Lucci somehow makes rhyming “money” with “money” sound majestic. And I can't speak for everyone, but I have a general hate and jadedness towards everything that is new and everything that is different than what I like. It sounds like a dude with a mouth full of garbage talking while inside a fish tank. He always sounds like he’s congested, but during his years of lean addiction he was at his most indecipherable. He may very well be Rosemary’s Baby. Give me that punch you in the face and stomp you out with timbs style any day over this.

I mean, the song you posted is still trash and 21 Savage still isn’t good, mumble rap or not, so what’s really your point? OP, I agree 100%. The ignorant rap game needs people like him.

With the MK12 thread shown me that many people don't know much about modern hip hop.. His tunes are best when you’re looking for a little motivation to workout or chase some paper. He’s not exactly bringing any new subject matter to the table; touching primarily on the basics of selling cocaine out of abandoned houses. Boom bap and G-funk are still the best rap genres. That ain't all topic for him I want people to understand what hip hop can be and it is. I graduated with a major in Communications and a minor in creative writing; therefore I'm currently working retail. Regardless of how you feel about Rich Homie, I urge you look up the story about him punching a Miami nightclub bouncer and fleeing on a speedboat. You had to dig back to 2011 to find when he was somewhat competent and now he flows like the guy in the OP. Truthfully, much of his music does have some real meaning behind it. Eh, Trap is why people don’t like modern rap music. I’ve been following him for years now, wondering when he’s going to break out. I hate trap beats as much I hate mumble rap. Who’s to say whether it’s a good or bad thing? In fact, modern rappers are so leaned out that “mumble rap” could be considered a subgenre of its own. If you listen through Gucci’s discography you can pinpoint the periods in which he was most affected by lean. Some people refer to Chance as mumble.

He hits a million views in a day with each new video. Word from his family, friends, and management is he’ll be released before the year’s end.

Despite the atrocity Keef has become, he’ll go down in history as a mumble rap great.
I think it's ass. Who knew sounding like you’re being awoken by stab wounds could sound delightful? Or more gun charges. #2pac #outlaw #poet (click image to read his last poem). The man’s Instagram posts stir up constant debate regarding his sexual orientation and the current state of hip-hop. I heard him groaning in features on a few tracks, mostly about money, and wasn’t too impressed with what I heard. Johnny Cinco knows his lane and he’s sticking to it. I’m not saying these are all incredibly talented musical artists; merely that these are the go-to guys in the field of ignorant, difficult to make out rap. Imagine saying we are getting some of the best albums in music history and then providing ASTROWORLD as an example. Go listen to any rap song from the last several years if you don’t take my word for it.
As time went on, he continued pushing and consistently releasing music, and he earned another shot from me. He’s a pioneer who paved the way for so many. I always considered "mumble rap" just the bad to non existent flow of Chief Keef or Future at their worst.

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