This has no copper finish. We will cover common errors, such as clipped planchets, defective dies, off-center strikes, and broadstrikes.

Hello Doug i have a 1958 d wheat penny the mint mark is sucked up under the 9 in1958 and its off centered have you ever seen a 58 like that.?? Coins with small die cracks, polishing, or very minor die damage are of minimal to no value over face value. There were two other WAMs reported: a 1996 and a 1993 but they were never verified and have since vanished. Brenner had recently completed a plaque featuring a bust of President Lincoln and had discussed the work with Roosevelt. All coins minted after the die has been damaged, will show the same lines. Answer: Each of these types of errors is unique so that really can't be a reference book that covers all the possible examples. For this reason the coins made from these dies are harder to find and usually more valuable than coins made from a standard business strike die. This variety was first discovered in 2007. possibly from a wrong collar being used. An amazingly rare Transitional Die Coin. Answer: It is common for Lincoln cents to have a missing letter(s). Question: I have a 1955-D Lincoln cent that looks to be double die on date as well as God We Trust. January 8, 2020 KMFranck 3 Comments Coin Finds, Doubled Die, Lincoln Cent, new finds, penny, rare coin. Question: I have a 1986 penny that has the obverse side date stamped over a spear-like object that runs to the edge of the penny. They are rather common and not worth a lot of money. Pay close attention to all 1988 cents as this variety can and has been overlooked. Example: A 1859 obverse die with a 1860 reverse die on a cent. In 1989 the reverse dies were modified. Is it an older coin error? Hundreds of millions of these coins were struck and they are only worth a penny. Look at all your coins, compare coins from the same year and see what you can find. Answer: It is hard to tell without seeing the coin. Answer: There are several different types of double die 2014 cents and the ones I am aware of are of little value. Circulated/Uncirculated: When these coins have been circulated, they may exhibit more wear because they've been introduced to the public and used as currency. Answer: Normally when part of the design is missing, in your case it is the words "One Cent," it is a result of stray metal clogging the die and the planchet (blank) metal can't flow into that area of the die. Also have a 64' over 3 cent. looking at some 1988, 1992, 1998, 1999, and 2000 cents we find that there is something different about them. Errors are usually the result of dies being used too long. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Lamination. When the blank coin or planchet is improperly centered between the two dies then only part of the coin will be struck. Typically, there are some exceptions, coins without a mint mark have been struck at the Philadelphia Mint. Answer: When part of the design is missing, unless it is just wear, it is probably from a clogged die.

However, the 1955-P (no mint mark) with double die obverse is quite valuable. When coins exhibit very noticeable effects from the broken die then the price goes up. Whether you are an experienced coin collector looking for the double-eared Lincoln Shield penny or a beginner with a special interest in US coin errors, you will find a wide selection from which to choose on eBay. Because doubled dies. Question: I have 1936 missing the 1. Thus, the coin became known as the “Wheat Cent” by collectors. on the face, the impression can be transferred to the coins surface during the striking process. Question: I have a 2016 p penny with a massive retained cud on obverse and a 95 degree rotation on reverse. On the 1989 reverse dies the vertical bar of the “ G ” in the designer’s initials shows a straight line at the top going inward and it drops down below the lower curve. These coins have the AM in America touching and the FG being farther from the Memorial Building. I have a1939 penny and a 1942 penny and 1949 wheat penny. In March of 2006 it was reported that a 1992 D CLose AM cent had been found.

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It is raised above the bust! A fold-over strike happens when a planchet doesn't lay flat in the striking chamber and when the dies come together, Question: I have a 1975 lincoln cent the front is a little smothe but the back looks like it was stuck in a rolling machin maybe anyway how can i find out if its mint error or not? Doug West (author) from Missouri on October 29, 2019: Your best bet to determine the value of you error pennies is to search eBay (closed and completed listings). I've been away from my collecting for quite a while and am just getting back. The space between the “A” and “M” is the area in question. I have heard that these last years 2010 and forward due to better striking methods very few cent errors escape from the US mints, is that true? The Lincoln cent was the first cent to have the “In God We Trust” motto. Year: The years of production for Lincoln Shield penny errors start in 1943 when the first pennies were produced and reach to the present day.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. A list of United States Transitional Die Coins is very very small. Answer: It is very hard to say what the value of a 1926 cent is worth without knowing the condition. Stanton. 1909 marked the 100th birthday of President Lincoln. More of a novelty than a rare coin. Broadstrike. These types of coins aren’t normally very expensive. They don’t all look the same.Some of them have doubling on them so it’s really hard to tell. Before a coin gets struck with the two dies, it is just a blank disc of metal. It sounds like a interesting error coin. Doug West (author) from Missouri on October 22, 2019: The dates you listed of the Wheat back cents are the common dates. The 1999 WAM cents are the rarest of these coins with the 1998 scarce and the 2000 a little more common but still hard to find. The coin dies take a beating during the minting process and sometimes they break. Capped Die. Answer: A missing letter in a legend or number in date is common in the Lincoln cent series. Is it worth much. Packed with thousands of photos to make learning about and identifying errors and varieties as simple as Those will be listed separately. The U.S. Mint has modified the reverse of the Memorial Cent many times. More dramatic errors on an old, high grade Lincoln carry a premium. Something went wrong. The is probably not worth much. Answer: It is really hard to say, but it sounds like the coin has been damaged. What is its value? The 1943-D wheat cent in circulated condition normally sells for less than 50 cents. The Lincoln cent was first struck in 1909 and Proof. With a mintage of well over one billion they are still plentiful. A die dent can be distingushed from a cud by the presents of a complete rim. Have you seen this type of error on a penny before? the pressure of the strike folds the planchet over. They are CLose AMs or CLAMs. Meaning, there was some metal scrap in the die during striking and the coin was not fully struck. This is a very small detail change. These proof dies were never polished so they have the same look as a standard business strike coin, but they have the design elements of the proof dies. 1988. Since few have been found so far, it is my opinion that the first theory is the most likely cause. The following list is. Answer: Without seeing the coin I can only guess that it was caught in a coin counter. Error Lincolns are an interesting series to collect. Your 1982 copper (3.1 grams) cent is common and only worth a cent. Price on this type of error can range from a few dollars up to $20.00. caused by a feeder finger scraping the die. I would recommend you buy the book "The Official Numismatic Association Grading Standards for United States Coins." With this information you can determine an approximate value. Vertical lines on the reverse side of Lincoln cents prior to 1959 show a raised line or sometimes two lines

With only 5 to 15 1992 P CLAMs and 20 to 30 1992 D CLAMs reported you can see that these coins are the rarest of all of the WAM and CLAM varieties that have been found so far. 1964 Cent on Pre-Strike Damaged Cent Planchet. and Jeff Garret (editor). The missing "L" normally occurs when foreign material is present on the coin die and when it is struck at the mint copper cannot flow into the "L" of the die.

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