“I don’t have a huge Wagnerian voice,” she has said, a fact that didn’t stop her from releasing five CDs featuring lullabies, Celtic songs and covers of artists, including Billy Joel and Sting; the orchestral tracks on her most recent CD were recorded with the Moscow symphony. That the first opera McCain and Melanson saw as a married couple featured the story of a marriage of convenience that ends tragically with the wife committing hara-kiri now serves as foreshadowing of an acrimonious public battle between the two. Melanson met Markos, a talented soprano, in early 2015 when she was a PR associate at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Melanson’s announcement that he was leaving Banff on April 11, 2014, for “family reasons” was met with shock if not surprise.

[14], Shad released his third album, TSOL, in 2010.

Dash Berlin #dailydash live stream. [36], Shad is described as a "conscious" and "reflective" rapper,[8][37] known for his witty lyrics on heartfelt subjects. It was a pattern repeated at the TSO; partnerships included one with the Polaris Music Prize that saw the orchestra cover Drake’s Know Yourself and DJ Skratch Bastid headline a show. “The guy in the office never matters.” But Melanson knew how to burnish his mythology, seen in his mention of studying voice under legendary Richard Miller of the Oberlin Conservatory. Then there’s the voice, a professionally trained baritone: “I do have a soothing voice,” he told the crowd at Western. In his filing, he called Banff a “dream job” and said he was “upset” to leave.


Melanson checked all the boxes, appealing to a younger audience in a way older donors could appreciate. © Copyright 2020 St. Joseph Communications. The newly single Melanson became known at Banff for his active romantic life, on and off campus.

McCain’s 34-page legal filing against Melanson reads like a Wharton novel (Keith Beaty/Toronto Star), That Melanson, who studied opera as an undergraduate, is enmeshed in the soapy version of the genre is only one of the many ironies of Canada’s ongoing War of the Roses, a mutually assured destruction destined to expose the underbelly of the Canadian arts scene. 1. Does the film industry want it?” He thinks not. Meanwhile, the battle royal continues. He told Canadian Business in 2010 that he recognized his limitations as a singer early on: “I began to realize that, as much as I loved being on stage, many people were as talented as I was.” He joked in a talk that everyone has an artist within, but “that is not to say that you all are going to make a living as artists—please don’t try.”. He’d sit in the cafeteria with whoever was sitting there. Maclean’s regrets the error.

27M. At the TSO, the Studio Project is “on the back burner,” says a spokesman. [11] The album was supported by four singles, most prominently "The Old Prince Still Lives at Home", with its accompanying viral music video. After successful government lobbying, the 2009 federal budget earmarked $25 million for the “international arts equivalent to the Olympic Games in the fields of music, dance, visual arts and theatre arts.” When the document pitching the prize to the government was leaked to the national and international “partners” who were named, they expressed anger they’d not been consulted. Quietly the $25 million disappeared from the government’s budget, Sirman writes, and “members of the arts community—most of whom had no involvement or interest in the initiative in the first place—bit their collective tongues.” Such silence is not unusual in the insular world of Canadian arts; while many top arts administrators, business people, staffers and artists were willing to speak to Maclean’s, most asked that their names not be used.

[7] He was entered in the radio contest by his sister. That drove people crazy.” Melanson’s gravitation to the spotlight was another source of chatter. “After the shock, I think the general feeling was one of being used. While at the Banff Centre, a partnership with The Globe and Mail saw an “embedded” reporter at the Centre for six months. Others who know the financials see it differently: “It was not a moment of insolvency; it was a transition moment,” says a former NBS staffer. Skratch Bastid has been a poorly kept secret in Canada's hip-hop scene. As it turned out we managed to turn it around in a year or so in a way that was positive brand building for me—that it seemed I saved the day.”. Melanson started dating the TSO’s social media manager, Caroline Markos, in 2015 (T Sandler Photography). As a result, we agreed [the child] not attend the wedding or the vacation in Jamaica.”, Three weeks after the split, McCain writes, Melanson’s lawyer contacted her, demanding the pre-nup be honoured. On April 28, 2014, a joyful Eleanor McCain shared her love for Jeff Melanson on Facebook, posting a photo of the two of them sitting next to one another on a stone bench. He has released six studio albums since 2005. He acted the part of breathing life into an organization that has been through the ringer really, really well.” His ambition could prove exhausting.
The french-fry heiress, the culture czar, and the divorce that exposed scandal at the top of the Canadian arts world By Anne Kingston On In July 2018, Shad released the lead single, "The Fool Pt 1 (Get It Got It Good)" from his new album, A Short Story About a War.Two follow-up singles,"The Fool Pt. [29] He also was featured on Tobi's "24 (Toronto Remix)" and its corresponding music video, along with Haviah Mighty, Jazz Cartier, and Ejji Smith. 450.

But the combatants also represent the extremes of the insular Canadian art world—buyer and seller, donor and visionary—and at least some of what’s wrong with it. Although they're based in Toronto, Canada, '80s-inspired synth rock/electro-funk outfit TWRP ("Tupper Ware Remix Party") transcend time and space. His message comforted and inspired at a time of rising costs, declining government funding, and worry over how digital platforms are changing cultural consumption.

[4][31], In the four-part documentary series Hip-Hop Evolution, Shad interviewed multiple noted hip-hop and rap artists to explore the origins of this music genre. A pair of EPs arrived in 2015. Onstage, McCain confessed her love for “cheesy love songs,” before singing a few.

Melanson brought his three children. That it was never given out seemed to make no difference. “My lawyers felt it important to get the facts.”. [27] The album was short-listed for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize, marking Shad's 4th Polaris short-list nomination, the most of any artist. In his native Halifax, he's been astounding audiences since the turn of the decade, eventually rising to capture the DJ Battle crown at the Scribble Jam indie hip-hop festival in Cincinnati in both 2003 and 2004. Throughout their career, TWRP's members have withheld their true names and always appear in costume. .

When their separation was made public in early 2013, the children moved to Toronto to be with her. The final expense account Melanson filed at the Banff Centre in early May included the $2,134.16 four-night hotel bill. Melanson was “a breath of fresh air,” one close to the hiring process says: “We were enthused by his enthusiasm and his rapport with the orchestra; Jeff thought outside the box.” Contrary to the allegations in McCain’s filing, affiliation with the mighty McCain family did not factor in Melanson’s hiring, says the source: “Nobody thought of it as a disadvantage, nor was anybody rubbing their hands saying, ‘Oh boy, now we have access.’ ”, Melanson formally proposed to McCain on April 4 in the McCain family home in Florenceville, on the opening night of Eleanor’s “Maritime Swing Tour with Matt Dusk,” a project Melanson dismisses in his court filing as a “tour of small venues.” Colleagues in Banff watched his Twitter feed with amusement, an insider says; senior staff believed he was out fundraising: “Meanwhile, he’s chasing some lounge singer around the Maritimes who happened to be Eleanor McCain.”. Already, the mudslinging has begun.

They fed into the notion of entrepreneurship, as interpreted originally by Schumpeter—his “gale of creative disruption,” beloved by business leaders. It gets more sickening as it goes on.”, Melanson’s skills of professional seduction extended to the media, which overheatedly referred to him as an “oracle,” “cultural wunderkind,” “arts visionary,” “Canada’s cultural turnaround man” and “cultural rock star.” Melanson denied McCain’s charge in her filing that he had an “extensive network in the media.” Yet there’s no question he was skilled in cultivating connections, even friendships, with highly placed editors and writers. [5] His mother worked as a lab technologist in a London hospital and his father was a machinist. (In yet another twist, Snowdon is now a yoga instructor offering a “Shift Happens” workshop for people going through divorce.). That truth, according to allegations that have not been tested in court, paints Melanson as a seducer, personally and professionally. A high profile is a plus for fundraising, but Melanson edging out music director and conductor Peter Oundjian as the TSO’s face bothered some: “Is it Jeff Melanson’s orchestra?” one symphony goer griped. His was seeded in the public school system, sparked by high school musicals, and developed at the University of Manitoba.

Yet no money was put forward to reach the $25 target—an idea that incidentally had been put forward in 2003 by the Toronto Arts Council.

[38] Shad has stated that he was influenced by the artists that he listened to in high school, such as Common, Lauryn Hill, Eminem, The Roots, Notorious B.I.G., and Outkast. When she learned of this via Melanson’s Twitter account in April 2015, McCain says in an email that she alerted the TSO board to “the parallels between her project and Jeff’s proposed ideas.” In January 2016, when she heard the TSO had added multiple orchestras, she sent another missive to the board. “It was a quick hire but not so quick that the board didn’t do due diligence,” a board member reports. McCain, for her part, had been divorced twice. Annulments based on misrepresentation are rare, says one family law lawyer: “If everyone could get an annulment if their spouse turned out to be somebody other than who they appeared to be when they were courting, there would be a f–k of a lot of annulments.” Another theory is being floated: that McCain is testing marital law; “free and willing consent” was added to the Civil Marriages Act in 2015. [39][40], Shad is bilingual, speaking English and French.

. (This would also, in an ironic twist, help seal Melanson’s reputation as a “turnaround artist.”), The two met again after Melanson wrote McCain in November 2013 to invite her to an event at the Banff Centre. The Museum London curator, one of two who introduced Melanson, then the president of the Banff Centre, said she was “captivated” by Melanson’s “philosophy of cultural enterprise.” Her colleague expressed a similar enchantment.

Fundraising was up by nearly $3.5 million in the 2014-2015 fiscal year, but higher expenses resulted in an overall revenue decline: $1.8 million in production, $544,000 in marketing, $696,000 in administration, and $1.79 million funding for a European tour, with stops in Vienna and Reykjavik.

The day before her arrival was announced, a full-time employee in the department was let go without cause.

[6] He attended London Central Secondary School.

Known for their wild live shows and unpretentious party music, the group rose to prominence in the early 2010s both with their own colorful releases and through frequent collaborations with like-minded New York duo Ninja Sex Party. Whether or not anyone else took note of Melanson’s failed ambitions, Eleanor McCain certainly did, and marshalls them to dramatic effect in her case against Melanson. As at Banff, the personal encroaching on the professional was a cause of concern, seen when Melanson’s new girlfriend, Caroline Markos, was named TSO’s manager of social media in July 2015. The TSO was to be the majority stakeholder; that was seen as a way to secure funding and a stable revenue stream to support TSO operations.

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