Sure what I do about the plants that have both signs. They always do. Determining the sex of your marijuana plants is the first crucial step to a fruitful growth. The regular marijuana seeds tend to be less sensitive to hermaphroditism compared to feminized seeds. Water is a good sterilizing solution for pollen. Therefore, pollen sacs on female plant aren’t gender-neutral. Your harvest will be of the best quality, always! I immediately killed the first hermie I saw, and moved the other plants of that strain into a different place in the garden where air movement was far less likely to reach them. Even with Colloidal silver I was unsuccessful. So they remove male structures as often as they see them, and prepare for a partially seeded crop.

On the other hand, male plants have green and round pollen sacs which will enlarge and will not sprout a white and thin pistil. What I want to emphasize is, unless I’m breeding for seeds, I don’t want male pollen anywhere around my female plants. If you have large plants, especially outdoor marijuana plants that can grow as large as a small tree, it’s probably not practical or possible to scope out every floral cluster every day to see if you have hermie structures, especially if you’re growing at a remote site. These involve damaged roots, broken branches, trimming during flowering, and many more, Irrigation problems, which can be excessive or poor irrigation, Thermal stress which includes irrigating cannabis plants using cold water. Also, be sure to feed your plants the B-52 hydroponics supplement, which contains B vitamins to fight stress. It’s also why I kill all hermie females. I discovered another confirmed hermie, so I killed it. NatureTrak Creator on Fighting Stigma and Racial Disparity in Cannabis Industry, From Black Market To Stock Market: Top Tips From Cannapreneurs Who’ve Done Just That, Chemo, Radiation And Cannabis? After 3 weeks in flower, I inspect my giant plant and find this: DNA Genetics Reserva Privada Strawberry Banana Hermie. A hermaphrodite flower is one that has both staminate (male) and pistillate (female) floral structures on the same plant. Instead, they play a crucial role in breeding cannabis. They cannot be combined into a pollen sac with pistils etc. That’s why many growers look for pollen sacs on the female plant for a great harvest. If your light cycles are unreliable in their start and stop times, or if there are light leaks or other light penetration interruptions during the night period, that’s also a stresser. How to Know that Female Marijuana Plants Start to Flower? Don’t freak out if you see hermaphrodites in your crop. I’ll make BHO out of it all.

It’s because hermaphrodites produce low-quality and not sellable cannabis seeds. If you overfeed or underfeed, overwater or underwater, that too is stress for your crop. Do you see both flowers and pollen sacs in one or two of your cannabis plants? FEMALE MARIJUANA is an online platform that provides insight and information regarding the best female marijuana seeds available all across the world. This was a reputable Dutch seed house that operates with honor and ethics. Removing a Hermaphrodite from the Grow Room To reduce the spread of pollen, the first thing you must do when you have found a hermie in your grow room is turn off your fans. 2. Shit reeked like it had flowers on it tho.

Only on one of the three ladies. Get these pollen sacs as soon as you see them on any of your cannabis plants. Pretty lame, if you ask me. I have used a little recharge for cloning, for normally I don’t use it.

That doesn’t mean it is a “Hermaphrodite”. When they went hermie, that work was wasted.

If your grow op takes them out of their comfort zone during bloom phase, they might go hermie. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My buddy sling, had the same problem I do with these. Did this seriously piss me off?

That may be true. While this is not a myth, every cannabis grower should carefully check his plants for male flowers regardless of the kind of marijuana plants he grows.

For instance, Thai Sativa strains typically reach a higher percentage of being hermaphrodites genetically. How to Prevent Your Cannabis Plants from Becoming Hermaphrodites? “Dude! It does this, in efforts to reproduce on it’s own. When the flowering time is over, carefully examine the trichomes of your cannabis plants to avoid missing the exact harvest due date.

As said before, these new pollen sacs on female plant produced by hermaphrodites will also carry this unwanted trait, which will destroy entirely your crop in the long run. They seem to have a real problem with their feminization and pheno selections. Set it and forget it. If you trim your plants too much, too often, or at the wrong time near or in bloom phase, these actions may trigger hermie marijuana. Instead, it happens to them in some situations. If some of your marijuana plants show both female and male flowers from the start of the flowering period, you should eliminate them right away from your growing space.

It’s not even bag-able. They hide under leaf junctions and inside female-dominant buds. I’m asking this question on this thread because I’m not sure if you receive notifications of comments on your older articles or if your just peaking in. Water is a good sterilizing solution for pollen. Females have pointed green calyxes which will sprout a thin and white pistil. If you use inferior hydroponics nutrients, and/or if the nutrients solution or root zone is at the wrong pH, that hurts plants and may provoke a hermaphrodite marijuana situation. This happens after the structure of the whole... Germination, vegetative, and harvesting are just some of the stages in the growth of marijuana. One was a male, one was a female with male pollen sacks.

Most cannabis growers prefer getting their supplies from an online seed company. You may also see yellow “bananas” (stamens) growing around the pistils/hairs of the buds. If you let your bloom-phase plants live too long, the buds may start to go hermie. And some plants are more prone to growing pollen sacks than others. According to, this odd thing happens only to female plants. This issue occurs to female cannabis plants, typically in case of growing stress. Dotted before me like rebellious agitators were several hermaphrodite flowers popping up on my cannabis plants, which had been grown from a feminized seed of the same strain. While I won’t name and shame them here, I will say they were nasty and dishonest about it.

The 3rd was just recently put into 12 12 so we will see what happens. Sometimes, it happens due to the method used in producing cannabis seeds.
The flowering phase is the legit last stage in the life cycle of the medical cannabis.

After discovering and killing the first hermie, the next day I took each plant of that strain out of the grow room and examined every inch of them, from top to bottom. You can buy feminized marijuana seeds sale through the web or at a local dispensary. During two decades of growing and networking with other cannabis growers, I’ve seen hermies a couple dozen times out of hundreds of gardens I’ve either run or visited.
If your cannabis plants have more male flowers, you have no other choice but to remove these problematic plants from your grow room. You definitely don’t want hermaphroditic flowers. In just one glance, you may find getting rid of hermaphrodites in your growing space a difficult task to finish. Seeded buds are only desirable when you’re breeding seeds — otherwise, seeded buds are almost impossible to sell. After removing all those male flowers, continue checking your plants for new flowers, and repeat the provided steps.

To be sure of the quality, get your cannabis seeds from a reputable seed company. In the history of growing at least two dozen different strains, I’ve seen a pollen sack on a female, ONE TIME, on ONE plant.

Check out the below YouTube video from Just Grow It about the basics of hermie cannabis plants. I am the first one to say that a true “Hermaphrodite” is very rare. So what causes them, and what can you do if you see them on your plants? That may sound good to your eyes, but hermaphrodites can destroy your crop just like what males can do. The pollen problem occurs all over again.

I was averaging 2–4 ounces of dried bud per plant from that strain, so having to get rid of five of them seriously ate into my profits. I just found little banana peni (a plural form of penis like cacti) on the ends of my unnamed sativa plant. Hermaphrodites can pollinate themselves and reproduce.

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