For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. SAVE GAME - GT PARTS, BLUE VAN, GIFU - STOCK & NO INSPECTION - My Summer Car. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. nasıl kaydedicem kaydediuyom ya susuzluktan ölüuom yada arabaya binince araba dağılıyor. 29000+ Members | Click here to join the RaceDepartment Discord server. Your email address will not be published. Download save – Pink Satsuma. -Add truck and van keys -Semi Stock car ! -truck and van at home Log in to download, or make sure to confirm your account via email, [24 June 2020 - Experimental - No Mods] Satsuma GT Multiple Choice Save Files, DISCONTINUED! Great game save but satsuma for me has no licence plates lol. Version 5.1 -Engine fix Rally spec Satsuma for experimental branch, A new game with a fully built and tuned Satsuma GT (Stock) and Ruscko (No Key). Download save – Black Satsuma It's a save game of My Summer Car. Original satsuma GT version and tuning engine.-truck and van at home.-Jerrycan full (Diesel and Gasoline) -Stock GT car -Some mechanical parts are installed (carburetor, nitro, ...) -House / garage tidy -Some pieces of performance already bought and … Savegame for My Summer Car – The game done 100% – Blue Satsuma Download save – White Satsuma. 29000+ Members | Click here to join the RaceDepartment Discord server. Where put the donwload and how to enter the save???

its the best savegame i have a Question pls make a update with gt parts, Log in to download, or make sure to confirm your account via email.

My Summer Car Save [SATSUMA GT+VAN&TRUCK KEY], My Summer Car Save [VAN+TRUCK at HOME+KEYS] [!OUTDATED! ]. this save is fucked because all parts of the satsuma are out of the car and the thirst is full after 20 seconds im dead wtf??? I can't drive the Satsuma even tho i have started it... o caso n sai do lugar eu coloco a macha mas n anda, its the best save game in the world, planet, and anything thank you so much this what i want i search a save game in yt but this save is the best. JavaScript is disabled. Savegame for My Summer Car– The game done 100%, Installation:Copy files from archive to C:\Users\%user-name%\AppData\LocalLow\Amistech\My Summer Car, i was told this save was stock. my summer car – save game (a fully assembled satsuma, all tuning + 500 k money -Fix alternator. I have not played for a little while. > It's a save game of My Summer Car. plz reply asap, the moment i open the door all the car parts get unbloted and scatter around. Roll Cage is NOT installed, Also car should be Suski Approved after the original steering wheel with the leopard print is installed (It's on the table in the garage by the parts magazine). :))))))))))))))))))), is the racing flywheel in? New version 5.0 Original satsuma GT version and tuning engine. car doe not start -10/10, la voiture a des bugs surt les ailes avant et sur la calendre. Multiple saves to choose from depending on how you want to play. again thank you. That's odd, I wonder if there was an update that made the plates disappear? JavaScript is disabled. Some notes about the save and game/story progress: Player Name: John Finnsmith Satsuma: Is in almost stock GT configuration and tuned with License plates. July 31, 2018 Experimental Save. -New car paint

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