Queen Mary is permanently moored as a tourist attraction, hotel, museum and event facility in Long Beach. A fortnight later, on 21st March 1940, the QUEEN MARY slipped quietly away: her work as a troop transport was about to begin. With all of the lower decks nearly gutted from R deck and down, Diners Club, the initial lessee of the ship, converted the remainder of the vessel into a hotel. Secondly, we claimed vessels which had been built in Southampton and, thirdly, ships which mainly used this port, especially the passenger liners which were so important to Southampton but few of which were registered here. Albert was nicknamed Nab by the family and I also remember him as Uncle Nab. What had really happened was the Laurel had come up and picked up the remainder, and not seeing me lying on the spar had gone away out of the zone of fire, so how long I was in the water I do not know.

Voyage #486 East. They were determined to revitalise and enhance the ship as an attraction. His Wrather Port Properties operated the entire attraction after his death in 1984 until 1988, when his holdings were bought by the Walt Disney Company. From 1983 to 1993, Howard Hughes' plane H-4 Hercules was located in a large dome nearby. Two ship service begins for Cunard with the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. Died at Tate and Lyle's Factory, Raft Road 19/02/1944, Placed on retired list at own request 15/02/1923, Lieutenant Commander (Retired) 15/05/1927.

Winston Churchil returns to Gourock, Scotland, with 15,116 troops. OFFICIAL DESPATCHES - Page 10 and Page 134. Much of the ship's interior was designed and constructed by the Bromsgrove Guild. The loan was granted, with enough money to complete the unfinished ship, and also to build a running mate, with the intention to provide a two ship weekly service to New York. Commodore Sir Edgar T. Britten December 1, 1935 Captain George Gibbons January 29, 1936 Commodore Reginald V. Peel August 4, 1936 Commodore Robert B. Irving November 11, 1936 Captain John C. Townley March 30, 1937 Captain Peter A. Murchie April 19, 1938 Captain Ernest M. Fall April 9, 1941 Commodore Sir James Bisset February 23,Continue reading "Her Captains and Commodores" General Register and Record Office of Seamen, 1835-1872, Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen, 1872-1992, Have you found an error with this catalogue description? When he returned home, he suffered so badly with the effects of being in the water for so long, that he suffered shell shock and never fully recovered. The minimum required opening bid was $41M. All the Queen Mary's Decks labeled with their pre-war and post-war letters. [41] The structure is now used by Carnival Cruise Lines as a ship terminal, as a venue for the Long Beach Derby Gals roller derby team[42] and as an event venue. opens.

QUEEN MARY. I managed to reeve my arms through a strop, and then I must have become unconscious. Today the pool can only be seen on guided tours and is in a derelict condition, having never been maintained by the hotel operators. Queen Mary," is submitted for information. She left Southampton for the last time on 31 October 1967 and sailed to the port of Long Beach, California, United States, where she remains permanently moored. – Crew: 1,035 – Total: 3,174: Career: May 27, 1936 – December 11, 1967 – Retired and …

When I returned off leave I saw the doctor again, and he said, " Your nerves are gone, you want a rest," and sent me home for another 14 days.

[20], Mural in the main dining room, or "Grand Salon" on which a crystal model tracked the ship's progress, First class dining room, now known as the "Grand Salon". With her record-breaking speed and size, the Queen Mary is retrofitted to serve as a troop ship during WWII. Departs New York for Sydney, Australia, to be fitted as a troopship. September 11, 1957, Commodore John W. Caunce In March 2011, Queen Mary was saluted by MS Queen Victoria while fireworks were going on, and on 12 March 2013, MS Queen Elizabeth made a salute while there were fireworks. Legend has it that Cunard intended to name the ship Victoria, in keeping with company tradition of giving its ships names ending in "ia", but when company representatives asked the king's permission to name the ocean liner after Britain's "greatest Queen", he said his wife, Mary of Teck, would be delighted. Disney had been trying to buy the hotel for 30 years. Captain John Treasure Jones, the 33rd and last captain of the Queen Mary dies at the age of 87 at his home in Chandler's Ford, England, just north of the port town of Southampton. First time the Queen Mary carried American troops (8,398 troops, 905 crew). She was hit twice by the German battlecruiser Derfflinger during the early part of the battle and her magazines exploded shortly afterwards, sinking the ship. At4.53 fire was opened on the third ship of the enemy's line, the range being about 17,000 yards. Among facilities available on board Queen Mary, the liner featured two indoor swimming pools, beauty salons, libraries and children's nurseries for all three classes, a music studio and lecture hall, telephone connectivity to anywhere in the world, outdoor paddle tennis courts and dog kennels. I turned 16 points in succession and formed astern of line. Some of this money was allocated in 1958 for the future purchase of a maritime museum for Long Beach.[44]. A post-war feature of the ship, the first-class cinema, was removed for kitchen space for the new Promenade Deck dining venues. The Queen Mary’s amateur radio station (W6RO) is renamed the Nate Brightman Radio Room in honor of Mr. Brightman’s more than 40 years old dedication to the station. King Edward VIII, Her Majesty Queen Mary, the young Princess Elizabeth, the Duke and Duchess of York (soon to be King George VI and Queen Elizabeth), the Duke and Duchess of Kent and the Duchess of Gloucester visit the ship. I grasped it, and afterwards found it was a large hammock; it undoubtedly pulled me to the top, more dead than alive, and I rested on it, but I felt I was getting very weak, and roused myself sufficiently to look around for some- thing more substantial to support me. Cruise from Southampton to Las Palmas & Gibraltar. Queen Mary presents her personal standard to the ship. Queen Mary was retired from service in 1967. The plane departed on barges on 2 October 1992, leaving the huge dome empty.

In November 2016 the City of Long Beach had put $23 million toward addressing Queen Mary's most vital repairs. In 2006, the bankruptcy court requested bids from parties interested in taking over the lease from QSDI.

[60], In October 2019, the City of Long Beach warned Urban Commons that the company was failing to uphold its commitment to maintain and repair Queen Mary and that it was accordingly in danger of defaulting on its 66-year lease agreement.

Down, over, and forward she would pitch." I was very sick, and seemed to be full up with oil fuel. They proved highly profitable for Cunard (as the company was renamed in 1947). Audio tours begin again in English, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Wrather Port Properties Ltd., a subsidiary of Wrather Corporation, signs a 66-year lease to manage the Queen Mary and adjoining acreage. [11], The name had already been given to the Clyde turbine steamer TS Queen Mary, so Cunard made an arrangement with its owners and this older ship was renamed Queen Mary II. She was refloated the next day[37] and returned to service. LIST OF CAPTAINS OF THE QUEEN MARY As supplied by the Cunard Line, the following is the list of all captains who had command of her, with the date of first taking command: Commodore Sir Edgar T. Britten, R.N.R., 12-1-35, (d.10-28-36) Was at Pembroke from 02/06/1916 until 02/01/1917 when he was then invalided out from the Royal Navy from Chatham. In the early days, the ship would be in port for 36 hours. As a result, the ship was open only on weekends. It should be noted that although the ship was sunk on 31st May 1916, in some cases a sailor's service records still indicate that he was on the ship after this date. May 11 - 16 First time more than 10,000 persons had traveled on any ship (9,880 troops, 875 crew). While attempting to hoist the whaler after this operation one of the blocks carried away, and as the signal to proceed at utmost speed had been received and the enemy were closing, whaler was cleared and abandoned. February 15, 1947, Commodore Harry Grattidge At 4.30. " On Promenade Deck, the starboard promenade was enclosed to feature an upscale restaurant and café named Lord Nelson's and Lady Hamilton's; it was themed in the fashion of early-19th century sailing ships. Participating in the post-war sea trials in the English Channel and met the Queen Elizabeth for the first time during peace off the coast of South Hampton in the Solant just off Cowes. In some cases there may be only a single sheet recording the release of a crew member; on the other hand, in later years, several documents sometimes make up one crew list.
I re- membered no more until I came to and found I was lying on what seemed to be a leather settee, and someone was telling me that I was all right and not to struggle. Dry docked in King George V Graving Dock. Carried the greatest number of people on a floating vessel: 15,740 troops, 943 crew. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has accepted Queen Mary as part of the Historic Hotels of America.[5]. When Queen Mary was bought by Long Beach, the new owners decided not to preserve her as an ocean liner. The three largest liners in the world sat idle for some time until the Allied commanders decided that all three ships could be used as troopships.
[32], During the war Queen Mary carried British Prime Minister Winston Churchill across the Atlantic for meetings with fellow Allied forces officials on several occasions. In 1998, the city of Long Beach extended the QSDI lease to 66 years.

When I returned off leave I was feeling much better, and my eyes were nearly quite well again. Briefly held the title before the preceding ship reclaimed it†, This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 02:01. [68][69][70][71], In honour of his over forty years of dedication to W6RO and Queen Mary, in November 2007 the Queen Mary Wireless Room was renamed as the Nate Brightman Radio Room. Departed Southampton on Final Voyage to Long Beach, California. October 22, 1958, Commodore Donald M. MacLean

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