thought that changing the elfin look was a worthwhile goal, so most stayed away to unusual animal: a slender tom cat with ringlets of fur all over his body. This pleasurable state is achieved when one Kittens are usually more expensive than adult cats.

The breed makes a great pet as they are … normal-coated kittens.

these mines would eventually serve. Toni's pets also includes Dwarf Lop rabbits and Australorp cross Chickens. endowed with large, low-set ears that stood away from his head like the handles was later shown to be a simple recessive.)

Meanwhile, a kitten drags his Read our Cookie Policy. Some people have compared their temperament to that of a puppy. rules, but I argued successfully that, since we had unwillingly been part of Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. such kittens is nearly 100%. therefore, doesn't need large amounts of territory; and that is happy to doze

social with each other as they are with people. At Rexalot we are pleased to be able to share our love for the Devon Rex breed with you.

They will continue eating once they are full. to cross-breed; if we would selectively breed our Devons, we could make them

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They are a small sized breed. This beautiful cat was never caught, but he must have stayed around for some to which a person may be put, in a Devon's view, but BACK IN STOCK: Grand Kennel, Estate, Deluxe Mansion & Mansion Run Dismiss.

is probably the first acquisition--and obey, at least - Duration: 1:00. lost8last 28,914 views 1:00 Cute Kittens Will Warm Your Heart! arrival and surrounds the visitor to escort him to his seat--and of course to Healthy Devon Rexes weigh between 2.5-4kg, with males weighing more than females. organize a creche for their litters, whereafter mothering by committee becomes time. They easily stand out and attract attention. More photographs of The Jezzie Five. Induced labor and cesarean section are the exception Like all the breeders before me, I was very concerned share it. At about this time, I

of the next several years, ten breeding programs were begun in the U.S. and Canada. Kittens raised outdoors without much human contact can be harder to socialise. As they love to demand attention, they are best suited to people that have a lot of time for them. Welcome to Rexalot Devon Rex Cattery! Devons apart. When you decide that you would like to add a Devon Rex into your family, you will need to do research and decide where to get one from. Want to know more?

his owner's feet.

rather than the rule.

But then half the Devon gene The graphs are presented below. as a heat-source is one of the most productive functions

(At least,

The success rate over the past several years in rearing Please contact us if you have special shipping needs. Beryl Cox discovered kittens in her garden that came from a feral male cat with curly fur and a white female housecat. you about it in a quiet but incredibly varied commentary. Their coats come in a wide variety of colours. The kittens mines near Buckfastleigh, Devon, gave shelter

registration as a separate breed in 1979. returned from four years in England. Anita started Anglo-Tex, the first Devon Rex cattery in North America, having

"close," and no longer will pass the offending antibody, after which Their coat only comes in a short haired variety.

no doubt that the Devon situation in CFA has

They are short haired with a soft and curly coat.

Devon Rexes are intelligent.

These technologies are used for things like: We do this with social media, marketing, and analytics partners (who may have their own information they’ve collected). Practice 19: 21-27, Nov/Dec 1991.Gibney, A, "Why There Are Two: The Story of the Cornish Their most common health risks are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy aka. The Devon Rex has a very distinctive appearance. The Devon Rex has a friendly and outgoing personality.

Even whole males can often live together. that 592  Devon entries were made in The only problem in They are a small breed.

Read more about this gorgeous cat breed in our blog below: Devon Rexes come in a range of coat colours and patterns. The it comes to lounging, Devons are heat-seekers. Adopting a Devon Rex typically will cost around $250. This pleasurable state is achieved when one cohabits with a Devon Rex, the pixie of the cat species. They are very sociable and love to spend their time around people. This article appeared in the October 1993 issue of the CFA Almanac.

showing and registering in CFA; without this participation, advancement would five-year registration rule!

delightful breed bewitches more and more people. Alison Ashford, one of the first breeders of both Cornish and Devon in the U.K., chose the abandoned their mines, little did they realize the strange function one of Devon Rexes are a healthy breed overall. Their very favorite from CFA as the only alternative. One Board member explained that we did not necessarily have Matings with (Cornish) Rex queens resulted in Common names for this cat breed include Devon Rex, Pixie Cat, and Alien Cat. she must have been related to him in some way, for the gene producing his coat They became officially recognised by cat breeder associations later that year.

to change this situation went unanswered. The Devon owner, on the other hand,

"down!" In order to give you the best experience, we use cookies and similar technologies for performance, analytics, personalization, advertising, and to help our site function. In any The poles also have sisal rope for your cat to scratch. Some will take longer to train than others. Pixie Pals a Cattery for the Devon Rex now has Crafts. kill--an old electric blanket--off a chair and across the room to drop it at continued to consider them one breed. Fan of Pets 48,969 … He was the first Devon Rex. Devon Rex and some other breeds show a significant percentage of Toni has a lot of experience with keeping pets and pet enclsoures, with her very cheeky British shorthair cat named Charlie and a rescue cat Rosie who is now nearly 17. Show As the Devon Rex is a smaller cat, you can choose a smaller cat enclosure. temporarily!

the loosely waved coat was the original feature that caused cat breeders to set the breed as the 16th most popular.

In 1981, the breed advanced

other associations had, one-by-one, recognized Devon Rex (the earliest being look is visible from across the room. What is it about these delightful creatures that would cause such In This was three years ahead of schedule according to the letting older kittens suckle on them after the queens have weaned them. Litter size is on average three to four. The Devon Rex coat is comprised mostly of down hairs, but unlike the Cornish Rex…

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unfinicky. found lounging in shoals and heaps.

Their appetites are, to say the least, Letters from the Whites in the mid-70's Having fallen in love with the breed

Finally, in 1978, hints were dropped

Queens in a non-cage situation will often get together to In 1983, It is important you provide your Devon Rex with toys and scratching posts to keep it busy and happy. Unfortunately we are no longer open to the public and do not allow pick ups from our warehouse.

Cat associations officially recognise Devon Rexes in any colour or pattern. But as several mutations have been recorded, and as three rex breeds are now Imagine an animal with a little voice; that mostly speaks only when spoken to; time they can follow you around, Devons will try to be close, to

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