Volume: The next morning, Ace was released after calming down, and received a letter from Sabo explaining his decision to set out to sea early, expressing his desire to meet his brothers again, and telling Ace to take care of Luffy in the meantime. After this, he fell to the ground and passed away.[70]. One time, Makino visited Mt.

In the final scene, Ace dies in front of Luffy's lap, leaving Luffy alone with a tormented expression on his face, and apparently spelling the end for the Gol D. bloodline. That night as they prepared to sleep, Luffy wondered if Sabo was all right, but Ace reminded him that they were trying to forget about him. 574 [55] Ace watched as his crewmates rushed into battle, but when Little Oars Jr. came onto the scene, Ace told the giant to stop because he was too big of a target. The Navy Headquarters Falls! Van Augur then shot at him, but Ace had the bullets pass through him before retaliating with fire bullets. 59 17 Season He appeared in the 76th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Natsu VS Ace, where he fought against Natsu Dragneel from the Fairy Tail series. The executioners, having returned, raised their blades to try to execute Ace again, but they were suddenly knocked out by Luffy unleashing Haoshoku Haki. [56] Ace and Luffy called out to each other when they saw the other,[57] and as Luffy raced from the Moby Dick to the execution platform, Ace told him not to interfere, trying to alienate himself from Luffy to keep him safe. After learning about his brother's demise, Sabo gained an immense protective-streak towards Luffy, vowing to come to his aid whenever and wherever he needed him - even going so far as to disregard his duties in the Revolutionary Army if he felt Luffy was in danger. It’s been years since One Piece fans were forced to face the death of Luffy’s adopted older brother. Flame-Flame Fruit (Viz, FUNimation);Flare-Flare Fruit (4Kids) Before Akainu can pursue Luffy to finish him off as well, Whitebeard appeared behind him and punched Akainu to the ground, greatly wounding him.

However, when they returned to the woods, Ace and Luffy forced Sabo to tell them the truth. Before departing with his crew, Shanks thought of how surprised he was by Ace's final sacrifice and likened it to something his late captain Roger would have done.[71].

[25], At the age of 17, Ace set out from Mt. Chapter: In the manga, Akainu burns off a portion of Whitebeard's head. [24] Ace went to the coast, where Luffy was still crying.
One day, they were confronted by a Marine warship battalion, and Ensign Isuka came onboard their ship. Dadan said that the world killed Sabo and Ace would have no chance of avenging him until he grew stronger, ordering her family to tie him up. Isuka chased down the Spade Pirates repeatedly, but Ace always easily dealt with her with a casual attitude. However, the brothers were taken aback as Whitebeard proclaimed to his crew that he would stay behind on Marineford while they escaped. Whitebeard's Silent Rage! Ace then spotted a battleship containing Luffy and other prisoners of Impel Down falling out of the sky. Whitebeard, however, felt apprehensive about the situation and protested, acknowledging that Teach may have become too much for the boy to handle with his new powers.

After a fierce battle, Ace got to his feet and cut off Whitebeard from his crew with a wall of flames.

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