Here, visitors are treated like family. Come and experience the coveted Desert Mule Deer as we see them here in Texas! We only harvest 6 bucks a year on our 50,000... Turkey Hunts.
We will strap on a daypack and hunt these rugged, remote canyons for a secluded buck hidden out.

COME SCHEDULE YOUR VISIT TODAY! With Bar None Ø Hunts, you’ll get three to four days of deer hunting with guides who are experts in scoring premium game on more than 50,000 acres of West Texas whitetail habitat. Our management hunts will be treated equal to a trophy tag, and we can promise you a management buck that you won’t be disappointed in. This is a moderate to rough hunt. 3plains Outfitter Web Design.

You’ll choose a hunting package according to your preferred game size on one of our three professionally managed ranches where whitetail deer grow up in the wild. This is a moderate to rough hunt. If you need a true desert mule deer we have a great opportunity on our 50,000 acre private Texas ranch. Please check out our photos and very affordable prices.

West Texas Rifle Mule Deer Season starts the Friday after Thanksgiving and runs for roughly 2 weeks long offering 16 days of hunting. You can book an individual hunt, but there will be other hunters in camp. Season leases are available along with DIY or self-guided hunts for some species. The Trans-Pecos and the Panhandle regions offer some phenomenal Mule Deer hunting. LOTS OF CANYONS TO TRAVERSE. We book these hunts from mid-December through mid-January when the biggest bucks are with the does or are on the move looking for un-bred does. Come experience Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting at its finest on 50,000 acres here at Brinlee Ranch Hunts, where we specialize in offering professionally guided & outfitted West Texas deer hunts.

Full accommodations, House and Trailer with kitchen/bath/hot water and camps with no power/running water.
These hunts are booked with a minimum of 2 hunters in camp and a maximum of 4. The majority of our ranches are on MLDP (Managed Land Deer Permits) which allows you a longer season. For over twenty years, our property has expanded and developed immensely, as has its wildlife. Some bucks are shot from the ATV side by side or with a short stalk.

We have one of the best Aoudad hunting ranches in the rugged canyon country of West Texas.

Our ranch is on the Texas Parks and Wildlife MLD Program. Most bucks are spotted long distances away, then stalked and killed. HWO has access to multiple different private ranches with basically unlimited acreage. Come as a client, leave as a friend. Copyright © 2020 Carbonara Ranch - All Rights Reserved. The West Kerr Ranch offers Texas whitetail deer hunts, as well as Texas exotic game, Axis deer and turkey hunting. Typically, 1 small group Mule Deer Hunt is conducted on each ranch unless the Hunting property is season leased. Mule Deer hunting is something we take very serious here in West Texas.

ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME HERE AT CARBONARA RANCH. We specialize in offering professionally guided Texas deer hunts. Archery season generally runs the entire month of October. Carbonara Ranch is more than just your average hunting camp in Texas. We offer discounted management deer hunts as well. Texas General Big Game Hunting License (Desert Bighorn, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Whitetail) Non-Resident 5-Day Special type 157 (Aoudad, Exotics, Elk) Mule Deer hunting is something we take very serious here in West Texas.

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