Some great movies to watch if you would like to get them are: 1) The Lazarus Phenomenon Other religions too have elements from Hinduism, Christianity and Islam mainly expound Bhakti Yoga and so on. Souls are many and uncountable. If you feel that you are Brahm (God) – the controller of everything, then how come you do not always enjoy the eternal happiness?”, Tags:Absolute Truth, āchārya, Advaita, Ānandatirtha, bhagavatpād, body, Brahm, Darshan, Dualism, Dvādasha, Dvait, Dvaita, eternal, evil, God, good, Hari, jagat, jiv, Krishna, liberation, Madhavacharya, Madhva, Madhvacharya, maya, māyān, mayanveshtita, Mayavada-shata-dusani, mind, Monism, Personality, philosophies, Philosophy, physical, Pure Dualism, Ramanujacharya, realities, salvation, Shad Darshan, Shlok, Shrimad, Shuddha, soul, spiritual, Stotra, super-soul, Supreme, Tattva Muktavali, tāttvik, transcendental, universe, Vāda, Vedānta, veshtita, virachitam, Vishishta, Vishishtadvait, Vishnu Posted in Dvaita philosophy, Hinduism - Philosophies, Shad Darshan – Vedanta philosophies | Comments Closed. My best friend broke his leg and wanted to reconcile. This whole narrative of messiahs, messengers, babas, wandering mystics performing magic on their way is so old in hinduism. Terms of Use - The beauty of Hinduism is that it allows complete religious freedom at the same time teaches to develop the utmost tolerance for others’ belief. Hence, in literature it is used to denote chaste and pious people, especially … This is exactly opposite of bullying. u clearly havent read coran, or read it with a veil in ur eyes, a religion that divides men in muslims and kafir and says that god will only accept believers, and the rest will go to hell, or need to be killed, like with the other monotheistic religion is just ridiculous for anyone with some logic, islam is based in the tradition of the bible and the bible is a flawed text that has already been exposed as a being plagiarized from polytheistic texts, and its base has been proved as false. In my post “Would there be peace if everyone was a Christian or Muslim” I describe how exclusive religions lead to schism and violence. jesus is one who lived for us died for our sin no other God did it ,he forgive us ,but hindu God is sooooooooooo much aragent. They represent engagement and disengagement, while Brahman represents action, the ever unsatisfied mind… they are represented in bluish colour for a variety of reasons, sometimes depending on the time and artitst, sometime on the stream of thought, whether sattvic or tantrik, or depending on a specific type of meditation. Really? Very good analysis Chris! Each adhikaran contains one to several short sentences (sutras). HINDUISM is the world’s oldest religion. Explainer | What is the D614G mutation in coronavirus? It is a common system of values. Brahm is eternal. the scriptures of sanaton dharma says that in the beginning there was only water and visnu was lying on a floating banyan tree. The followers of Ramanujacharya worship Vishnu as Narayan, Sriman Narayan, or Shri Lakshmi-Narayan (it is a one word used for Narayan Himself only, with Lakshmi residing in His heart), whereas the followers of Madhavacharya worship Vishnu as Krishna, Bāla-Gopāla (young Krishna), Bāl-Gopāl-Krishna, Venugopala Krishna or Radha-Krishna (it is also a one word used for Krishna Himself only, with Radha residing in His heart). Even Shirdi Sai Baba (who himself was Muslim by birth) has said that there is only one GOD. It is this form of Brahm that a soul has to unite, level, or resemble with and attain the highest enlightened state called Brahmrup or Brahmanized state for salvation. One important concept introduced by Madhavacharya was, to maintain the supremacy of God and to maintain the hierarchy; Vishnu was paced at the highest level being completely divine having no worldly body. In Hinduism, individual soul is understood as ontologically distinct reality from God, Nature (Prakruti), and other realities.
I loved your argument on “eternal”, I totally agree…and I also loved the quotes of how anyone who searches for truth will end up with Hinduism, though it may be a different name…though I’m Hindu by birth, i feel like I discovered the spiritual side to this religion (as opposed to the ritualistic side which I see at home) by myself, and I’m only 14, born and brought up the California…I am Indian tho if ur wondering . 3. Can u explain from where “God” came as per your Christian beliefs? Love? I don’t believe that the beliefs of Hinduism are the actual explanation of what reality is. The ultimate destination or the final redemption can only be reached by following the Truth, the true Supreme Being, or by achieving the truly ultimate knowledge. No is not like this, internet is not a reliable source when talking about this, and nowadays theres a lot of sites trying to link hindu gods with whatever spacial theory theres out there, and in fact they are linked, but in this case the real colour of shiva is white, it is said hes covered in ashes, as the ashes of a dead body, since shiva represents rejection of all phenomena, thus he is the ascetic that cares for nothing, the divine counsciousness that is indiferent to nature or shakti, and its inifinite permutations and temptations; we see things white cos when matter reflects all colours light bounces back at us fully so we see whatever in white colour, thus shiva doesnt discriminate, equally vishnu is black like u can see in many temples, cos of the oposite, he accepts all thus hes full of wordly garments like crown and jewels, but in this way he discriminates, making him the upholder of human law and civilization oposed to the law of the jungle, shiva sees none of that, vishnu therefore is the face of god householders and ppl that doesnt follow the sanyasin or renunciant path usually worship.

After discussing the three distinct ontological elements, namely, jiv, ishwar, and maya, Swaminarayan philosophy discusses two more and the most important ontologically distinct entities or elements (tattvas), which are transcendental to all the three including maya (amāyik) and cannot be convinced, determined, or inferred just by guessing, arguing, or discussing; but only by experiencing personally by association with the Brahmanized Sant or by meditation (samādhi).

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