Inside the Gloria used the same dashboard as the Skyline, but a clock and radio were standard.

One of the most popular luxury sedans and status symbols in Japan, the Gloria lives up to the hype.

(1992-2002), Nissan Micra 3gen (K12) (UK prod.) The exterior remained the same from the S40-1 models, except the grille which had bigger rectangular slots. In June 1984 the Brougham VIP appeared as the top level car. Engines available continue to be the newly developed VG series engine, with the VG20DET adding DOHC, another first for Nissan. Upgrading your ignition system will maximum engine performance. The S41-2 series continued to use the low compression version of the G-7 engine and the S44-2 continued to use the G-11 engine. (function() { Odmiana pozbawiona ... Dap walizka case na narzedzia - toolcase 1 value line marki Dap audio, Latarka czołowa LEDLENSER H14R.2 (1000lm), H14R.2. Initially based on the smaller Prince Skyline, the Gloria line was merged with Nissan Cedric starting with 1971 models and both continued until 2004, when they were both replaced by Nissan Fuga. The front fenders also received an aftermarket fender light which also serves as a turn signal. The twin-carbureted four-cylinder CA20S engine was fitted to the lowest-spec versions (standard, De Luxe).

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The paint does have some routine small blemishes, as to expect with any car that's been driven off the showroom floor a quarter-century ago, but the clear coat is still serviceable at its age. There is some clicking coming from the blend door, but the inside is silent otherwise. June 1987 saw a special-edition Gloria intended for parade usage. The radio featured two speakers, a new idea for the time.

In April 1981 both models get redesignation of the front grille, headlamp cluster, tail lamp, and "C Pillar" trim. The Standard Sedan and Van were discontinued April 1981.

CarPlay to wygodne i bezpieczne użytkowanie iPhone’a w samochodzie. Being a proper luxury sedan the Y32 comes well equipped. The diesel straight-six engine LD28 was also upgraded to the RD28 Straight-6 engine. Of course, these parts would be modified but they served as a perfect starting point. The four-speed automatic transmission is now computer controlled for smoother shifts.

ISBN 978-83-931772-0-2 © The complete catalog of cars since 1945 © 2010-2020 by PROFESS Pawel ZalAll rights reserved. How many reliable, decently styled, and low mileage JDM sedans can you find for less than $10K? your username. The ignition system provides the all important spark through coil packs, plug leads, spark plugs and other electrical systems. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website. All Nissan Gloria 9th-gen. 4Door Hardtop Brougham (Y32-series) versions offered for the year 1991 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars. Electronic adaptive self-levelling air suspension also appeared in June 1984. The Super Gloria was sold in export markets as the Prince B250. Catalogue of Nissan modelsNissan 100 NX (B13) (export) (1991-1995)Nissan 180SX (RS13) (1989-1998)Nissan 200SX (S13) (export) (1989-1993)Nissan 200SX (S14) (export) (1994-2000)Nissan 240RS (1983-1986)Nissan 300C (Y30) (export) (1984-1987)Nissan 300ZX (Z31) (export) (1984-1989)Nissan 300ZX (Z32) (export) (1990-1995)Nissan 350Z (Z33) (export) (2003-2009)Nissan 370Z (Z34) (export) (2009-2018)Nissan AD Max Wagon (Y10) (1992-1999)Nissan AD Van 1gen (B11) (1982-1990)Nissan AD Wagon (Y10) (1990-1996)Nissan Almera 1gen (N15) (export) (1995-2000)Nissan Almera 2gen (N16) (export) (2000-2006)Nissan Almera Tino (V10) (2000-2006)Nissan ARC-X Concept (1988-1988)Nissan Auster 1gen (A10-A11) (1977-1981)Nissan Auster 2gen (T11) (1981-1985)Nissan Auster 3gen (T12) (1985-1990)Nissan Austin A40 Somerset (B30) (1953-1954)Nissan Austin A50 Cambridge (B131) (1955-1959)Nissan Avenir 1gen (W10) (1990-1999)Nissan Avenir 2gen (W11) (1998-2005)Nissan Be-1 (1987-1988)Nissan Bluebird 06gen (910) (1979-1983)Nissan Bluebird 07gen (U11) (1983-1990)Nissan Bluebird 08gen (T12-T72) (UK) (1986-1990)Nissan Bluebird 08gen (U12) (1987-1991)Nissan Bluebird 09gen (U13) (1991-1995)Nissan Bluebird 10gen (U14) (1996-2001)Nissan Bluebird Aussie (HAU12) (1991-1991)Nissan Bluebird Maxima (U11) (1984-1987)Nissan Bluebird Sylphy 1gen (G10) (2000-2005)Nissan Bluebird Sylphy 2gen (G11) (2006-2012)Nissan Cedric 01gen (30-31) (1960-1965)Nissan Cedric 02gen (130) (1965-1971)Nissan Cedric 03gen (230) (1971-1975)Nissan Cedric 04gen (330) (1975-1979)Nissan Cedric 05gen (430) (1979-1983)Nissan Cedric 06gen (Y30) (1983-1999)Nissan Cedric 07gen (Y31) (1987-2014)Nissan Cedric 08gen (Y32) (1991-1995)Nissan Cedric 09gen (Y33) (1995-1999)Nissan Cedric 10gen (Y34) (1999-2004)Nissan Cedric Special (50) (1963-1965)Nissan Cefiro 1gen (A31) (1988-1994)Nissan Cefiro 2gen (A32) (1994-2000)Nissan Cefiro 3gen (A33) (1998-2003)Nissan Cherry 1gen (E10) (1970-1974)Nissan Cherry 2gen (F10) (1974-1978)Nissan Cherry 4gen (N12) (export) (1982-1986)Nissan Cherry Europe (1983-1985)Nissan Cima 1gen (FY31) (1988-1991)Nissan Cima 2gen (FY32) (1991-1996)Nissan Cima 3gen (FY33) (1996-2000)Nissan Cima 4gen (F50) (2001-2010)Nissan Cima 5gen (Y51) (2012-)Nissan Cube 1gen (Z10) (1998-2002)Nissan Cube 2gen (Z11) (2002-2008)Nissan Cube 3gen (Z12) (2008-)Nissan Cube Cubic (GZ11) (2003-2008)Nissan CUE-X Concept (1985-1985)Nissan Dualis (J10) (2007-2014)Nissan Exa 1gen (N12 Pulsar Exa) (1982-1986)Nissan Exa 2gen (KN13) (1986-1990)Nissan Fairlady Z 1gen (S30) (1969-1978)Nissan Fairlady Z 2gen (S130) (1978-1983)Nissan Fairlady Z 3gen (Z31) (1983-1989)Nissan Fairlady Z 4gen (Z32) (1989-2000)Nissan Fairlady Z 5gen (Z33) (2002-2009)Nissan Fairlady Z 6gen (Z34) (2008-)Nissan Figaro (FK10) (1991-1992)Nissan Fuga 1gen (Y50) (2004-2009)Nissan Fuga 2gen (Y51) (2009-)Nissan Gazelle 1gen (S110) (1979-1983)Nissan Gazelle 2gen (S12) (1983-1986)Nissan Gloria 03gen (A30) (1967-1971)Nissan Gloria 04gen (230) (1971-1975)Nissan Gloria 05gen (330) (1975-1979)Nissan Gloria 06gen (430) (1979-1983)Nissan Gloria 07gen (Y30) (1983-1999)Nissan Gloria 08gen (Y31) (1987-1999)Nissan Gloria 10gen (Y33) (1995-1999)Nissan Gloria 11gen (Y34) (1999-2004)Nissan GT-R (R35) (2007-)Nissan Juke 1gen (F15) (2010-2019)Nissan Juke 2gen (2019-)Nissan Langley 1gen (N10) (1980-1982)Nissan Langley 2gen (N12) (1982-1986)Nissan Langley 3gen (N13) (1986-1990)Nissan Latio (N17) (2012-2016)Nissan Laurel 1gen (C30) (1968-1972)Nissan Laurel 2gen (C130) (1972-1977)Nissan Laurel 3gen (C230-C231) (1977-1980)Nissan Laurel 4gen (C31) (1980-1984)Nissan Laurel 5gen (C32) (1984-1988)Nissan Laurel 6gen (C33) (1989-1992)Nissan Laurel 7gen (C34) (1993-1997)Nissan Laurel 8gen (C35) (1997-2002)Nissan Laurel Altima (A31) (export) (1989-1990)Nissan Laurel Spirit 1gen (B11) (1982-1986)Nissan Laurel Spirit 2gen (B12) (1986-1989)Nissan Leaf 1gen (ZE0) (2010-2017)Nissan Leaf 2gen (ZE1) (2017-)Nissan Leopard 1gen (F30) (1980-1986)Nissan Leopard 2gen (F31) (1986-1992)Nissan Leopard 3gen (JY32 J.Ferie) (1992-1996)Nissan Leopard 4gen (JY33) (1996-1999)Nissan Liberta Villa 1gen (N12) (1982-1986)Nissan Liberta Villa 2gen (N13) (1986-1990)Nissan Liberty (M12) (1998-2004)Nissan Lucino Coupe (B14) (1994-1999)Nissan Lucino Hatch (N15) (1995-1999)Nissan Lucino S-RV (GN15) (1996-2000)Nissan March 1gen (K10) (1982-1991)Nissan March 2gen (K11) (1992-2002)Nissan March 3gen (K12) (2002-2010)Nissan March 4gen (K13) (2010-)Nissan Maxima (J30) (1988-1994)Nissan Maxima (U11) (1987-1988)Nissan Maxima QX (A32) (export) (1995-2000)Nissan Maxima QX (A33) (export) (2000-2004)Nissan Micra 1gen (K10) (export) (1982-1992)Nissan Micra 2gen (K11) (UK prod.)

var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; At the same time Prince merged with Nissan and because of this the badges were changed. While the side mimic the styling Ford Galaxies of the era. Quick access to automobile-catalog website -- type in a browser: Search automobile-catalog: this database is huge, use the search field below to find here data you are looking for: The most efficient way to navigate through our huge database and compare cars side by side is the interface located on theCar Specs Homepage The four-cylinder is the H20-series OHV engine, with the 6-cylinder engine using the L20 twin carburetor, sourced from manufacturer SU carburetor. With its good looks, ... and long cruises are to be had in comfort!

Ja bym poszedł w kierunku np Passata B6 też z 2,0 fsi lub 1,9 tdi ewentualnie. Direct Injection is introduced on all engines with the "DD" designation. Sold: $8,495. In June 1984 the powerful 3-litre VG30ET turbo V6 was introduced. Computer-controlled fuel injection was added to more engines offered, with the "E" designation signifying fuel injection. Our shop manager wanted to show what could be done with this chassis in classic Japanese vip styling. The engine intake is critical for product high power output from a Japanese performance engine.

You really can’t go wrong using these flares!

Its introduction preceded the 1964 Summer Olympics held later in October. The suspension, new height and dampening adjustable aftermarket coilovers make for a slightly firmer ride, keep the car looking good and flat in the twisties. June 4, 1983 saw a major restyle of the previous generation for all versions of the Gloria. Power delivery is smooth and pulls strong from a standstill. The front of the vehicle shares some visual appearances with the 1967–1968 Mercury Marquis. The OEM audio functions well, and the speakers pump in the tunes.

With the introduction of the fourth generation in 1971, the Gloria model was merged with its former competitor, the Nissan Cedric, to become the Nissan Gloria. The transmission now exclusively uses a floor mounted gear shifter, and a 5-speed manual transmission is still available. The diesel RD28 is now only available with a 4-speed transmission. [3] In November 1969 Prince's six-cylinder motor was swapped for a Nissan unit; from now on the chassis code is HA30. In May 1964, the Grand Gloria S44P was released.

January 7, 2000 saw Autech release a 40th anniversary edition of the Gloria.

Upgraded handling components are available, including suspension, chassis bracing, roll cages and strut braces. The SD22 2.2 L diesel on the basic sedan and wagon, which was a first for the Gloria. October 1979, the 6-cylinder LD28 diesel was added with the automatic transmission selector moved from column shift to a floor-mounted system. - Nengun Performance Email our experienced JDM experts to discuss your next order. In non-Asian markets the cars were sold as the Prince B200.

Nissan - Cedric/Gloria - Y32 genuine new and used JDM parts supplied direct from Japan and shipped worldwide.

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