If you work away from home more than 40 hours a week, are out most nights/weekends, and have no other family member who will play with and love the kitty, this is not the breed for you because a Jag Cat can actually grieve for lack of companionship. She was definitely worth the wait. Buying     Before reserving any Mokave Jag Cat, you must meet my Pet Parent Criteria and contact me by phone. The Jag Cat has proved to be a fantastic pet. For Sale     The Jag Cat is a rare new cat breed defined by the stunning look of a Jaguar combined with the desirable personality of a friendly dog. The classic eye colour is emerald green or gold. Zur is now 1-year-old and already 17 pounds! They are not "street smart" and could easily get hurt (or stolen) if left outside unsupervised. All young adults must be paid for in full prior to pickup or shipping. The remaining available kittens are then offered to the 2nd pick deposit holder, and then to the 3rd. Kittens can be reserved in advance by prequalified Pet Parents. Zala is a golden rosetted girl with a sweet personality who loves humans. Before purchasing a Mokave Jag Cat, you must talk to me in person or on the phone (904-292-9195) so that I can be sure that the cat or kitten you want will be appropriate for your environment. Thanks for the greatest pet of all time. We bathe your kitty, trim its nails, and clean its ears. Most have spotted tummies with large rosettes on their sides, but some have marbled or "clouded leopard" swirls. Jag Cats were specifically cultivated to meet these criteria.

Your kitten's Pet File is put in a plastic bag and placed under its blanket in the shipping crate. Officially registered with the Rare & Exotic Feline Registry since 2005, these highly intelligent and playful felines were developed from bobcat, Jungle Cat, and Asian Leopard Cat hybrids that were selectively cross-bred over generations to produce large — up to 28 pounds!
An extra bonus was a benign mutation that occurred in 2007 called the “twisted tuft,” which is a slightly rotated lynx-tipped ear that gives a bit more of the “WOW!” factor to these felines. Please review my Pet Parent Criteria to be sure that one of my felines would be right for you and your family. Note: Because so few Jag Cats are produced each year and the demand for them is so great, some unscrupulous breeders have tried to pass off their own cats as Jag Cats, but Nora Scholin is the only Jag Cat breeder in the world. 1. Jag Kittens become available after I have made my determination as to which, if any, kittens in that litter need to be retained for my breeding program.

This can cause behavioral problems as many felines will not compete for attention and wind up being less social (and more stressed) than they would have been had there been fewer animals around. Kings   ---   Queens   ---   Real Stories.

Jag Cats don't have a lot of special needs but they do require a tall cat tree, good-quality dry food, and occasional vet care to keep them healthy and growing. Jag Cats are often called MAN cats, but there's a lot more to them than just their unusual appearance and size.

Their high-energy, playful antics are extremely entertaining and Pet Parents swear that their Jag Cat understands every word they say. Young adult Jag Cats come spay/neutered, vaccinated & microchipped. Jag Cats are easily trained to harness and have been known to bring their leash to their Pet Parent when they want to go for a walk. Jag Cats take four years to fully mature; most two-year-old Jag Cats are still on kitten food. Many cats that originate from wild hybrids aren't very fertile. BEST cat ever!". There are no long quarantine periods for my felines.

", Available Kittens   ---   Available Cats

"I love both my Jag Cats to pieces and you can rest assured they will always be taken care of. Jag Cat males usually weigh more than females, but Jag Cat females can grow taller and longer than males. Nora used bobcat hybrids to get the large heads, thick necks, huge paws, and lynx-tipped ears; Asian Leopard Cat hybrids for their gorgeously rosetted, highly-contrasted coats; and Jungle Cat hybrids to give the Jag Cat extra height and length. 2. Mokave Cats, Jacksonville, Florida. It's important that you and the Jag Cat you want are a good match for your situation and environment. Please make cashier's checks and money orders out to: Mokave Jag Cats.

This is a breed that likes to be petted, and to be around people. They are very much gentle and easy going, and make excellent companions. ", Breed Info     Does anyone smoke in your home? If you like, you can make installment payments as you wait for your kitty to be prepared for its new home.

Visit United States Postal Service - Prices for more information. Temperament is excellent: friendly and intelligent. This file usually includes my business card, a Mokave Pet Contract, breed registration paper, vet-certified health certificate, and health records. Mokave Jag Cat name, images, and text on this website are property Once you have selected your Jag Kitten, an additional $2500 nonrefundable Kitten Reservation deposit is required to reserve the kitten you chose. 7. 3. Nora first bred Highland Lynx, Desert Lynx, and Bengals before deciding to create the Jag Cat, which was based on years of feedback from thousands of conversations with people across the country. I then call you to say that your kitten is on its way. I find the best flight based upon your preferences and the kitten's welfare.

Size: LargeEnergy: ActiveCoat: ShortTalkative: NoKid Friendly: Yes. Jag Cats are raised to be indoor family pets. She was ecstatic.". UPDATED - 9/30/2017 Refresh this page to see updates. A kitten's lungs are quite small and their respiratory rate much faster than ours. If you’re looking for a best buddy, you’ve come to the right cat breed! Mokave Jag Cats are big, gorgeous hybrid cats bred to be Personal Companions and Therapy Pets! Although the Mokave Jag Cat is a breed still in development, you can already see the blend of wild features in these felines, and many of them have grown up to be true giants at 28 pounds of serious muscle! Will you keep your Jag Cat indoors?

"Isis has won the hearts of everyone in our house.

Excellent as personal companions, this cat is so human-oriented that many have been used as therapy pets for people with visual or hearing impairments, burn victims, children with autism, senior citizens, and military veterans with disabilities. Mokave Jag Cats has top-quality, exotic hybrid cats for sale. Jag Cats are fun to be around! Home Care & Training   ---   Contact Me Mokave Jag Cat name, images, and text on this website are property I was surprised she wasn't a bit nervous. Pet couriers guarantee that the proper paperwork is done for exiting the United States and entering your country, and they usually hand-deliver the kitten to your door. 5. Not only do they inhale more smoke, but toxins from the smoke in the air (or on your clothing, furniture, and carpets) is transferred to their coats where they ingest it orally through grooming themselves. I was very lucky to have him in my life for many years. Website by Nora Scholin. With a heavy bone structure and strong features, the Jag Cat has been primarily bred for temperament to ensure an extremely sweet, easy-going nature. Too many animals means less time spent with each one. Mokave Jag Cats can be shipped anywhere in the United States (except Hawaii due to their quarantine procedures), All Mokave kittens are spayed or neutered at 12 weeks and microchipped.

With a heavy bone structure and strong features, the Jag Cat has been primarily bred for temperament to ensure an extremely sweet, easy-going nature.

"I will get that money order out to you 1st thing Monday morning.
Because I produce so few kittens each year, it is usually necessary to reserve them in advance. "We are back from the airport.

The highly intelligent and playful Jag Cat was developed from bobcat, Jungle Cat, and Asian Leopard Cat hybrids that were selectively cross-bred over generations to produce large — up to 28 pounds! Occasionally a young adult becomes available as well. Add on the price of a large crate (my cats aren't small) and up to $170 for a travel health certificate and you can see why shipping within the United States now costs $600 - $700.

They can average anywhere up to 28lbs once fully grown, double the weight of the average domestic cat.

Due to the unpredictability and potential aggression of most wild cat ancestors, Jag Cats were bred for innate temperament as a top priority. All deposits/payments are nonrefundable and acknowledged by email receipt. They are also quick to master any lock, latch, or doorknob and usually require that you “child-proof” your house by the time they are 12 to 18 months old.

Jag Cat litters are small and queens produce only once or twice a year. Research indicates that cats are up to 70% more likely to come down with cancer, allergies, eye/skin diseases, and respiratory problems when exposed to second-hand smoke. 373 likes. The foundation cats for the Jag Cat breed were developed on an 80-acre wildlife resort in central California just outside Yosemite National Park and then relocated to Florida in 2003. Your New Best Friend! MasterCard, VISA, American Express, PayPal, cashier's checks, and money orders. "She purred before she even came out off the crate... slept in my lap on the way home. This vet charge of $200 for a male or $240 for a female is added to the cost of your kitten. Many people call me who are looking to acquire a rare object for bragging rights instead of a family pet. This is an organization established in 1984 which promotes the responsible development of new cat breeds and has over 9,500 registered cats from over 400 catteries. You use a pet courier service to deliver the cat to you.

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