As one might imagine: our “Fisherman’s” fishing rod is a spear. my opinion, however, the problem is is that all the findings have been filtered through the classic mainstream lens of archaeology.

This Geoglyph may tell the mythological story of a God, Kumastamho, who thrust a spear into the ground to make the mighty Colorado River Flow. Is the mountain lion battling a snake? Seeking Clarity? Note the light skin.

Blyth Ingaglios. [1] The figures are so immense that many of them were not observed by non-natives until the 1930s. Boma Johnson, an archeologist for the Bureau of Land Management in Yuma, Arizona said he could not "think of a single [intaglio example] where [a person] could stand on a hill and look at [an intaglio in its entirety].".

Over 120 geoglyphs are located near the California-Arizona border from Yuma to Spirit Mountain near Laughlin or along the Colorado River. Over time, the natural mosaic acquires a dark coloration known as desert varnish caused by manganese and other elements in the dry air, a process scientists can now measure. Other geoglpyhs are located east of Calexico, in the Yuha Desert. The human figure is oriented north-south with its head pointing toward the south. Published in 2016 Trips. The Twins geoglyph is located between the Avi Resort and Casino near Bullhead City, Arizona, and Laughlin, Nevada. Experts calculate the natives created the Blythe Intaglios about 1,100 years ago. Spookily accurate say our readers! The intaglios near Blythe, along the Colorado River along the California-Arizona border are the American equivalent of the Peruvian Nazca lines. His thesis was that space aliens visited our plant and were responsible for the strange lines on the Nazca Plains to the Inca huge terrace walls at Sacsayhuaman. There are depictions of serpents and quadrupeds, though some of the geoglyphs have been lost in recent decades. Countdown to Coachella 2021 April 9-11 2021, April 16-18 2021 Some of the damage remains visible today on aerial photographs. On the Arizona side of the river near Parker (Bouse) is the intaglio of a rattlesnake with twin rocks representing its eyes. This could mean that there were already horses on the North American continent before European arrival. It has visible knees and elbows. The Nazca People are thought to have been the ones who created the Nazca Lines. In World War II, General George S. Patton used Blythe as a desert training area and tanks and other equipment and movements destroyed some of the intaglios. The Bouse Fisherman Intaglio or Geoglyph tells an important story. Try a Rune Reading and tell us what you think!

Some thought the intaglio was a modern construction, perhaps made by the troops who trained with Patton in the region. [2] After National Geographic published an article about the Blythe Intaglios in 1952, people began to visit the site which led to some destruction of the intaglios.[1].

"[9] Similarly, an unpublished mid-20th century report cited second-hand ethnographic information that, prior to 1900, the "Mohave used to put some of their men in the center of the area of alignment and left them to find their way out of the maze without crossing the gravel alignments. area would have seemed like a paradise.

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Blyth Ingaglios. Jay von Werlhof and his collaborators obtained 13 AMS radiocarbon dates for the figures, ranging from 900 BCE to 1200 CE. Gravel Pictographs of the Lower Colorado River Region. Some intaglios are old enough to see the desert varnish that was scraped away from the soil beginning to reappear, as this varnish is due to weathering.

The animal figure is oriented northwest-southwest with its head pointing toward the northwest.

evi. The lowland group eventually grew into the Maricopa, Yuman, Mojave, Quechan, and Cocopah, while the uplanders solidified into the Havasupai, Hualapai, and Yavapai.

They recreated images of spiders, monkeys, a hummingbird, a spaceman looking guy, along with hundreds of miles of straight lines as well as circles, triangles, spirals, and trapezoids.

Though some have wondered whether this spiral might represent a coiled snake, the answer might be far simpler: spirals indicate places of emergence/creation and noting that we are confronted with the depiction of a creation myth, the giant, lion and spiral of Blythe all fit snugly within this context. Try my free online Rune Readings! Whats more is the layout of their village was not like any other tribe in the country at the time. The largest male human glyph could represent the Creator Mastambo or Mustamho. This Geoglyph may tell the mythological story of a God, Kumastamho, who thrust a spear into the ground to make the mighty Colorado River Flow. Next, he plotted the death of Sky-Rattlesnake, an evil spirit and the source of dark powers, by cutting off his head. It also raised the question, Was God an Astronaut?

Blyth Ingaglios.

An historical marker (No.

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