A." Forum. Here you will find stories that I have found that are long (have at least 30k words), have a solid plot, have good grammar, and mainly focus and Percy. There a few torture, rape, and abuse stories included as well. So, take it up with them, because I'm no longer a part of it. Percy is the youngest son of Poseidon, a god still trying to find his calling. The gods break promises all the time. So he was forgotten.As he started to fade, he realized he didn't want to be forgotten.So, he sought out the only person who he thought could help him: the god of death himself. They are still descended from varying gods, and may still be a descendent of an Olympian. He knows she’s a demigod the moment she sat down next him in the lecture hall, blonde curls swaying and those judgmental gray eyes glaring holes into his skin. Read this story to find out more about Percy's new Life as a god. ~Skye, English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 44 - Since: 12-11-09 - Founder: AthenaForever, NOT GOOD WITH TITLES. When the gods offer him Immortality again he accepts, although he's not sure why. Annabeth Chase is highly functional, but even she has trouble with a sea god she accidentally took home from the bar. No bad grammar, spelling, or plot will be included. We are also HIRING! After some persuading from Poseidon, The gods once again offer him immortality. Just told to protect them.Percy was given no choice with godhood this time- they forced this curse upon him. After the Giant War, the gods make the Seven and Nico immortal.

Including Percy becoming a god, chaos stories, etc. 7/26/2018 c5 Joogie BEST STORY EVER!
It will contain stories from all ratings. an au in which percy accepts zeus's offer to become a god in tlo. Percy can be anything from a god to a mortal or he can be a demigod as well as say part of the Flock from Maximum Ride or born in a different time or as a female or evil. A community made up of what I and my staff consider good Percy Jackson fanfiction. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 34 - Since: 05-08-08 - Founder: Some interesting and creative, English - Staff: 5 - Followers: 34 - Since: 03-18-14 - Founder: Silver Ocean Jackson. It takes away from the joy of it, true, but it's the little things that ground him.

Mikael Hallingway: Strange demigod, who takes power for his own agenda. About four months ago, I married the best person in the world, Percy Jackson. 1/2 c5 2 anikabagnell05 Carry on the story! Recs Wanted. Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Accepting requests for fanfiction to be added.

This is the first book in my fanfiction series The New God series. 1/30/2017 c1 HuntersOfArtemis Holy mother of … )It’s never a good thing when someone who you thought is gone for good shows up at your doorstep, acting like nothing much is amiss.

Just remember, respect the council, or die trying. ht tp:/www. annabeth don't you know that you don't take gods home from bars? Yes. "Percy's my room mate and best friend," smiled Jason, without missing a beat. Community. He had a friend, Artemis, the daughter of Zeus and the Eleventh Olympian.

for Percy Jackson Becomes A God. Anaklusmos14 | FanFiction - This guy is the absolute best when it comes to percy jackson fanfiction. John Ardren: Camp Commander at the beginning of the book. Please don´t judge. Devastated by her revelation Percy doesn't really know what to do. English - Staff: 11 - Followers: 21 - Since: 02-25-12 - Founder: The Ghost Writers. Language: English Words: 13,877 Chapters: 11/18 Comments: 62 Kudos: 134 Bookmarks: 28 Hits: 2978 Very basic drawing, hope to update later on. The daughter of Jupiter and descendant of Aphrodite is strange, as she is a charmspeaker and a fly girl, having the abilities of both Olympian ancestors. But Percy had nothing to offer to them- not with his domains. The camper doesn’t ask, but she sees the question in his eyes.

He could no longer reside in the world he was born into. Most stories in this community are Percy/Artemis, Percy/Zoe, or Percy/Thaila with a few Percy/Annabeth and Percy/Athena spattered in the mix. === Camp Byzantium=== Welcome to Camp Byzantium, the newest of camps for demigods. They are for those of different bloodlines, of changing nationalities. This is currently an incomplete work, as it is still being written. The worst part is that his lips taste like the apocalypse. But not just your normal, average demigod. I do have some rated M stories in this community. They were inseparable but, something happened. Contains whatever we like, including fem-percy, different godly parent, forbidden pairings, etc. Simply put, all the stories in here were written for the prompt challenge. But not just your normal, average demigod. Pm me if you want to join my staff. Aosh Hatchi's Guide to Writing Fan Fiction, https://percyjacksonfanfiction.fandom.com/wiki/Novum_Byzantium?oldid=128073. He ends up opening an animal/monster shelter and clinic on Olympus. The Phalanx is roughly the same size as the Legion, and is essentially the Greek counterpart to I LEG.

These are the stories I've found that I've enjoyed. They're willing to play around with fantasy a bit more, and even flip the script to rewrite a few characters (looking at you Kronos). English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 19 - Since: 10-19-11 - Founder: LokiSky-Treader, This is a collection of fan fictions where Percy is either not a demigod or isn't his typical self like he is in the series. And most importantly, Keep Calm and Percabeth On She shifts the toddler so he is secured in her grasp. But as more chapters come out, I will continue to edit this! The place, where Rome and Greece collide, and their children are some of the most powerful demigods ever. Close. Old rules are shifting, old gods awakening. Read this story to find out more about Percy's new life as a god. Likes the pain, just a bit. He possess abilities unknown to any other demigod in the history of the world. Or at least, that's how he justifies not telling her. inspired by @percy-jackson-of-neptune on tumblr! English - Staff: 6 - Followers: 27 - Since: 06-16-13 - Founder: Scarpool. He having a crush, a girlfriend (or boyfriend... now that this secret is out), going to school and so on. English - Staff: 7 - Followers: 32 - Since: 06-24-12 - Founder: mythologyrox, There are some stories on Fanfiction that are pretty bad and need major help. I understand that a LOT of these I need to go back through and reread them to make sure they are as good as the standard I hold them up to. Greek Olympian Parents, with Roman god ancestors. The order of things are changing. If you see one you like but it's not on here then let me know and I'll look at it. Percy knows this. If you want to be a member of the staff PM me too. Canon/very close to canon, English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 49 - Since: 10-22-11 - Founder: TibbiToo, Well I love storys with and about Nico. Even something as seemingly simple as freeing Calypso he could not trust them to do. Three years past and Perseus is more alone than ever. This collection will be filled with stories that are original and unique to the Percy Jackson fandom. He will become a god and he will force the change needed.

Respect, or hide in fear. If you are interested in reading original stories then this is the place to look. English - Staff: 10 - Followers: 20 - Since: 01-25-10 - Founder: ExtraChaos, These are the Percy Jackson fan fiction that range from Percy be betrayed to Percy being raised by a different family. read the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus books. Children of Athena ask very good questions.

... even I received a comment for having a scene where the man in question flirted with a woman and DEAR GOD, bisexuals ARE part of the community. He would become one of them, accept Zeus’s offer, and he would force change from the inside. AU, in which Annabeth is the Hero of Olympus and Percy is a god with too much free time on his hands**“Why did you want to become an architect?” A younger half-sibling asks, looking at her with admiration from gray eyes identical as her own.

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