the other teams had improved and were starting to eat away at their season lead.

As we covered in previous articles, Lenormand is a system that taps into our deeply rooted intuitive potential. Thankyou and it was good for the reminder of 1 + 3 being mirrors for more info.. Thanks. I asked how my return trip home from vacation was going to be. Ship + Bouquet = A lovely or beautiful trip or journey around that.

This journey is surrounded by the mirrored cards Birds + Heart: a loving communication or conversation. Plus, get a link to our Lenormand app! Please confirm your acceptance letter in your inbox to start orientation.

There was some confusion as to whether or not they had enough accumulated points. We'll take you through working on increasingly complex Lenormand spreads, culminating in the 36-card Grand Tableau. Like Tarot, the cards all have symbols; unlike the Tarot system, however, each card does not represent a particular stage on a journey, and there are no major and minor arcana. Also two of the three cards are negative, giving it a more negative tinge. I asked if she values our friendship and I got the coffin, the tree and the bouquet.

I tend to shuffle until I “know” it’s time to stop, and then I pull out one card and those either side of it. I’m not sure a three card reading is enough to really get the detail and nuance of a question like that, and I do think it’s important to be objective rather than just seeing what you want to see. Instead of just going through it like a simple sentence, left to right, you can read each individual pair - 1+2, 2+3 and 1+3 - treating the second (center) card as a hinge connecting the two sides of a symmetrical picture. It didn’t blow out but a chunk of rubber was missing. I would very much appreciate your input. Cross + Tree + Child.

I started out many years ago using Tarot, but in recent years have been drawn to the more upfront, storytelling nature of the Lenormand, which doesn't have the mythic associations of the Tarot. Twenty minutes into the trip we had trouble with the back tire. Want to see more three-card readings in action? I then received the sun, stars and man cards in my 3 card combonation. Lozzy. The following Lenormand Ship combinations are by no means exhaustive.

Lenormand cards have an upright meaning only, one of the things that sets them apart from Tarot. Lozzy, does my interpretation sound accurate? Very new to Lenormand cards. The Grand Tableau is a 36 card spread that utilizes each and every one of the cards of the Lenormand deck. The trip, travel or movement is connected with passion or something loving. I asked will they win? Again, be sure to decide in your head before you ask your question of the cards that this is the way you’re going to read them. So you have success or light, hopes, dreams, ambition, possibly fame and this man. My interpretation: He may think the “Snake” bit is due to the distance, he may not. Taking all this into consideration, we can say that "the contract will change very quickly" or, to make the reading even more literal "the contract will change sharply". Taken separately in the way that you did, the Cross represents pressure, heaviness, responsibility, pressure, overload, The Tree represents energy & a kind of productivity, and the Child, youthfulness, no responsibility, being young again, lightness, so that makes sense (I guess with regard to the Tree, only you know how you felt about things when you were settling back in. Then read the mirrored Cards 1+3 together in combination using the usual card combination method of the first card being the noun, the second the adjective. Either a 5-Card or a 9-Card.

So this reading may even just be reflecting back to you your interest in this guy.

First … (In the first, btw, I’m not sure I’d read the Fox as teamwork; more, in this context a ‘player’ or something sneaky or wrong happening behind the scenes; it may have been the crash for the other guy was caused by that, but from your perspective that was ‘lucky’). Appreciate your view point and inputs? Thanks for your question. Another meaning of this card can include being distracted by many things - your consciousness is focused on too many ideas, making it difficult for you to focus. I am reading this as news (anticipated job loss?) Thank you for your question.

Your email address will not be published. There is love, though.

While the original lenormand card is called “man”, I wanted to expand the definition of this card to focus on masculinity - all the behaviors and energy typically associated with men, but not necessarily someone who is physically male. Happy reading! Hi Paula.

The Ring usually refers to deals and contracts, the Stork (being a migratory bird) is known to signify change, and the Scythe possesses the quality of extreme speed. Then I read Cards 1+2, and then 2+ 3 together. (Ship + Heart).

Combined, if we were to take the Ring as the tyre, Garden-Ring (tyre marketplace or people ie the garage) Ring-Anchor (stability of the tyre and indicates fixing it too), Garden-Anchor (stability out in the world.).

However, because I have solid writing skills and insider knowledge about how the publishing world works, I’ll do okay (if I want to), because I hold the key to my own success. Ah, interesting example, Espy! Check out how to read a 9 card reading on the blog for instructions. Then read the mirrored Cards 1+3 together in combination using the usual card combination method of the first card being the noun, the second the adjective.. The cards can sometimes be quite literal, and it’s a nice touch that the Ring immediately brings the tyre to mind (also it means a marriage, an agreement, an alliance, a deal, something coming together..).

or a characteristic that gives further insight into the situation. I would say that rather than the Anchor foretelling a delay (that would be the Mountain) it’s focusing here mainly on stability & permanence: a pretty important concern if you’re at risk of having a blow-out on the highway, and obviously the main thing on your husband’s mind.

You string them together like little pearls of wisdom and individual words form a sentence.

Well, if you look at the card meanings and card combinations on this site and follow the instructions above for three card readings, you should get something like this: Ship: travel, journey, movement

Then read the other cards in combinations as follows: In the following example, the question was: What Will Come Of The Project I Just Completed? Hi Lusa. The morning started off with reaching late to work, series of escalation mails at office, back to meetings, overload of work with colleague taking sudden off, stress at work. Ah, great interpretations, especially the second. My husband’s team won. Did my first reading.

What these cards are telling you is simply that a major life turning point is coming up for you soon giving you roads to go down: it doesn’t necessarily go further than that and tell you it’ll be successful although there’s nothing negative in the reading. Asking about your relationship and receiving Anchor (security, long term prospects), Moon (appearance) and Mice (damage) you can say that "the security of your long-term relationship appears to be diminishing". Very appreciated. The Amazon Associates affiliate advertising program is designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. The images (or rather keywords) are simply read in forward narration. The scythe puzzled me.

Yes, I pretty much agree with your assessment here.

Because we were in the middle of a major highway, my husband decided to risk driving our vehicle to the nearest gas station to change the tire.

Maybe he sees you as a tempting kind of trouble, but….

First, thank you for sharing and spreading your knowledge! 1- Mountain Next, the Tree and the Book would hint at great knowledge of each other, exceptional familiarity and her being your lifelong confidante. With the cards combined, there are lots of interpretations. Two cards are most commonly read with the first being the noun or verb and the second a corresponding adjective or adverb. The ring reminded me of the tire, the garden the busy gas station, the anchor said that we weren’t going anywhere until we changed the tire. However, bear in mind, you did ask the cards about how SHE feels in terms of valuing your friendship. As the centre card is Crossroad: this tells you the reading is about having choices or different ways or roads. The competition will be nipping at your heels (mice), you’ll be uncertain as to where you stand in the final count (I read this mice/clouds as they will lose that day but I didn’t tell him that), but that you’ll win the season. So as you see, it’s a very simple way to read the cards. But I got the feeling someone would crash.

With Lenormand, what you see is what you get; it's the particular card combinations that give the story of the reading. It is the same part of our brain that processes and helps us deal with language. What I Learned From Keeping A Lenormand Journal For A Week - Lozzy's Lenormand, News and World Events: Cards & Combinations To Look Out For, 4 Factors That Affect Card Meanings In A Reading, Personal Development Readings II: 3 Readings To Try, Personal Development Readings I: Cards & Combos To Look Out For. This card can also be indicative of chatter happening in your life - and sometimes even gossip.

Did a 3 card spread and the question was whether or not a specific person (named) was coming towards me romantically and I got The Stars, The Rider & The Anchor, would love to know what your interpretation of that is please & thank you. Lozzy.

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