Fairly quiet and gives around 400w peak output. Welcome to the electric bike forums! Categorise your issue and get support. Have I ordered the right kit / will it fit my bike? There is no doubt about it, music can be a huge help when you’re out cycling.

It seems as though everyone has an action cam for filming their bike ride. JavaScript is disabled. Sign up to get a push notification direct to your mobile the minute our next sales campaign goes live. There are three types of indoor bike trainers: stationary...... As e-bikes become more popular, any incident related to riding an e-bike can turn a spotlight on the entire industry. They say 50km/30 mile range.

Get the latest updates in the build up to our product launch, Specification – Performance, Dimensions, and Electronics, How to fit your Swytch Kit – Brompton Edition. New Swytch launches on Indiegogo, raises £100k in first hour, Swytch to unveil 70% smaller, 50% lighter conversion kit. The innovative steps in the design that make it unique are patent-pending. Avoid using it in winter, as suggested by oine of the support people because temperatures can affect performance to discover it was not true. Electric mountain bikes are gaining traction, How using an indoor bike trainer can improve your ride, Adjusting to pedal assist on a hybrid e-bike, Bike lanes verses the pavement: where to ride, How to know when it’s time to go electric, Choosing between an e-bike kit and purpose built e-bike. But there is an entire subsection of the e-bike market that is...... To answer your first question, yes, kid size e-bikes exist. On all other motors/e-bikes I've tried, the increasing power levels equate to increasing speeds, with the highest level cutting out at max speed and lower levels cutting out at lower speeds.

Please introduce yourself and share a bit about the electric bikes you've got! Big thanks to mrgold35 for suggesting this space! Please complete our MailChimp form to subscribe instead. Want to ensure you get first access to the 50% discount when we launch? Browse frequently asked questions. Especially so if you use cycling as part of your training regime. Got to do a commute in January that would be easily do-able it normal clothes if it wasn't for a couple of huge hills in between.

This is a group for Swytchers who have converted their bicycle to a Swytch electric bike …

If the pedal assist goes intermittent, you'll now know why. You must log in or register to reply here. How do I change my order? Both have advantages and disadvantages. How much range will I get / how far can I ride? And a basket. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. While driving or cycling or riding our own e-bikes, we are seeing more and more e-bikes on the road. However, it is vitally important that they do, as not wearing a helmet puts children at risk of serious...... A bike ride is an excellent way to get out and about as a family.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Universal eBike kit: easy to install, 30 mile range, 15/20mph max speed. Having learnt a lot from this forum, I thought I should give a little back. Nicely made kit in my opinion, a little disappointed over the PAS issue but otherwise satisfied. Detailed technical manuals. I'd very much like to see some photos of the detail of how you fitted the Swytch and the basket. So, they do not want to change the product, although they are liable, probably they try to let the warranty elapse for avoiding the cost of substitution. There are numerous reasons to use an indoor bike trainer and hundreds of them on the market. Motor Wheel. Conversion Kits.

2018 Cube Kathmandu Pro; Ancient Lilac Harry Quinn; Ridgeback Velocity with SRAM Automatix hub; Carrera Kraken MTB. The Swytch universal e-bike conversion kit will transform any old bike into a whizzy modern e-bike by swapping your stock front wheel for one with a motor and adding a battery pack to the handlebars. Put one on my wife's Roberts. Works fine. London Most people I've spoken with prefer current control, and so do I.

When you are out on your daily bike ride you may have noticed someone else on their bike, riding on the pavement. You have subscribed for email and push nofications when we launch. Unit 9, 455 Wick Lane Those big magnet discs are the worst for slipping without thinning them down so that they have less purchase on the shaft.

Get the latest updates in the build up to our product launch, The 3 Best Action Cams for Filming Your Ride. What's new. If you’re thinking about buying then you can find here some useful technical advice and information about how to get the best experience of riding a Swytch Bike.

Electric bike conversion kits for any bike including Brompton.

Sign up to get a push notification direct to your mobile the minute our next sales campaign goes live. Can anyone that has one make some comments? JavaScript is disabled. Every 3 month... United Kingdom: £25 Swytch Bike; Technical Support Technical Help Centre.

The Universal and easy-to-fit Swytch eBike kit is now available again for pre-order with a juicy discount.

I paid over £500 for the kit "half price" and another £120 in tax when it arrived in the UK...didn't see that in the small print.

By now some of you guys that ordered them must have them installed and been going for a while.

How do I check my order details? What are the dimensions of the shipping box? The Swytch Kit allows you to easily convert any bike into a top quality eBike, without the hassle, without the stress, and with complete peace of mind because we have top quality international support. New Swytch launches on Indiegogo, raises £100k in first hour, Swytch to unveil 70% smaller, 50% lighter conversion kit.

Especially when you have a perfectly functional manual bike sat in your field of vision. Update - as the new stock has almost arrived our maximum discount has now reduced to 33%.

The motor wheel is not turning ; My tyre keeps coming off during fitting; My motor is jerky or not working at all? In addition, it turned out to be so simple that it was easy to fit to any bicycle. I have 4 Swytch kits: two bromptons and two on 700c's. Whether you are riding a standard bike, a standard bike with an e-bike conversion kit or a purpose built e-bike, the road hazards you may face are going to be the same. Turning the power up/down/off isn't the issue. Electric bike conversion kits by Swytch. What are the dimensions of the Swytch power pack?

... no reference to the Ah of the battery which would put most off if that's useful feedback to Swytch. Do I need brake sensors? 1st Gen and TOUR Powerpack LCD screen Manual, The motor axle doesn't fit in my bikes forks, Installing the Brompton Luggage Block Adapter, My motor stops and starts when using pedal assist, How to find your Power Pack serial number. You have subscribed for email and push nofications when we launch. Trade Announcements & New Products. We’d ride right up into the front yard and drop our bikes on the lawn, kickstands be damned.

I wrote back telling them that the problem is still there and asking to have a replacement, and since then no reply. She has health issues that prevent her riding uphill or going far. Braking on...... No matter what type of cyclist you are, you are going to go through stages of physicality and necessity during the life of your cycling habits.

Stay away, apparently even the previous company (panda) had many troubles about money and refund. It's fun to see pictures and learn about the modifications and accessories you've tried too. Thread starter Swytch Bike… She wanted a girly bike that wasn't too heavy and had a decent range of gears. It allows you to pedal as hard or easy as you like, whilst having control over the amount of assistance you get.

Swytch eBike Kit now available to pre-order with 40% off. They exist in almost the same selection and differences as e-bikes for adults. on my bike, and with Swytch bike pro I simply don't need it. Definitely not a serious company, you just waste time and money. My kit has arrived - I have questions / need help with installation. Forums. Have I ordered the right kit / will it fit my bike? For hybrid e-bikes that applies to both speed (maintained by a motor and battery system) and pedalling. Convert ANY bike into an electric bike with our universal eBike conversion kit. Here, we’re going to take a look at the most important criteria...... With more families heading out on bike rides than ever before, parents can find it a bit difficult to persuade little ones to wear a helmet. Again they ignored me.

How often do I have to charge the battery? If you have a poor saddle, you might find that your sit-bones feel bruised after a long bike ride. The only difference being the rate of speed you are traveling. We have the 'Pro' battery and my wife did about 11 miles in just over an hour with it on level 1 and off for some of the time. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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