Original Poster. 8 hours ago. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. And don't forget that if you go to sell the car at some point it will be a heavily modified car, which will sell for less (most likely) than a standard GTI. Copyright © ClubPolo 2020 21 January, 2008 in Photo & Video Chat, hi every 1 been lukin on here a while so i just thought id post sum pics of my car its a lupo gti with a auq engine from a leon an a 6speed box fitted with bam turbo an manifold, inlet manifold,an bam ecu which as been mapped it also has a paddle clutch supplied from leeds clutch an gear box here is a few pics. Not sure how retro this is now but as its knocking on 17 years old Ill go with it being semi-retro. 260bhp must be crazy in a lupo, hi yeah mine is runnin k04 turbo every thing off a 225 tt includin mapped tt ecu cheers mate. I like very much :), there must be tonnes of space at the front to get that intercooler in, did a good job overall, very tidy install. LUPO GTI 20VT's topic in Wanted, LUPO GTI 20VT replied to Fits quite nicely, the time to start stripping it should be in the next week. Best thing about Lupo GTI's is that you just need to lower them on standard wheels and they look perfect. Baz5392. Sure, 125HP would be nice, but if you're going to the trouble, twin 24V V6's would surely be better? CHeck out this sweet uber Lupo 20VT Movie It goes a round 260+ kmph... *and yes the 20 VT stands for Turbo ;) All Credits go to www.vw-cult.de, they rock. Previous Fields.

Kit conversion SWAP moteur. It is hoped that members of the club will contribute pictures and spec lists of their cars to be published in the gallery and articles on any hints, tips or modifications they have carried out. Guest LUPO GTI 20VT, 08:30-18:00 Mon to Fri09:00-13:00 Sat, Engine: APPROX 230BHP @ 17 PSIJBS 1.8 20V Turbo Engine Conversion Custom-Code Phase 2JBS Developed Front Mounted Intercooler Custom-Code 007P Diverter ValveJBS Custom Downpipe Ram Air Induction Kit Jetex Cat Back, Transmission02J Gear Box Conversion Peloquin ATB Differential, SuspensionBilstein Sport Dampers Eibach SpringsLupo GTI Front Anti Roll Bar Powerflex Bushes All Round, Brakes280mm Front Brake Conversion Lupo GTI Rear Disc ConversionFerodo DS2500 Pads ATE Power Discs, Wheels and Tyres15" Rimstock Pro Race 1s with 195-50-15 Toyo Proxes T1-R Tyres. Nuts in a car that weighs what 900kg tops? I'd love to see someone stick one in the back for a change, but an excellent project. I'm also building a mk2 golf 1.8t but I'll be watching this one. oh so you have a 16v already, in which case i believe you are only a inlet manifold + throttle body & ECU away from 100hp. i have a friend who is doing a 20vt lupo but he is tacking ages!

The Club was formed by the amalgamation of the Polo GT/Coupe S Owners Club and the Polo Coupe Owners Club back in 2000. Haha that really is pushing the boat out a bit. lupo engine conversion. He has/had a 4 motion v6 mk2 golf, a 20VT … S41 9EY, Opening Hours Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by BT on Jan 12, 2017 22:31:26 GMT. pjwpjw. Well this sounds like it could be bonkers. © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved. this looks to be a cool little car. Discussion. a really fast lupo, goes over 260km/h, and such a hard exhaust melody. Cars For Sale - Rules and Notices. Insurance will likely be a tad excessive if you modify the car. Finally got moved house and got it in my garage. ClubPolo.co.uk is one of the most popular VW sites on the web. i have a friend who is doing a 20vt lupo but he is tacking ages! this idea has been bugging me for about 2 weeks now and theres a few questions that i could do with answering before i start doing this: I would suggest selling your Lupo and buying a GTi instead. Welcome Guest. Home  >  Engine & Gearbox  >  Engine & Gearbox Mounts  >  VW Polo 6N / 6N2 & Lupo, Polo 6N 6N2 & Lupo 1.8T 20v Conversion Engine & 6 Speed 02M Gearbox MountsThese mounts will allow you to bolt in a 1.8T with a 6sp 02M GearboxLaser cut from 5 & 6mm high strength steel, CNC folded, TIG welded together and then zinc coated for the final finish, VW Polo 6N / 6N2 & Lupo 1.8T 20VT Conversion 5sp Engine & Gearbox Mounts£250.00, VW MK1 Golf 02M/Q 6sp 1.8T TDI Engine & Gearbox Mount Kit£225.00, 02M 6 Speed Mounts for the MK1 Golf Chassis, VW MK1 Golf, Jetta, Caddy & Scirocco 1.8T 20vt 02A Gearbox & Engine Mounts£165.00, Suitable for all MK1 Golfs, Cabrio's, Caddys & Scirocco 1&2, VW Polo 6N / 6N2 & Lupo 1.8T 20VT Conversion 6sp Engine & Gearbox Mounts, These mounts will allow you to bolt in a 1.8T with a. So if you are part of a local club bring everyone down and grab a spot in the field. He scared me last time i saw him when he was looking in the boot and said u think i can fit a 2nd 20vt in here! Sounds like a cracking project. nuff said.

WOW!! Chesterfield Derbyshire Discussion. Nice engine choice...though 260 bhp in a Lupo is over kill in the largest sense of the word haha. In some cases it can be cheaper to do an engine conversion if the insurance company looks at which group the donor car is in. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. Good luck! Please add our email as a contact to your email account.

Lupo that I had for a loom conversion. The problem here is that I don't think you're aiming high enough. Nicki's topic in Events. thats amazing, how long roughly did it take you? Whitting Valley Road ^^ over kill or not its soemthing to brag about at the pub init! Proper little sleeper! Contact Téléphone: +33 695708709 Email: contact@strperformance.com.

only problem is that the lupo gti cost around 3000 quid for a decent one, my lupo is worth about 1000-1200 atm, and engine convertion would cost about a grand, therefore would save on the inital cost of the car. First start up with no down pipe, it's now away getting down pipe made and they will soon made to order. VAT) – + Add to Basket: Brand: Epytec. The insurance isn't always that bad. LUPO GTI 20VT replied to Content Count 33 Joined January 4, 2008; Last visited March 31, 2018; Community Reputation 1 Neutral. Nutters. Kudos to you sir! He scared me last time i saw him when he was looking in the boot and said u think i can fit a 2nd 20vt in here!

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