He is unbeatable by any other. We sure know even people with bad and controverisal character also get recognized and famous. I do not like to make any statements which makes hurt to any religion but one thing being the truth that is; for the mankind there is any speech/direction like the Hadith and Speech of Last Pilgrimage made by any other prophet or religious leader ever, so other than the Quran the said Speech and Hadith is sufficient to prove that undoubtedly Muhammad is the number 1 greatest man of the world.

It was a perfect act. The first name that comes to mind is Jesus Christ. I respect both the religions. Humans are not perfect, he has indeed made mistakes and he hasn't done anything actually vile. He stands out as a theoretical physicist who helped develop the theory of relativity, a major pillar in modern physics. In the cases of Billy and Michael, their talents were natural I believe and they never struggled to become famous. The lady asks Gandhi why did he need a month's time to tell this simple thing to her child. He stopped in It is estimated by his staff that more than 3.2 million people have responded to the invitation at Billy Graham Crusades to “accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior”. "I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race" Abraham Lincoln, 1858"no arab is better than a non-arab, nor a non-arab better than an arab... , except in god consciousness" Prophet Muhammed (s.A. S), 63.

Therefore, with all his limitations, he is one of the greatest men in the world. He always taught that God is One. Billy Graham for instance taught Tolerance while Michael Jackson propagated Peace and love. Abraham sets an example for the three major religions in the world- Christianity, Islam and Judaism. How does just being smart make you a great person? He was a theoretical physicist. Please stop by giving their names in this type of list. He Had No Degree, Yet They Called Him Teacher. Weird right!

Dr. King maintained a vision for a more diverse America where all people enjoyed the benefits of equality. He was the Head of the Drafting Committee (the Committee that made the constitution of the free India). Firstly, according to the bible, no name in heaven or on earth is above the name of Jesus; that might not be the kind of response you are looking for but Jesus is the most famous person of all time because there is virtually no place that name hasn’t been mentioned in. He was, still is and still will be the greatest than anyone who has set foot on this earth... Of course he is way greater than this man named Muhammad. He always teach the good things to the people. If a man falls asleep with itchy arse, he wake with smelly finger. Not only was Guru Nanak a social reformer but a rebel within the realms Naam. Ek Omkar, He taught us to ask for Blessings for all @ Sarbat Da Bhala.

Jesus was the greatest man who ever lived.

He had immense power but never posted about it or used for his own privilege.Jai Shree Krishna.
His written works are treasure.

Actually, I can believe it. pull the covers over my head and rest my eyes for a while.

Sure they had the talent to do what they did and do it well; gaining popularity and becoming famous all over the world. Someone can have a talent naturally or by learning.

Muhammad is not considered a god. His name alone is very much dreaded because many do not want to have anything to do with him or his ideologies. I have traveled all over the world & the good ole' USA is "back in business". Yeah, true, but to say he's greater than Jesus is just ridiculous beyond reason. He always lived like a common man. in government & name me just 3 things she did. No one could do what Bhagat Singh has done in the past for the country India.

Best President in modern times, easily. Only those who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome think otherwise. 1. How Did Martin Luther King’s Vision Change the World? He is the greatest boxer and a good Muslim. A common visitor to prisons, King was arrested in 1963 and jailed for protesting the treatment of blacks in Birmingham. Lord Krishna was born to establish dharma, he worked a lot to give women a better position in the society. He was actively involved in opposing the government of the day’s views and it made him to win enemies easily. Michael Jackson’s legacy and influence was unparalled in the 20th century and even beyond. Factboyz.com brings to you latest Nigerian and International News, Entertainment, Articles and lots more!
He is an a good writer who wrote very good theatre that always be the best the art on the world. Even when he was here on earth, Jesus was famous. Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. I am still crazy about my ex [as anyone who's favorited anything i've written will know.] and I have a strong hope that sooner or later things will change between us.

He is Saddam Hussein all over again. Great is a combination of genius and using it for good, which, in my opinion, isn't what Einstein really did.

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