: Arctinus of Miletus, The Aethiopis Fragment 2 (from Scholiast on Homer's Iliad 24. Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords: Greatly increased their fire damage which also increases their WA damage. So surged the wild thoughts in her; but the Gods ordained it otherwise.

", Seneca, Troades 236 ff (trans. ", Pausanias, Description of Greece 5. wrath strikes not at the dead : pitied are foes when life has fled, and left them foes no more. And Agamemnon drew up his army. Loud clashed their glorious armour : in their souls a battle-fury like Ares' wrath maddened; such might was breathed into these twain by Atrytone [Athena], Shaker of the Shield, as on they pressed ... many they slew with their resistless spears . Darker Souls is a single player overhaul+difficulty mod.Weapons and WA rebalance. . Eleonora's WA bleed now uses the appropriate bleed parameters. Among other things, this update will fix those issues. It was way too high. . Lloyd's Sword Ring: 10% bonus damage at 70% or higher HP. Harald Legionnaires, Ringed Knights and Judicators drop more souls. ", Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 163 : Rare upgrade materials drop randomly from stronger enemies. This fixes them too. Then did the warrior sons of Argos strip with eager haste from corpses strown all round the blood-stained spoils. But Alexander gave her much gold and silver, and finally prevailed upon her to stay. Hippolyte, also known as Glauke (Glauce) and Melanippe, was the mother of Hippolytos. Gideon explains that Tolkien was sent to a military emergency clinic. . Almost immediately a meeting was held to determine her fate, and it was decided to throw her, while still alive enough to have feeling, either into the river to drown or out for the dogs to tear apart, for she had transgressed the bounds of nature and her sex. Theoi Project © Copyright 2000 - 2017 Aaron J. Atsma, Netherlands & New Zealand, (The Aethiopis Fragment 1, Diodorus Siculus 2.45.5). Tolkien, who battled in WWI. Such wondrous items are known as fetishes. Sunlight Straight Sword: It's weapon art increases damage reduction even more, but it wears off if the weapon is switched. Now when the Trojans saw the Warrior-queen struck down in battle, ran through all their lines a shiver of panic. Profaned Greatsword: It's WA grants 100 fire flat damage instead of 80.

Pontiff's Left Eye effect has been buffed. Finally Penthesilea wounded Neoptolemus, and then fell at his hands; in spite of his wound, he cut her down. In swift revolution sweeping round into the Okeanos' (Oceanus') deep stream sank Helios (the sun), and daylight died.

(it was nerfed in a previous version). Rip retrieves the last pieces of the Spear. In the ensuing battle she died, either involuntarily killed by her ally Penthesileia, or by Theseus, or because the men with Theseus, as soon as they noted the arrival of the Amazones, quickly bolted the doors, caught her inside and killed her. Greatsword of Judgment: Weapon art buff adds 45% more magic damage to the weapon instead of the flat increase it used to have. Mick moves toward what remains of the Oculus (where Snart sacrificed himself).

Scholar's Candlestick can no longed be bought as it can be obtained as a drop from the 'candle-heads'. ", Pausanias, Description of Greece 10. Die ye shall, and so lighter shall be the load of war's affliction that lies upon the Trojan chariot-lords.
All enemies, including bosses, hostile phantoms and hostile NPCs, now have 3 times more hp, making the fights feel like actual combat. . IF you already looted Frozen Weapon and/or Projected Heal, but haven't looted one or both of the rings, I suggest you go find the rings first before installing this update.

On thee thy latest hour shall swiftly come--is come! Then came the Amazon, [Penthesileia] the daughter of great-souled Ares the slayer of men. Removed the FP regen penalty of some of the weapons. Mick opposes the compulsion to contact the Spear of Destiny. Buffed the bleed/poison/toxic/frostbite resistances of some of the bosses/minibosses so they won't be cheesed by those effects. 40, &c.) She was frequently represented by ancient artists, and among others by Polygnotus, in the Lesche at Delphi. Dark Hand protects for 100% physical damage and 70% for other types of damage. I've realized that I was never using greatshields due to their huge weight restrictions. O’Neill’s loyalty was again put to the test when his son-in-law, Red Hugh O’Donnell, Lord of Tyrconnell, joined Maguire in the investment of Enniskillen castle in June 1594. Cleric's Candlestick: While wielding it you can also cast Miracles and Pyromancies. Weapon art swapped to Perseverance. This is a work in progress. Quickstep weapon art Does not consume stamina anymore, only FP. Chronology

Fixed a ring that mistakenly dropped in two places. Fixed some issues where the spells Frozen Weapon and Projected Heal still dropped, while they shouldn't have anymore. This version fixes it.

The non-physical damage of weapons no longer scales with INT and FHT, instead it now scales with STR and DEX, WA included. Added Twinkling Titanite and Titanite Scales to a few more late game enemies plus other drops related tweaks. It's WA cost a bit more to use. Required actions: Get 1 quest item(s) from - Crescent Follower.

Date Hodrick in Road of Sacrifices: His damage has been increased by a bit. Increased the health restored by Ring of the Evil Eye to 30/42/54/66 per kill. YAY! In later millennia, where Blood Angels geneseed was much easier to steal, much of the other geneseed was bred out, though there are still Servants of the Truth that can trace their genes back to the Lion. Spiked Mace: Gave it a higher level native blood infusion that also does more damage when triggered. Their ship was carried off course by a storm and landing in Italy they founding the town of Klete. Ocyale, Dioxippe, Iphinome, Xanthe, Hippothoe, Otrere, Antioche, Laomache, Glauce, Agave, Theseis, Hippolyte, Clymene, Polydora, Penthesilea. from their own highland-home, they fell .

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